Lucie Farrugia, Principal

It has been a busy, happy start to 2021.

Year 7 Transition Program

Our newest students in Year 7 have transitioned exceptionally well to life in High School, having been beautifully supported in the first days by their House Leaders, Homeroom Mentors, Leaders of Learning and Classroom Teachers to best prepare them for their classes. Additionally, we welcomed the girls and their parents to a talk on Cyber Safety presented by Susan Mc Lean, former Police Officer and expert in this field. This talk coincided with the girls receiving their notebooks throughout that day and I thank our IT Team and Mr Esterman for coordinating that distribution. The Year 7 Transition Program finished with a sunny day at a local swimming pool on Friday, February 5 and on Monday this week, the girls came together once more after the school day with their families for our traditional House Welcome Evening. Many girls told me last week that they couldn’t wait to get going with their lessons and since then, they certainly have made a great start to their learning journey at OLMC.

High Achievers' Assembly

In complement to this beginning, we welcomed back the high achievers of our Class of 2020 last Tuesday, February 9. There is so much to be gained from the holistic way we educate our girls at OLMC and all our graduates deserve high praise and honour. The HSC high achievers are those who gained a Band 6 in one or more of their subjects. Consequently, we had over 50 ex-students attend our assembly and they were represented in speeches delivered by Justine Kim, Chloe D'Lima and Dux of 2020, Josie Wehbe.

In her address, Josie remarked to the student assembly:

The HSC is not the end of the world, but we shouldn’t downplay its importance either. In Australia, we are so lucky to be able to go to university and have a career. OLMC supports our futures by providing a strong education founded in Mercy Values. You have already been given so many opportunities, and if you put in work, you can give yourself even more. As women, we can’t waste these extraordinary circumstances. It is our responsibility to achieve our maximum potential.




2021 Opening Mass  

I wish to thank the many OLMC staff who planned such a memorable occasion for our Opening School Mass last Friday. It was truly wonderful to share this with all staff and students and with many guests who clearly feel such admiration and commitment to the College to be present for this commissioning.

I would like to thank, in particular, for their presence and fellowship:

College Chaplain Fr Walter Fogarty
Congregation Leader: Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta Sr Mary-Louise Petro
Congregational Leadership Team, Sisters of Mercy Parramatta Sr Maria Lawton, Sr Patricia Bolster, Sr Margaret Sheppard, Sr Margaret Jones
Former Principals of OLMC Sr Janet Woods, Sr Ailsa Mackinnon, Mrs Kitty Guerin
Deputy Chair, Good Samaritan Education Sr Catherine Slattery
From the OLMC Board
Board Chair Ms Kerrie Walshaw
Deputy Chair Mrs Sharon McLean
Board Member Mrs Sophie Ryan
Principal of Stella Maris College, Manly Mrs Elizabeth Carnegie and Mr Ken Carnegie
Principal of Brigidine College, St Ives Ms Laetitia Richmond
Principal of Kincoppal Rose Bay Ms Maureen Ryan
From Edmund Rice Education Australia:
Principal of St Edmunds College Canberra Mr Joe Zavone
Principal of Waverley College Mr Graham Leddie
Colleague Principals from the Parramatta Diocese:
Principal of Catherine McAuley Westmead Mrs Mary Refalo who brought with her Shanaya Donavon a Durag woman and proud Mercy girl who welcomed us to Country
Principal of St Patrick’s Primary School Parramatta Ms Bernadette Fabri
Executive Secretary Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Mrs Louise Zavone
Director of Teaching & Learning – St Gregory’s College Campbelltown Mrs Louise Millar
From the OLMC Parents and Friends Association
President Mr Aubrey Athaide
Secretary Mrs Melissa Rodewald
From the OLMC Alumnae Association
President Ms Christine Robertson
Long time friends of the College
Mr John Cotter, Mrs Allison Cotter, Mr Paul Bourke
Members of my family
Mr Rhys Skellern, Mrs Tenielle Davies, Mr Alan Davies, Master Archer Davies


New Historic Property Acquisition for the College

I am delighted to inform you that the College has purchased 3 Trott Street Parramatta. ‘Carlosa’ is a quaint sandstone Victorian cottage circa 1860, thought to be outbuildings for workers at neighbouring Roseneath. The two-story cottage sits on 334 sq m of land and will be a wonderful addition to our Roseneath Historical Precinct. Over the next year, plans will be made for the sympathetic restoration of the cottage as part of the Master Plan. It is wonderful to add this significant building to our beautiful, expanding campus, in the heart of historic North Parramatta. 

Meet the Principal Parent Cocktail Party

I warmly invite you to join me on Friday, 26 February 2021 at the Meet the Principal Parent Cocktail Party. Please see invitation below for details. I look forward to meeting each of you. Please RSVP HERE.

Lucie Farrugia


Welcome to the Careers / VET for 2021! I look forward to working with students as they plan for their futures beyond the gates of the College.

Research tells us that young people today will make 17 changes in employers across five different careers in their lifetime. That makes developing transferable skills, embracing lifelong learning and being prepared for change essential. You can achieve this by focusing on your studies and taking advantage of the many co-curricular and service activities offered at OLMC as well as part-time work and other extra-curricular activities. How you balance all these activities will vary for every student but it is important to remember that academic success is only one part of equipping young people for the future of work.

It is up to each student take responsibility for their post-school decisions by researching and exploring opportunities as early as possible. Attend events, talk to industry professionals, gain experience and develop ideas specific to your interests and strengths so that you can make informed decisions when the time comes. OLMC aims to ensure that every student leaves the College with a greater understanding of themselves and the opportunities available to them so they may live happy and fulfilled lives.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go!

Dr Seuss

Donna Jones
VET/Careers Coordinator 

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What is MASSH?

MASSH (Mercy After School Study Hub) operates in the Catherine McAuley Library each Monday to Thursday afternoon from 3.20pm – 5.30pm during Term time. In 2021, we have opened up Friday afternoon 3.20- 4.00pm.

Students from all Year Groups are encouraged to attend. This provides students with an opportunity to complete unfinished classwork, homework, assessment tasks, organise their tasks or to read a book. Students are encouraged to work independently or in small groups if required.

Students are supervised by the MASSH Coordinator Mrs Rugg and Library Assistant Mrs Pinto.

All students are required to sign in by 3.45pm, and out of MASSH to comply with the OLMC evacuation and lockdown processes.


Do I need to book into MASSH?

  • Students do not need to book to come to MASSH but on arrival must sign in by 3.45pm.
  • Students must have all resources required for study as they cannot leave MASSH once they have signed in.
  • Students are to sign out when they leave MASSH to exit the College grounds.
  • Students must be leave and/or be collected from Gate 2.

Do I need to stay for the whole 2 hours?

  • Students can leave at any time; however, students must remain in the Library until they are being collected or travelling home.
  • Students cannot wait in the playground area as the area is not actively supervised. Students need to be under direct staff supervision for their safety and wellbeing.
  • Students cannot leave the school grounds (for example, to buy food) and then return to the College.

What if after-school arrangements change and I cannot contact my daughter?

  • Please call the Library’s direct line ph: 8838 1233 any time from 3.30pm – 5.45pm.

What if my daughter needs to eat?

  • Students should pack extra food that they can eat prior to signing into MASSH.
  • No food can be consumed in the Library during MASSH.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds and return to MASSH.

Can my daughter use her mobile phone?

  • MASSH adheres to the OLMC Personal Electronic Device Policy.
  • Mobile phones can be set to vibrate/silent and be in their pocket to receive messages/calls regarding pick up.
  • Students are not to use phones to take photos or engage in any form of social media.

Can my daughter listen to music/use AirPods/earphones?

  • Students may listen to music but must follow the OLMC Personal Electronic Device Policy.

What is Academic Coaching?

  • The College has employed Alumnae (ex-students) who are currently studying at University to assist students of all Year Groups across a range of subject areas.
  • Academic Coaching is held in the Catherine McAuley Library between 3.20 – 5.30pm.
  • Academic Coaches are due to commence Week 5 Term 1.
  • Updates of available days and subjects will be made available soon.

Do I need to book an Academic Coaching session?

  • Yes! If interested, please see Mrs Rugg (Library) after school Monday – Thursday (3.30 -5.30pm)  or email: with the following details:
    • Student’s name and Year Group.
    • The subject they want to work on with an Academic Coach.
    • Preferred days.
    • You can book a session on more than one day and there is no cost associated with this.
    • Once this request has been received, an email will be sent to confirm exact times.

Mathematics Report

Week of Inspirational Maths

“A lot of scientific evidence suggests that the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is not the brains they were born with, but their approach to life, the messages they receive about their potential and the opportunities they have to learn” -  Jo Boaler, Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching.

Year 7 is a time of new beginnings and not the least of these is in Mathematics. All students reach Year 7 having experienced seven years of formal school instruction in Mathematics and having received a multitude of messages about their ability and achievement in the discipline.

Embracing the possibilities of the new beginning all of our new Year 7 students have embarked upon, the Mathematics Faculty has taken time to encourage students to pause in Week 3 of Term 1 and take stock of how they feel about themselves as learners of Mathematics, what their perceptions about their Mathematical capacity are and how they have arrived at these conclusions. Students have been participating in a “Week of Inspirational Maths”, exploring the Growth Mindset as it applies in the Mathematics classroom, the neuroplasticity of the brain and how new connections can be made through persistence and acceptance of challenge and how it is important to struggle in the Mathematics classroom in order for the brain to grow and understanding to develop.

In each lesson, students have been encouraged to engage with videos discussing the importance of struggling in Mathematics, the ability for the brain to grow, strategies that can be used to learn Mathematics and how it is not necessary to be quick at Mathematics in order to be successful in Mathematics. Discussion of the concepts involved in the videos and their implications for the individuals in the classroom have followed each video, encouraging the students to reflect upon how to integrate what they have learned into their own Mathematical journey. Prominent in these discussions has been the importance of making mistakes when learning Mathematics and how learning occurs when mistakes are made, reflected upon and changes implemented as a result.

After discussing what makes good groupwork in the Mathematics classroom, students have then participated in groupwork activities, working towards solving Mathematical problems. The girls investigated patterns to be found when adding consecutive numbers, creating number sentences using four fours to equal the numbers one to 20 and exploring Pascal’s Triangle and the patterns to be discovered therein. Throughout these activities, students have been encouraged to discuss their thinking with their group members and write their solutions in such a way that they are able to defend their findings.

At the end of the “Week of Inspirational Maths,” and throughout their remaining time as learners of Mathematics, students are encouraged to remember that: “We are not born with fixed abilities, and those who achieve at the highest level do not do so because of their genetics. The myth that our brains are fixed and that we simply don’t have the aptitude for certain topics is not only scientifically inaccurate, it is omnipresent and negatively impacts education and many other events in our everyday lives,”- Jo Boaler, Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead and Live Without Barriers.

Lorraine Dredge
Mathematics Leader of Learning

Inclusive Learning

Please find below some online opportunities which may be of interest:

FREE WEBINAR SERIES: Post-School Employment, Education and Community Support options for School Leavers with Disability. CLICK HERE for details.


The Virtual Post School Expo for Regional and Rural NSW will be held June 17. Students, schools and their families can already register at CLICK HERE to view the Flyer.

Marisa Zadro
Leader of Inclusive Learning



Interested in Instrumental and/or Vocal lessons?

Private Instrumental and Vocal lessons are held during school hours at the College. We offer lessons for a wide range of instruments, for students of all skill levels. All lessons are 30 minutes in length and cost between $40-$46

If you would like to apply you can do so with the link below:

CLICK HERE to apply for music lessons

Lessons will be commencing in week 5 so now is the perfect time to sign up!

For all questions and queries, please contact us at

Music Ensembles at OLMC

If your daughter was in a choir or instrumental ensemble in Primary school or currently learns an instrument, we would encourage her to join one of our Co-curricular ensembles.

We have a range of ensembles, to cater to a variety of experiences and levels.

  • Orchestra
  • Concert Band
  • Clarinet Ensemble
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • Flute Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Choir

Rehearsals for ensembles occur once a week, either before school (7:45) or at lunchtime.

Ensembles will be commencing in Week 5.

For all questions and queries, or to express your interest in one of the above ensembles, please contact us at

Public Speaking


Early signs suggest 2021 will see public speaking once again being strongly supported as a cocurricular activity. Many new Year 7 students have been asking lots of questions and displaying great enthusiasm while application forms are rapidly disappearing from the Student Centre. Applications close this Thursday 18th (the day of the Swimming Carnival) and allocations for the year will be released early next week.




Open Day

Our College Open Day, on Sunday 7 March, is only a few weeks away and as usual, two outstanding Year 7 speakers will be addressing our visitors, sharing their early experiences as new students of the College. Selected from a dozen applicants, Marziyah Patanwala and Jemima Scothern were chosen for this important role but all the girls displayed excellent ability. It is a policy of this school that as many students as possible have the opportunity to exhibit their skills at different events so the others who missed out this time will have their turn.

Marziyah and Jemima have already begun preparation for the event and are certain to be outstanding representatives of OLMC.

Assembly Awards

It was truly refreshing to be able to hold a live school assembly this week. It also enabled successful students to be publicly recognized for their achievements.

The successes of our girls have already been mentioned in Parragraph but it was appropriate that they were presented to the whole school community, in particular to our new Year 7’s, to showcase the talent we have in this school.

Debating and Public Speaking Leaders, Sabrina Catania and Anne Nguyen, introduced the presentation where the following students received their trophies:

  • 2020 Year 7 Speaker of the Year: Sierra Lake
  • 2020 Year 8 Speaker of the Year: Mia Fogolin
  • 10th place World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Competition: Yasmine Alwakal
  • NSW State Champion Advanced Senior Division UN Voice Competition: Riley Rodewald
  • World Junior Champion Speaking 4 the Planet Competition: Jennifer Wang

Well done to these outstanding speakers and thank you to our Principal, Ms Farrugia, for assisting in giving out the awards. 


Next week, students will be emailed information about the upcoming auditions for this year’s debating teams. The auditions begin on Wednesday March 10 and continue in that week. Students from all Year Groups are welcome.

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator



Saturday Netball

Saturday Netball registrations are now available for all students who wish to play for OLMC at Eastwood Ryde. All registrations must be completed online (see below link) as well as filling out the paper registration form (see student emails, spares are in the Student Centre). Registrations are due this week. 

Students can choose their teams and Team lists are attached to the registration form. 

All families can also apply the $100 Active Kids Rebate during the online registration before you pay. You will need to register for an Active Kids Rebate before your Register for Netball.

All players will need to purchase the New OLMC Netball Uniform. The New OLMC Tracksuit will also need to be worn on the colder days.

Before you can register online, you will need to login to your Netball account. All existing players already have an account. If you don’t know how to login, please contact me as soon as possible. If you are new to netball, you will need to set up an account on the MyNetball webpage before you can register. All students can login or create an account HERE

During the online registration process you will need to pay upfront. CLICK HERE to register. Existing members will also need to check that all details are up to date and you have a photo uploaded.

Teams will not be able to be finalised until all registrations are finalised. Registrations (online and paper) and Team Lists must be completed and handed in to the Student Centre Sports Box by Friday February 19.

OLMC Swimming Carnival 2021

The annual College Swimming Carnival will be held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on Thursday February 18.  

Students are reminded of the following:

  • Students WILL NOT need to bring their notebooks to school on this day.
  • Students in Years 7-10 may come to school in full PE uniform. Students in Years 11 & 12 are to wear school uniform during the day. All students may get changed at school at the end of Period 5.
  • Students are encouraged to bring only a small bag to school this day to help minimize congestion in the grandstands at the Carnival.
  • Please note that girls in Years 11 and 12 with a study lesson in Period 5 Day 9 will be required to remain at school on this day (rather than leave early)
  • Ages are as at 31 December.  JUNIOR – 12, 13 and 14 INTERMEDIATE 15 and 16, SENIOR 17+
  • Appropriately dress in clothes of your house colour.
  • No crepe paper, balloons, whistles, drums, trumpets or noise makers allowed!
  • ody paint/zink, capes or clothing are not allowed in the pool!
  • All students need to remain quiet at the start of each race so competitors can hear.
  • All students are welcome to enter any 50m events on the day for fun without registering, but if students wish to be considered for selection in the PDSSSC Swimming Carnival or would like an official time recorded they will need to already have registered.
  • Please be advised that no photography or videography is permitted at the carnival and that judges and timekeepers are not to be distracted while on duty.            
  • The Carnival will conclude at 8:30pm when students will be dismissed from the venue ready for Parents to collect.
  • There will be NO School on Friday February 19.

The Swimming Carnival provides an excellent means of enjoying the wonderful spirit of the College. Students are encouraged to participate in an enthusiastic manner. Unfortunately, this year parents/spectators will not be able to attend due to COVID 19 restrictions.

Results can be viewed on the Meet Mobile App, but at a cost.




Congratulations to Annoushka Maikap on a very successful summer of Golf. Annoushka competed in a number of tournaments, performing very well:

  • North Coast Junior Masters Championship Kew Country Club
  • Annoushka was the Nett winner in the Girls 12-13 years group.
  • JNJG 12 years and Under State Age - Moss Vale
  • Annoushka finsihed 6th in the Girls 12 years category
  • Harvey Norman Sydney week of Golf 2021 - 5 matches in 5 consecutive days
  • Annouska was the runner's up in the Girls 12-14 years Nett Category.

Well done Annoushka!

If you ever have any questions about any sport, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Don’t forget OLMC Sport is now on Twitter, so join in the conversation @OLMCsport

Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator

P&F BBQ at Open Day - Helpers Needed

The College values the generous contribution of the P&F on Open Day each year. We are calling for helpers who can spare a couple of hours on Sunday 7 March 2021 to assist on the P&F BBQ with preparation, service and clean up. If you are available, please CLICK HERE.


P&F AGM - 9 March 2021

All Parents/Carers are welcome to the P&F AGM to be held on Tuesday, 9 March 2021 in the new venue of AG14 at the back of the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre (enter via Gate 7, Ross St from 6.50pm).

To nominate for a position on the OLMC P&F Committee, please complete the form below and email to the Committee -

P&F Nomination Form

P&F Committee - Roles and Responsibilities

If you have any questions, please email the Committee -

College Open Day – Sunday, 7 March, 2021

The College Open Day will be held on Sunday, 7 March from 10am - 2pm. This is a great day to highlight our wonderful College and the excellent work of students and staff in making this a place of excellence and thriving Mercy tradition. Please spread the word and stay tuned for updates.

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Purchases: The Uniform Shop is open Monday to Thursday, from 8.00am – 9.30am, and 3.00pm – 4.30pm on Monday and Wednesday (school days only). 

Online purchases can still be made via the Online Uniform Shop ( and all orders will be delivered to the Student Centre for collection by students.

Scarves: Scarves are now available for purchase either online or at the Shop.

Old College Uniforms:If you have any old-style College uniforms (green and white/red), these items can be returned to the Uniform Shop for recycling.

If you have any concerns regarding uniform items, please do not hesitate to contact the Uniform Shop on 8838 1275 or



A reminder that the Canteen is open daily before school from 8.00am (for breakfast) and during recess and lunch.

Parents can use Flexischools to order and pay for Canteen orders.

For more information about the College Canteen CLICK HERE.

School Fees

School fees for Instalment 1, 2021 were due on Friday 5 February 2021 unless you are on an existing direct debit arrangement with the College. Please ensure fees are paid by BPay, cheque, money order or by credit cards via the Parent Community Portal (Visa or Mastercard) as soon as possible.

Any queries regarding fees or payments can be directed to the Finance Office on 8838 1214 weekdays during 8am – 4pm or by email to


Anne-Maree Ironside
Finance Manager


God of hope and compassion,

You remind us of the need to turn away from our own desires, and to care for our global family, particularly at a time that has seen great loss and suffering.

We pray that during this time of Lent, we may grow in understanding of the challenges faced by those who are marginalised and vulnerable in our world as we make a home for them in our hearts.

And as we see the challenges of others, may we too be challenged to ‘Be More’ as people who act when there is a need.

Be with us as we walk in solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen


Lent prepares us for the season of Easter, the most important time in the Church’s calendar. By praying, fasting and giving alms, we are reminded of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus brought the promise of hope to all people so that we may “Have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10). May we be encouraged to ‘Be More’ in our own lives, and in the lives of others.


Shrove Tuesday

In preparation for Lent, we ran a pancake day stall on Tuesday morning. The history of such a celebration, known as Shrove Tuesday, was to clear the cupboards of perishable foods prior to the commencement of Lent which is, for many, a time of fasting and abstaining.

The students loved being served hot pancakes for breakfast and the playground was abuzz with excitement. This fundraiser launched our Project Compassion Appeal and raised over $430.

I would like to thank Mrs Johnston and all of the staff and students who arrived at school in time to have the pancakes ready for sale. Thank you also to all those who purchased a pancake - your donations will go towards assisting to raise awareness and funds for those in need in both Australia and overseas.






Ash Wednesday

House groups joined together for a liturgy to mark Ash Wednesday. This day marks the period of preparation in the lead up to Easter and is one of the most important seasons in the Catholic Church. This is a period of preparation when we are encouraged to look at our humanness and our faults, whilst also looking outward to others and for ways that we can become people of God by being positive witnesses to those around us.

We encourage all students to not only focus on things they may ‘give up’ but on ways they can work toward a conversion of heart- a deep change in the way they treat other people.

Whilst the Liturgy looked a little different, ashes were safely distributed to all members of our community as a sign of us being united in love and compassion.

Opening School Mass and Commissioning of Ms Farrugia

On Friday 12 February, we joined as a full College community to celebrate the Opening College Mass. This was a wonderful celebration where we also officially commissioned our new College Principal Ms Lucie Farrugia. The Mass was celebrated by College Chaplain Fr Walter Fogarty who reminded us of Ms Amanda Groman’s poem which was presented at the inauguration of President Biden: “But one thing is certain: If we merge mercy with might, and might with right, then love becomes our legacy.” He encouraged us all to make love our legacy this year!

We then had a moving commissioning ceremony to welcome Ms Farrugia. Many members of the College community were involved in this including the Sisters of Mercy, College Board, P&F, staff, and most importantly, the students. Ms Farrugia was presented with Mercy gifts as a sign of welcome and acknowledgment of the great work she will do in her time here at OLMC. These gifts included a Mercy bowl, candle, College pen and badge, a Catholic Bible and a Catherine McAuley rose. The yellow of the rose represents not only dedication and friendship but also a most welcoming gesture that Ms Farrugia is now home - officially a part of our community.



From the College Counsellor

Wellbeing Survey 2020

In 2020, OLMC continued its commitment to the wellbeing of students through its Pastoral Care programs. The  programs are designed to meet the different wellbeing concerns of each cohort of students from Year 7 to 12. The content is guided by many things including House Leader feedback, College Counsellor feedback on the types of issues that are presenting to the counselling service, and student voice via the Mission Australia Survey and the Wellbeing Profiler Survey.

The Mission Australia Survey is completed by students in Years 10 to 12 annually. In 2020 our girls said:

  • That when they have a problem, they would seek help from a friend (88.7%), parent (80.8%), relative/family friend (66.5%), school counsellor 42%, and teacher (36%).   
  • The most important issues in Australia today are the environment (51.8%), equity and discrimination (46.7%), and mental health (46.3%).
  • The key challenges they have relate to:  Managing stress (51%), School/study problems (47%), and Mental Health (38%).

The Wellbeing Profiler Survey was developed by the Centre of Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne, and in 2020, all OLMC students were offered the opportunity to participate in this survey. The key findings are as follows:

Our students identify the areas of strength as:

  • Financial stability within the home (94%).
  • Positive Perceptions of Significant Relationships (meaning they identified multiple loving & supportive people to share life with, 87%).
  • Prosocial Behaviour (kindness & helpfulness 87%).

Our students need support in the following areas:

  • Emotional Regulation - 74% indicated that they tend to ruminate or overthink past experiences; and 62% indicated that they suppress or hide how they are feeling from others.
  • Anxiety - 61% indicated that they have frequent nervousness, anxiety and/or worry.
  • Sleep - 47% are getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night.

The Pastoral Care team are working on initiatives and programs to best support your daughter and her wellbeing needs. These programs are designed to teach your daughter the skills and strategies to assist her in managing stress, improve her wellbeing, finding healthy ways to express her emotions and the importance of sleep on overall wellbeing, to name but a few. Your continued support with these initiatives and supporting your daughter at home are invaluable.

Sandra Portela
Senior Counsellor