Stephen Walsh, Former Principal

Dear families,

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the OLMC community for their support and prayers in regards to the sudden passing of my father-in-law last week. It is at times like this where there is great comfort in being a part of a wonderfully supportive community. The passing of a loved family member provides us all with a time to not only grieve and reflect on their life but to also take a step back and reflect on the fragility of our own lives and how we have very little time here on earth.

Our faith in a loving and compassionate God helps us to put life and death into context and it provides a level of comfort and strength that we believe that our loved ones are now in God’s loving embrace.

The Footprints Prayer

One night I had a dream…

I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord, and
across the sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonged to me, and the other to the Lord. When the last scene of my life flashed before us, I looked back at the footprints in the sand. I noticed that many times along the path of my life, there was only one set of footprints.

I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest
and saddest times in my life
This really bothered me, and I questioned the Lord about it.
“Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
You would walk with me all the way;
But I have noticed that during the
most troublesome times in my life,
There is only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why in times when I
needed you the most, you should leave me.

The Lord replied, “My precious, precious
child. I love you, and I would never,
never leave you during your times of
trial and suffering.
When you saw only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you.

Mercy Day

The College is gearing up for our Mercy Day celebrations on Friday 20 September when Bishop Vincent will celebrate Eucharist in our 130th year. Any parent who would like to attend this Mass on Mercy Day is most welcome. Please RSVP to Susan Giacomelli on so we can cater for numbers.

Year 12 Farewell

I ask that you keep Year 12 in your prayers as they enter their last few weeks of formal schooling at OLMC. Specific details about the Graduation Assembly and the Graduation Mass and Dinner have been sent to all Year 12 families. If you have any questions, please contact either Mrs Wood, Mrs Donnelly, Ms VandePeer or your daughter’s House Leader.

Catherine McAuley Sculpture Blessing

Also, the College, in conjunction with the Parramatta Sisters of Mercy, as a part of our 130th Anniversary will be formally unveiling our new Catherine McAuley Statue with a blessing on the afternoon of November 11. Several Irish Sisters of Mercy from Callan will be in attendance. Further details will be provided prior to that event.

OLMC New Student Mobile Phone Policy for Implementation in 2020

The College Leadership Team has carried out a significant amount of research and data gathering in regards to the use by students of mobile phones on the College grounds. I recognize and acknowledge that whilst there is still conflicting views as to the use of these phones by young people, I believe that while the girls have access to technology on their laptops at school and for learning there is no significant need for them to use and access mobile phones during school time, including recess and lunch.

As a result, from 2020, OLMC will become a student mobile free site from 8.30am until the end of the school day. An update of this new policy and the procedures for students and families to follow will be provided to you shortly.

In Term 4 2019 we will begin working with the students in educating them and transitioning to the restricted mobile phones policy for 2020.

I acknowledge that students and some families will not be happy with this decision, however, in the broader context we are continually dealing with increasing levels of significant social/cyber issues with the girls accessing their mobile throughout the day and we wish to encourage greater face-to-face and verbal communication between the girls and a greater focus on quality learning in the classroom.

Parents will still be able to contact students via the Student Centre in the case of emergencies (as is the current procedure - but not carried out by many) and these procedures will be outlined in the new policy.

It is my expectation that the whole community will support this new policy from the beginning of the 2020 school year.

God bless,

Mr Stephen M Walsh

17 SeptemberP&F Meeting (7.00pm, Staff Common Room)
20 SeptemberMercy Day
23 SeptemberYear 12 Mercy Engaged Activities
 Year 12 Staff Thank You Morning Tea
24 SeptemberYear 12 Breakfast
25 SeptemberGraduation Assembly (8.50am)
 Graduation Mass (4.30pm)
 Graduation Dinner (7.00pm)
27 SeptemberLast day of Term 3
14 OctoberTerm 4 begins

Learning in Visual Arts


“expanding beyond what we know we can be”
– Corita Kent. 

American Pop Artist Corita Kent’s words, which adorn the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre, were a fitting tribute for our 2019 Visual Arts and Technology and Applied Studies Showcase exhibition. The creation of art expands our horizons, extends our understanding of the human condition and brings joy and beauty into our lives.


The Showcase took place on Friday 23 August and our talented Dance students joined us this year, sharing in a range of performances by both HSC students and junior school students. In this special year when the College celebrates its 130th Anniversary, the event was a great success with students, staff, parents, Alumnae, Board members and other community members filling the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre to view the works prior to the opening and Awards Ceremony at 6pm.  Dr Geoffrey Lee, Member of the Legislative Assembly of the NSW Parliament and the Member for Parramatta, opened the Showcase with words of encouragement for the students.


Principally, the exhibition is timed to showcase the Year 12 Major projects for Visual Arts and Design and Technology. I would like to extend my congratulations to both sets of students. The works demonstrated deep reflection, creativity and an exploration of important political and social issues with a particular emphasis on the theme of Stewardship, one of the College’s eight Mercy Values, and its relationship to the environment.


It is interesting in our modern era of ‘student-centred learning’ that the first ‘self-directed’ Major Works as they were once called, were completed for the 1967 HSC in Visual Arts, after a major overhaul of the NSW curriculum prompted by the ‘The Wyndham Report’ which made Visual Arts and creative arts in general, such as Music, mandatory subjects for students. Visual Arts faculties have a long history of students directing their own work, although the syllabus has of course been modernised and refined to a more contemporary and relevant subject, as it stands today.

Creating a body of work is a lengthy and intentional process. Contemporary societal issues prompt and shape students’ bodies of work. Students formulate their ideas, research artists to develop their concepts and techniques, experiment in their chosen medium and finally create and refine their artistic work. Research, exploration, problem-solving and creative thinking are crucial elements in the creation of a student’s body of work, ensuring that our students are  ‘expanding beyond what they know they can be’.

Three of our Visual Arts students were highly commended. Margaret Maroon received the Principal’s Award for her work, Angela Higginbottom received the Highly Commended Award and Simrat Kaur received the People’s Choice Award as the most successful work as judged by students, parents and teachers who attended the evening.

The Visual Arts and TAS Showcase also highlighted the many achievements of our students in Years 7 to 11. Of note this year were the colourful Year 8 works based on the concept of food in both ceramic and painted works. The inspiring works of the Year 9 Photography and Visual Arts students show how we develop the skills of students during Stage 5, as evidenced in their wonderful landscapes, photographs and paintings.

While on the subject of the Showcase, last year’s People’s Choice Award Winner’s work was also selected for the prestigious Art Express. Talitha Hanna’s impressive Body of Work, Model for a Civil War, was exhibited this year at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre as part of the travelling Art Express exhibition. Talitha made an inspiring speech at the opening about war and displacement - a topical subject at this time.

It has been pleasing to see three of our Year 11 Visual Arts students be selected for the National Art Schools Intensive Studio Practice Courses. These courses are aimed at extending and developing students in their chosen media before they begin the HSC and places are highly selective. The girls should be very proud of their accomplishments. Olivia Briggs was selected for Wet Photography, Warsha Warakapola for Digital Photography and Tara Wall for painting. These students attended their first workshops in the mid-year Term break and will continue in the next holiday period, culminating in a student exhibition of the work.

Mr Stephen Dufty
Leader of Learning - Visual Arts

Performing Arts

“Overture, dim the lights, this is it, the night of nights …”

It is that time of the year when Dance, Drama and Music are refining and putting on their final performances for both their families and the HSC markers. The culmination of countless hours of practice and rehearsals have seen our Drama and Dance students perform at their peak for the HSC examiners.

The Year 12 Dance students were the first group to be externally assessed on the 16 August. The students presented their Major Study, as well as their Core Composition and Performance. Special mention must be given to Sophia Santos, Ella Harris and Brigid Jeffries who shared their own talents by performing the works that each Year 12 student had choreographed for them.

Our Drama students presented their theatrical masterpieces on the 28 August. The class had created two group performances - one that addressed the outrage arising from the repositioning of the onion on the Bunnings sausage sandwich while the other group opted for a motley entourage of characters who were faced with the challenges of working as a collaborative team to overcome challenges presented in the modern workplace.

As well as presenting their group works, each Drama student also prepared an individual performance. Talents were demonstrated in their delivery of comedy, tragedy and mime. It was inspiring to see how well our students worked together through their big day and gave such genuine support and encouragement to each other. The audience consisted of Drama students from Years 10 and 11 who were able to experience first-hand the requirements of an HSC Drama Performance examination. This invaluable insight prepares our future actors for the nuances involved in shaping and creating a highly conceptual and sophisticated HSC performance.

As part of their final preparations, Year 12 performed for their families in a Music HSC Showcase. The night celebrated performances from all students, with the premiere of a flute composition, performed by Anna Janczewski of Year 8 and composed by Year 12 students Leah Amaral. Year 12 Music students performed for their HSC at the beginning of this week.

Mrs Sharon Eldridge
Leader of Learning - CAPA


Recognition for Year 12 VET students

This week, two of our Year 12 students received recognition at the Parramatta Rotary Youth Vocational Education and Training Awards ceremony at The Sports High School, Seven Hills. This initiative recognises the achievements of young people attending schools in the City of Parramatta local area for their commitment and work in the area of Vocational Education. The girls were supported on the evening by their parents, House Leaders and VET Teachers.

Claudia De Bartolo was recognised as a dedicated and motivated student who has applied herself to all aspects of the Business Services course over the past two years. She received positive reports from both her work placements and contributed much during her time at the workplace. In the classroom environment, Claudia is a role model for her peers with a desire to improve her learning and her willingness to help those around her.

Kiera Hankin was acknowledged for her positive learning growth in both the theoretical and practical components of her Hospitality course, where she has consistently demonstrated a growth mindset and engaged positively in group and independent learning activities. Kiera’s professionalism and strong work ethic was evident during Work Placement, receiving positive feedback on all aspects of her involvement, as well as participating positively in a wide range of College catering events.

Mrs Louise Weihen
Leader of Learning - VET/Careers

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Book Week

The celebration of Book Week for 2019 took place in the Catherine McAuley Library from 19 - 23 August.

The theme for this year was:

“Reading is my secret power”

The Display not only reflected the theme but also highlighted the winners and honour books of the Children’s Book Council Book Awards held in conjunction with Book Week.

In order to promote the week-long focus on books and reading, the following activities took place in the Library.


The movie “Wonder” was screened during lunchtime on all of the available screens in the Library. Auggie, the main character of “Wonder” was perceived to be a “superhero”.


A book quiz was held during lunchtime and students were awarded prizes for correct entries.


Students were treated to a “scavenger hunt” in the Library, which saw large groups of students trying to find the clues to complete the task that has been devised.


Using our badge making machine, students were invited to design and illustrate a badge which represented the Book Week theme.


Space was cleared in the Library, so 30 eager students could utilize the College’s newly purchased “Google Expedition”. This is an immersive education app that allows teachers and students to explore the world through virtual reality. The students completed an “excursion” to the “Roald Dahl Museum” and were entranced by the experience.

The week’s activities were planned and carried out by all the Library staff. Special mention needs to be extended to Mrs Lulu Toli and Mrs Patricia Pinto who created the 2 displays and spent countless hours preparing and assembling the required parts.

Mrs Christine Hackett
Leader of Learning - Library

Public Speaking

History Day at Hambledon Cottage

The weather was perfect as many local schools descended on historical Hambledon Cottage in Parramatta. This annual event showcases many historical reconstructions that keep the history of Parramatta alive. Costumes, displays, interviews with our pioneers and students outlining their school’s past are all part of this wonderful program. As always, OLMC was represented by some excellent speakers. Ananya Arunkumar, Sakshi Chouta, Alista Gautam and Amelia Kraszewski, all of Year 9, researched and presented the story of the changing uniforms at OLMC over the years. These girls had spoken eloquently at a History Association Public Speaking day some weeks ago and were an easy choice when OLMC was asked to participate again at Hambledon Cottage. Well done to all these girls.

Open Morning Tour

The Year 7 students who spoke at last week's College Open Morning Tour continue to do so with poise and confidence. Laurice Behan and Maddison Starkey were excellent in greeting another group of prospective families who are interested in their daughters attending OLMC. Apart from speaking impressively, the girls greeted families as they arrived and made everyone feel very welcome. Thank you to both girls for enthusiastically promoting the benefits that OLMC has to offer new students.

Australian Titles

In less than two weeks’ time, eight of our students fly down to Melbourne for one of the most challenging events of the year. The Senior team of Yasmine Alwakal, Veronica Chacty and Anne Nguyen of Year 10, as well as DAPS leader Daphne Fong of Year 11, will compete in the Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Competition while in the parallel Junior competition, Speakfest, sees Year 8 students Ainslie McNally, Ambeikaa Mishra, Tijana Pavlovic and Freya Scothern as our representatives. The girls have been very busy with preparing speeches, practising debates, choosing interpretive reading selections and looking forward to the challenge of impromptu speaking. All have an exceptional speaking talent and are sure to be highly competitive against some of the best student speakers around Australia. We wish them all the best of luck. 

Mr Christopher Ostrowski
Public Speaking Co-ordinator

Mercy Music & Performance Academy

The end of Term 3 is filled with celebrations in the Mercy Music and Performance Academy.

Last week, OLMC held their annual Father Daughter Mass in the Mother Mary Clare Dunphy Chapel where the Chamber Ensemble and Mercy Chorale played at this very special Mass.

The Chamber Ensemble and Mercy Chorale are also busily preparing for 2 Masses – the Alumnae Reunion Mass, as well as Year 12 Graduation Mass.  The students love the opportunity to be of service to the community in this way, and always approach these events with passion and pride which can be heard in their playing.

The Orchestra and Choir are also busy preparing for the Mercy Day Mass, which is fast approaching.

This Term, the Mercy Music and Performance Academy welcomed three new musical tutors.

Paul Meo – Brass: Paul has been playing trumpet for over 22 years and has completed a Bachelor of Jazz Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Paul tailors his teaching to each student from the structured approach of AMEB exams to the freedoms of composition and improvised music.

YeRi Lee – Violin: YeRi started playing violin and piano at the age of 6 in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from the Russian Music School with Honours in 2007. She continued her music studies at Huntington University, majoring in Music Business. YeRi has taught many students since 2008, and conducted the Huntington Community Strings from 2013 to 2015.

Tara Elvery – Clarinet: Tara is completing her Bachelor of Performance, majoring in Clarinet, at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Tara has completed Clarinet AMEB Grande 8 Clarinet – Honors, and has been teaching students since 2016.

Interested in Instrumental / Vocal Lessons?

Mr Paul Witney
Director of Music Performance


Sport Uniform

Don’t forget the Uniform shop is open Monday and Friday mornings to purchase the new OLMC PE/Sport uniform. All students who compete for OLMC in sport, whether it be a Gala day, a Carnival or even Wednesday or Saturday Sport, will need to wear the full new PE/Sport uniform and tracksuit.


On 27 August, OLMC competed at the CGSSSA Dance Championships at Monte Sant’ Angelo. The Dance Group consisted of Alexis Chang, Alyssa Gatehouse, Amelia Caruana, Ashleigh Williamson, Ashley Cagauan, Aushlesa Ghale, Dominique Mossman, Gabriella Nimmo, Galia Shafiei, Isabella Allsopp, Isabella Nouh, Joanna Davino, Jorgia Abdisho, Keisha Nelson, Kyrah Bonnelle, Lara Sullivan, Laura Stark, Layla Gray, Marissa Samaha, Michaela De Leon, Sienna Madeleine, Simone Sabat, Sophia Santos, Sunirra Anderson and Tyra Di Giulio. Congratulations to the Hip Hop crew who were declared CGSSSA Hip Hop Champions. They performed professionally and had great crowd participation cheering them on.

A big thank you must go to Mrs Lennard for all her work with the girls and to Mrs Bushell for her help on the day.


PDSSSC Athletics

On 31 August, OLMC competed at the PDSSSC Athletics Championships at Blacktown International Sports Centre. The OLMC Team consisted of Sophie Assaad, ChiaraBorthwick, MiaCleary, LaraColpan, BriannaCoorey, LailaDimech, EmilyDuque Herrera, LucieFrancis, Summer Giddings, Annie Gittany, Cameron Khadi, Brooke Luksic, Chanelle  Maikhael, Hannah Mathews, Ainslie McNally, Tarlia Nohra, Niamh Nolan, Emma Polley, Michelle Pribadi, Riley Rodewald, Summer Rayne Roughley, Jacinta Saab, Alana Shehadie, Zsofia Varga-Strike, Brianna Weatherburn, Tamika Yiu and Alexandra Younes.

There were many great results and some very close finishes. Congratulations to the Intermediate Relay Team (Riley, Hannah, Cameron and Brooke) who won and to Lucie Francis who broke the 13 years 1500m Record! Congratulations must also go to Lucie, Summer, Brooke and Ainslie who all qualified to compete at the NSWCCC Athletics Championships on 20 September. Good luck girls and well done to all the girls on their results.

Thank you to Miss Millgate and Mr Jones for all their help at the Championships.


Any student is eligible to enter the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships as there is no qualification process. Late entries will be accepted until 18 September - click here to enter.


On 9 September, OLMC competed at the PDSSSC Oz Tag Championships at The Kingsway. The Team consisted of Lucie Francis, Lara Colpan, Isabelle Zoghbi, Alannah Moujalli, Laila Dimech, Cameron Khadi, Claudia Attard, Amelia Polley, Hannah Mathews, Mikeeli Lake, Annie Gittany and Marinelle Juan.

The girls had a slow start in the cool windy conditions but powered home. Despite the wind playing havoc with passes, the girls played some excellent games against some very strong teams. Nearly every game started with the opposing team scoring twice then OLMC having to fight back to eventually win the game. The girls even drew with the eventual winners, Gilroy, but finished 2nd in their pool with only the winner progressing to the Grand Final. Well done girls on a great day and thank you to Mrs McManus for all her help with the team.



On 5 September, OLMC competed at the PDSSSC Futsal Championships at Penrith. The Teams consisted of Rachelle Juan, Tayla Milicevic, Jorja McMahon, Alissia Marrone, Niamh Nolan, Bianca Salloman, Isabelle Zoghbi, Kyla Jones, Trinity Tecala, Annie Gittany, Madeline Soyer, Annabelle Ruskin, Charli Golds, Marinelle Juan, Charlotte Duff and Jasmin Kennett. The Juniors played exceptionally well, winning all their round games convincingly but narrowly losing to Gilroy (the eventual champions) in the Semi-final. The Intermediates won their first 4 games convincingly then lost to Gilroy 6-1 in the last round. Despite the loss the girls still progressed to the Grand Final, again versing Gilroy. This time the girls came out firing, scoring first and holding the lead for most of the game. Gilroy levelled the match and sent the game into extra time - golden goal. Unfortunately, Gilroy scored early on, finishing the match. All the girls in both teams played so well and should be very proud of their efforts.

A big thank you must go to Ms Herd for all her help with teams.


Saturday Netball

On Saturday 31 August, the ERNA Grand Finals were held. Congratulations to OLMC 10, 5 and 3 who all competed.

Congratulations to OLMC 5 who were crowned the 15/4 Champions, undefeated for the season!


Well done to OLMC 10 and 3 who both finished runners up.


You can view all finals results here -

Congratulations to ex-student Emily Dwyer who was awarded her C Badge on the day.

Finally, thank you to all the families and friends who supported the girls this season.

Wednesday Touch Football

Wednesday Touch Football has now started. Can I please remind everyone that all students are to play in the new OLMC Singlet and either the new OLMC PE Sport or Bike shorts.

You can view the draw and results here -

Mr Stuart Guthrie
Sport Co-ordinator



Reunion Day 2019

Celebrating Women


Father Daughter Mass

Our annual Father Daughter Mass was celebrated on 30 August in the Mother Mary Clare Dunphy Memorial Chapel. The Chapel was filled with Fathers, Grandfathers and other significant male figures who joined with the girls to celebrate Mass led by Fr Walter and accompanied by music and singing provided by the Chamber Ensemble and Mercy Chorale under the instruction of Mr Paul Witney.

This year, we heard from Mr Jose Fajardo, father of Sydrael in Year 12. Mr Fajardo shared his love of being a father and his acknowledgement of the way Sydrael has been encouraged to put Mercy values into action in her daily life. His speech has been included below.

Thank you to all who assisted to ensure this morning was a wonderful celebration of love, recognition and prayer. I would especially like to acknowledge the work of the 2019-2020 Liturgy Leaders, Gabriella Nimmo and Amelie Loof, as well as the girls and their fathers who read, participated in processions, assisted with distributing Communion and handed out the lovely native flower arrangements and prayer cards.

A celebration like this would not be complete without the P&F who provided an absolutely delicious breakfast, following the Mass, served in the Catherine McAuley Room in the Convent. The ladies worked tirelessly with ever-increasing numbers to ensure that there was ample food and opportunity to engage in not only a shared meal, but precious time for the girls to spend with their Dads. Thank you all!

Mr Fajardo’s Speech:

Our Year 12 students probably have mixed emotions of excitement and sadness because this is the last year of their studies at OLMC. We too, like my fellow Fathers and parents of these Year 12 students, are sad because this is the last Father’s Day event that we will attend at OLMC.  But I believe that we are more assured and confident that the values of OLMC will live perpetually in our respective family and households because of the formation of our young daughters from this school which was built and has been tested for the last 130 years.

In your school values, MERCY is not just a feeling but also more of an action. How can we say we love our neighbour if we see them hungry, thirsty and naked if we don’t do anything about it? The other 7 college values are all linked to Mercy, let me explain:

Compassion is a feeling but needs to be put into actions- it is not just mere concerns

Justice must be equally applied to all, regardless of our religion, gender and status in life

Dignity is like seeing in a mirror yourself when looking at other people, every person is worth so much because we are all made in God’s image

Excellence is our desire to achieve things to a level which reflects our commitment and ability

Hospitality is embracing our neighbours with respect through word and deed despite of our differences

Stewardship is not only merely volunteering but taking the responsibility on doing the work that God is calling us to do in relation to the environment

And to your MERCY value this year of SERVICE- “Be the unseen hero in 130”, this is not a noun but a verb - an action to make a positive difference to the lives of many whether individual or community.

Every time I come here to OLMC I am continually amazed at the new things I learn. I remember when Sydrael was in Year 9, I was able to join her group during the Door Knock Appeal. I supervised the girls going from house to house collecting donations. This action inspired me to become involved in Mission work of my own. My wife Norina and myself participated in an immersion experience with the poor and marginalised people of The Philippines with Couples for Christ Australia.   

I will never forget the tears, hopelessness, and sadness of the young children and adults because of their conditions. But that was replaced with smiles, and feelings of hope and joy when we came and helped out.  Mother Theresa said “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with greater love” This LOVE rekindled our compassion and service for the poor, like your MERCY values that manifests itself in action.

When Sydrael was in Year 8, she volunteered in teaching the refugees at St. Patrick’s Parish in Blacktown through OLMC, I was very proud to share that with our family and friends. It is the act of being immersed with young refugees that allow people in a position of privilege to put their MERCY values into action. This was something that will always be cherished by Sydrael and the other girls involved in outreach opportunities.

This reminds me of a story my own grandfather Maximo Fajardo used to tell me when I was young, “Education is the only thing that we can give to you. It is a shield that you can take to different places where you want to go, and no one can take this away from you. This is something that you can share for the benefits of others”.

As a father of a mercy girl, I know that I am setting my daughter up for a successful life. A life full of possibility and potential. WE send our daughters here for a great education, but they end up with far more than knowledge of Maths, Science and English. During the last 6 years of Sydrael’s time here, I often think about the way she has grown and developed. Like a seed planted by the first Sisters of Mercy here at the College 130 years ago, the girls continue to grow and bring life to others.

The Venerable Catherine McAuley and all of the Sisters of Mercy view prayer and service as two important dimensions of spirituality. The inward dimension of Service to me is to maintain my Trust in God through prayers, and the outward dimension of SERVICE is in the actions that I can do to assist other people. The highest form of JOY I can have is in seeing and doing good things for others.

As we fathers sit here today and see the beautiful girls we are raising, we feel proud. May this celebration of Father’s Day remind us of all the blessings that God has bestowed upon our children, family and community.

In hoc signo vincemus.  Let us always put Christ is in the middle of everything we achieved ….  In this sign we will achieve.


May God Bless us all! 

Jose Fajardo (Father of Sydrael – Year 12/MD4)

Mercy Day

Mercy Day is being celebrated by the College on Friday 20 September and it is an early celebration, recognising the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy the patroness of the Sisters of Mercy and the day that Venerable Catherine McAuley opened the doors of the House of Mercy in Dublin on 24 September 1827. Girls need to arrive at school by 8.30am in time to attend normal Homeroom. Please note the early dismissal time of 1.30pm.

Your daughter will be expected to wear her Summer Uniform for Mercy Day and the College blazer if she is cold. Please take the opportunity this weekend to ensure that the uniform length is adjusted for the growth spurt experienced by your daughter since Term 1 and is at the correct length i.e. 2 centimetres below the bottom of the knee cap.

A student’s knee caps should not be visible! Who can remember the nuns ‘tried and true kneeling test’? The dress was too short if the hem did not touch the ground when we were kneeling!

In the final week of Term 3 (23-27 September) your daughter may wear her full Summer Uniform or her full Winter Uniform. No combinations of the two uniforms are allowed.

  • The regulation jumper/cardigan is not to be worn to or from school unless under the blazer.
  • College socks are to be worn with the summer uniform and sports uniform.

We are fortunate to have the Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen, Bishop of Parramatta celebrating our Mercy Day Mass this year and we naturally want the girls to look their best, which they always do.

Fundraising for Mercy Works

Following the celebration of the Eucharist, the eight Houses are putting Mercy into Action by running Fundraising activities for their Mercy Works Charity. The focus values of Service and Dignity will be at the forefront of the day with information posters about Mercy Works being displayed around the College.

Our new College Leaders are helping to transform OLMC into a place where dreams come true, and Dignity will be at the heart of everything we do. OLMC hopes to spread the message of ‘respecting the dignity of yourself and your peers through portraying the links between a series of noble and empowering Disney Princesses and our very own Houses, as well as Disney themed fundraisers. Each Princess has a unique story of overcoming personal and societal obstacles, where at times, the dignity of themselves and those important to them was threatened. They each display compassion, service, justice, dignity; just some Mercy Values, to name a few. They are inspirations to girls within and outside for the OLMC Community, and embody many key elements of what we, as dignified Mercy Women, strive to be. Whether that be acknowledging the inner beauty of the most terrifying beast, standing up for those who may not have a voice, nurturing this precious Earth, or recognising each person’s inherent worth as placed upon us by God, and respecting the Dignity of all.

Girls are encouraged to dress up or to add an accessory worn by their House Princess, with House points to the best-dressed house/s on the day. A gold coin donation is the cost of most activities, food and drinks on the day, with all funds being donated to Mercy Works.

Mercy Day Arrangements

8.30amStudents arrive at the College
8.40amStudents in Homeroom for Roll Call
Bags brought to school must be placed inside lockers.
9.10amMass in AMCC
10.35amRecess and time for girls to change into their costumes
11.05am - 1.00pmHouse Activities
1.00pm - 1.30pmClean up, Roll Call in Homerooms and Dismissal

Lunch is supplied. All girls will receive a voucher which is to be used to collect a sausage or a vegetarian pattie in a roll. All sausages are gluten-free and gluten-free bread will be available. Please note that the Canteen will be closed on this day.

We are all looking forward to celebrating Mercy Day - a community highlight of the year. Attendance on Friday September 20 is compulsory.

Mrs Anne-Maree Donnelly
Director of Pastoral Care




Baking for Hope Hostel

Mrs Brooks and her Year 9 Food Technology class were busy baking in class last week. The girls baked cakes and cookies for Hope Hostel. Hope Hostel is located in North Parramatta and is a short term accommodation facility for homeless men. The cookies were very well received by Michael, one of the staff members of the hostel, who said “There is nothing better than a homemade cookie after dinner. You are showing these men that you care about them by your actions here today at school”.

Thank you girls and Mrs Brooks for the time and care you took in planning, cooking and packaging up the cookies. You really were the face of service for the residents of Hope Hostel last week.

Mrs Gabby Scanlon
Director of Mission (Acting)

High Tea in the Park

From the Counsellors

Grief and Loss

Losing someone close to us either through death or the loss of a significant relationship is a difficult time and we all react very differently. As parents, it is important to understand that our girls may have good and bad days as they grieve, may appear to be carrying on as per normal but are holding in all of their feelings, or may be more sensitive and find it difficult to contain their emotions. All of these reactions are normal and are ok, there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

How to help:

  • Adolescents will need the continuing care of family environments. Central to this is love, safety, trust and relationships.
  • Allow them to ask questions and provide them with clear and honest answers.
  • Try to maintain normal routines to the best of your ability.
  • Give adolescents information about normal patterns of grief over time.
  • Encourage them to express their emotions, rather than giving them messages such as “stay strong”, “don’t cry”.
  • Seek out practical and emotional support from peers, teachers, counsellors, family and friends.
  • Help adolescents to preserve memories through stories, art, songs, pictures etc.
  • Activities, roles and actions that are an engagement in ongoing life are important for the adolescent. It is important that they know it is okay to still get enjoyment from these activities.
  • Explain to them about processes involved with funerals as this may be their first experience of it, and they may be anxious about what is expected of them. Give them options about their level of participation.

Some services which may be helpful:

Mrs Sandra Portela
Senior College Counsellor

Study Skills

Indian Bazaar

Charlotte Burns

What is your Leadership portfolio?


Mercy Action

What are the key responsibilities of your Portfolio?

Working with the Stewardship Leaders, Liturgy Leaders and the Mercy Actions Representatives from each House to plan school initiatives that serve the wider community.

What is your vision as Leader of this Portfolio in 2019/2020?

Spread kindness, service and empathy throughout the school by raising awareness of important social justice issues.

Peer Support Leaders 1991