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 Jersey Day
 SRC Dance

Marie Wood, Deputy Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are now over half-way through Term 3 and it has been a very exciting time to be a member of the OLMC community. Really we have been spoiled for choice with the diversity of activities and experiences on offer to the students and so professionally supported by the dedicated staff of the College. Not only is effective learning occurring in each classroom, but also nearly every student is engaging in a co-curricular activity: Sport, Music, Dance, EcOLMC to name a few! These types of activities, and all the others on offer at the College provide the students with opportunities to develop their whole person while they balance their academic programs. It is rewarding to see the pride the students take in their efforts and achievements and to hear them eagerly speak about their debating successes, their netball wins and their dancing achievements.

The OLMC community gathered last Friday evening for a Showcase of the wonderful talents of our Visual Art, TAS and Dance students. The Year 12 HSC Major Works were on show in the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre with Dr Geoff Lee MP officially opening the Showcase followed by the TAS and Dance display in the Edith Angel Hall. Congratulations to all involved with the success of this Showcase.


The HSC Music Showcase was on Monday evening this week. Again, the display of talent was outstanding, from instrumentalists to vocalists. It certainly afforded an opportunity to hear a range of classical, Debussy to contemporary-Kings of Leon. Congratulations to the Music Faculty for their professional efforts in supporting the students to deliver such a fine public performance.

Additionally on Monday night, seven Year 11 students and two teachers attended the ABC's Q&A program. From all accounts, the students spoke well and engaged with other students on the panel, as well as Gladys Berejiklian and Kristina Keneally. You can watch the program on ABC Iview.

The Duke of Edinburgh practice Expedition will be held this coming weekend. Sixty-two Year 9 students will be participating. The qualifying Expedition will coincide with the end of the Year 9 Camp in Term 4. Thank you to Ms Llave, Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator and the accompanying teachers for giving up their family time to support the girls on the Expedition. Happy hiking!

Our new Student Leaders for 2019/2020 successfully launched their theme at Tuesday's College Assembly. I wanted to share with you their vision for the year ahead so I have included their words spoken to the College community:

In this year of dignity, our vision is one where all Mercy women are seen as humans, with an inherent value and worth. With our perfect 20/20 vision, we envision a community where girls respect others and themselves. 

Congratulations to the Student Leaders. With such an aspirational vision, our College community is certain to go from strength to strength.

A reminder that the Founder of Mercy Works PNG, Maryanne Kolkia will be speaking at Mercy Futures next week on Tuesday 3 September. I strongly encourage to you to come along. For further information, please see the poster at the end of this newsletter.

Finally, this Friday the Father Daughter Mass will take place in the Mother Mary Clare Dunphy Chapel at 7.30am. I encourage all fathers, grandfathers and carers to come along to join in the liturgy. It will be an honour to have your presence.

A new Facebook Group has been created for OLMC Parramatta families to use to sell and buy the old-style College Uniform. The purpose is to assist families in this changeover period to the new uniform. This is a "closed" group so only people who are part of this group can see your posts. Please request to join the group in order to participate. The purpose is to buy and sell old-style uniforms only and was set up in response to feedback from parents who indicated they would like to be able to buy second hand uniforms in this changeover period (until 2021).


CLICK HERE to join the group.

Warm regards,

Mrs Marie Wood

Deputy Principal 


University Open Days




Your students can join us at one of our Open Days on Saturday, 14 September from 9am to 1pm. We can help them kickstart their career, become an aspiring apprentice, or gain exciting new skills for the job they want. There will be talks, demos, food, entertainment and more. Your students can pre-register and jump the queue when checking in on the day:


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Public Speaking

Carlingford Lions Voice Competition

This competition continues to grow each year and each year, OLMC provides two excellent speakers to participate. This year, Harini Dulipkumar and Summer Rayne Roughley (both Year 7) were our entrants. Both spoke impressively on their chosen topic of “Video surveillance in public places”, although the girls explored the issue from different perspectives. The impromptu element gave students two minutes to prepare on the topic of whether the cost of space exploration was worth it, and once again, both Harini and Summer Rayne delivered very impressive responses.

While our girls did not take out the event, they are to be congratulated on their excellent performances.



Soroptimist Competition

On Saturday 17 August, no fewer than twenty-one OLMC girls descended on the Glenhaven Community Centre to participate in the Soroptimist public speaking competition. This event has grown enormously over the years and this year reached record numbers. Against strong opposition, it is with a real sense of achievement that OLMC students dominated the 2019 competition. There were six sections overall and our results were remarkable. Grace Nenadic and Ivana Stefanovski (both Year 7) took out their divisions while Mia Fogolin (Year 7), Freya Scothern (Year 8), Amelia Kraszewski (Year 9) and Daphne Fong (Year 11) were second in their respective sections. In addition, Amelia Assaad (Year 11) achieved third place. Several other girls just missed out on the major placings but deserve mention. Well done to Sophie Assaad, Niamh Nolan, Josephine Tleyji, Deeya Vashi (Year 7), Arlene Kumar, Ainslie McNally, Marisa Telidis (Year 8), Ananya Arunkumar, Cheyenne Baquial, Sarah D’Souza, Kitty Millar, Sophia Santos, Anahat Singh (Year 9) and Kyah Day (Year 10).

Our results were the best we have achieved in this event in the nine years it has been running, largely due to the huge amount of time and effort the girls put into preparation and practice. Apart from this remarkable success, it is equally noteworthy that the organisers made special mention of the way our girls presented themselves, not just in appearance but also in their behaviour. Our Public Speaking girls truly make an impact on all who see them.


I would also like to thank Mrs Kristen McEvoy who attended on the day to help support and encourage the girls.

Mr Christopher Ostrowski
Public Speaking Co-ordinator


Busking in the Mall

On Wednesday August 14, the Mercy Chorale and the Senior Flute Ensemble along with the guidance of Mr Witney and Miss Maggio performed at the Parramatta Town Square to raise money for St Vincent de Paul. St Vincent de Paul is a Catholic organisation that strives to create a more just and compassionate society. The OLMC Music Department has been supporting Vinnies for over 20 years through our annual busking performances and has taken great pride in channelling our passions and talents for a great cause. Both Ensembles had been preparing for weeks to perfect set pieces. Additionally, many girls also enlightened pedestrians with amazing solo performances. Antonia Khalil (Year 11), a member of the Mercy Chorale, described the experience to be ‘a very heart-warming experience knowing that we were singing for such a great cause.’ Similarly, Sarah D’Souza (Year 9), also a member of the Mercy Chorale, said that ‘it was a really rewarding and gratifying experience to be able to use music to help some deserving people’. As someone who has participated in busking for the past 4 years, I have been fortunate enough to have this opportunity to help those in need while also growing my own confidence and skills in performing. Overall, our busking experience was quite enjoyable, and it was made even better knowing we had contributed to assist the most vulnerable in our community today.

Nethra Raman (Year 11)

Musical Evening

On Tuesday August 20, The Mercy Music and Performance Academy held its annual Musical Evening where a multitude of our school’s Co-curricular Ensembles performed a variety of pieces. With classical performances from the College Orchestra, songs from popular movies and culture from the Concert Band, Choir and Mercy Chorale, beautiful arrangements from the Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble and Saxophone Ensemble and even a performance on buckets by the Senior Percussion Ensemble, it was an incredible night filled with creativity and music.

Each year, we congratulate the Year 12 girls who have been involved in Co-curricular Music for years, many since Year 7. Their dedication, time, effort and hard work has not gone unnoticed and we would like to once again recognise the involvement of the following girls:

  • Sydrael Fajardo (Orchestra, Senior String Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble)
  • Kallista Pudun (Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble)
  • Alana Doherty (Clarinet Ensemble, Orchestra, Saxophone Ensemble)
  • Jessie Zhang (Concert Band, Flute Ensemble, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Senior Flute Ensemble)
  • Zi Yan Zhang (Concert Band, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble)
  • Ruby Savos (Concert Band, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble)
  • Leah Amaral (Concert Band, Flute Ensemble, Orchestra)
  • Lisa Khouri (Choir, Mercy Chorale)
  • Grace Boudib (Orchestra)

HSC Music Showcase

On Monday Evening, August 26 the Music Department held its HSC Music Showcase. This event highlights the girls in Year 12 HSC Music who performed their HSC performances, which they have been working extremely hard on for over a year. This usually occurs at our Musical Evening, however, given there are so many girls undertaking Music as a subject this year, it was decided to move these incredible performances to their own HSC Music Showcase.

Congratulations to all girls involved in their performances and good luck in your upcoming HSC Performances.

Stephanie Arulthasan & Antonia Khalil
2019/2020 CAPA Leaders

Cincinnati Junior Strings Orchestra

In the last school holidays, a few students from the OLMC Senior Strings Ensemble were given the opportunity to join a workshop with the Cincinnati Junior Strings Orchestra from America.

In the short time that we were given, we not only practised our music together but also to tried to get to know one another and form global friendships. We had times where the conductors would ask us to learn more about each other, and we would chat about our classes and the differences in our music between countries. An unforgettable and priceless memory from our rehearsals was when we realised that we all called note values differently, what they called quarter-notes, we called crotchets, and what they called whole notes, we called semibreves.

We played different cultural games together, such as the Australian-based game ‘Bullrush’ and in one of the breaks we were also asked to show the Cincinnati students around our school in small groups. We told stories about our school, “myths”, things that had happened and it was actually one of the highlights of my day!

Then, after the long day came the Performance. We had started by performing our separate pieces, and I think I speak for everyone present when I say that we were amazed by their performances. Between our acts, two incredibly talented musicians, a cellist and a violinist, were invited to perform this spectacular performance of the song Por Una Cabeza. They had started their path towards music from the Cincinnati Junior String Orchestra and were delighted to come along and present their beautiful arrangement for all of us.

As the finale, we finished off with our group performances in a farewell to all the friendships that we had formed, playing four songs, each conducted by our four conductors from both Orchestras.

Overall, I gained so much more insight and experience in global music and I believe that it is an incredible opportunity in expanding my musical knowledge, my friendships, and in performance and am so glad that I was invited to attend.

Something interesting and true that my friend, Angelene, had said was, “This once in a lifetime experience not only taught us some useful skills but also opened our eyes to a larger picture of the world.’

Ashleigh Ko (Year 9)


Write a Book in a Day

On Friday 9 August, the Library became a sea of creativity as 10 teams of 10 students from Years 7-10 took part in the “Write a book in a day” competition.

WABIAD is a team competition where each group completes a “book” collaboratively while adhering to a defined set of parameters which are received on the morning of the competition. The book must suit the 10-14 year old age group, have a minimum of 4000 words and must be individually illustrated by team members. The book must be completed during the hours 8.00am - 5.30pm and uploaded that evening.

The parameters for each book are extremely diverse and included 2 human characters, 1 non- human character, a setting and an issue. One of the Year 7 teams had the following parameters:

·         A butcher

·         A stockman

·         A monkey

·         Setting: Uluru

·         Issue: Magical headphones

The team members not only have to demonstrate their creative and imaginative skills, but they have to demonstrate listening, collaborative, communication and teamwork skills.

Money raised from the competition goes to the Kid’s Cancer project and a copy of each book goes to the Children’s Oncology Unit at Westmead Hospital. In addition, each student who participated received a copy of their book and the Library also has a copy of each book in its collection.

A great deal of organization is required before the event to make sure the whole day runs smoothly and this was completed by the Teacher-Librarians and the Library staff.

On the day itself, the Library staff were joined by Miss Amy Rowan and Mrs Kristen McEvoy who were able to mentor two year groups.

Mrs Christine Hackett
Leader of Learning – Library


Sport Uniform

Don’t forget the Uniform Shop is open Monday and Friday mornings for purchasing the new OLMC PE/Sport uniform. All students who compete for OLMC in Sport, whether it be a Gala Day, a Carnival or even Wednesday or Saturday Sport, will need to wear the full new PE/Sport uniform and tracksuit.


School Sport Australia Cross Country

Congratulations to Lucie Francis and Summer Giddings who represented OLMC at the School Sport Australia Cross Country Championships at Kembla Grange over the weekend. Lucie finished 11th in U14s with the NSW team finishing 2nd overall and Summer was awarded the U19 Multi-Class Champion! Well done girls on some amazing results.



On Friday 23 August, OLMC competed at the PDSSSC Dance Championships which were held at the Joan Sutherland Centre, Penrith. The team consisted of JorgiaAbdisho, JessicaAbrahams, PragyaAggarwal, NatashaBernard, CaitlanBiviano, ZoeBorger, IsobelCassin, HayleyChiem, Precious-TinaEdo, ChanelElias, EbonyElias, RhiannonFuller, SiobhanFuller, AlexisGattellari, LaylaGray, Ella Harris, Katie Hughes, KylaJones, MeganKeller, NicoleKelly, SiennaMadeleine, IsabellaMakhoul, SarahMcIntyre, TiaMonga, SaraPandey, MikayleePearce, JasmynPeirce and DeeyaVashi.

All the girls' performances were great and they showed excellent school spirit. Well done girls!

NSWCCC Netball

On Tuesday 20 August, OLMC competed at the NSWCCC Netball Championships at Jamison Park, Penrith. The teams consisted of Madeline Nolan, Emily Guthrie, Tara Wall, Charlotte Carter, Brianna El-Bayeh, Jaimee Abrahams, Thalia Lake, Alex Zito, Gemma Hawkes, Kate Sloane, Alexandria Deloso, Haylee Shelton, Analiese Hanna, Abi Van Leeuwen, Jessica Barnes, Charlotte Gillies, Amelia Polley, Chelsea Barakat, Mikeeli Lake, Brianna Coorey, Laila Dimech, Abigail Mahoney, Chanelle Maikhael, Jemima McKenna, Tayla Milicevic, Brianna Weatherburn, Sienna Stokes, Ella McGirr, Chiara Borthwick and Caitlin Allam.

The Inters won 6 of their 7 games, only losing 1 game by 1 goal to finish 2nd in Div 2. The Juniors finished 3rd in their Division, only losing 2 games. Unfortunately, the Seniors played hard but were unable to come away with a win. All the girls showed great skills and demonstrated a lot of grit. Their conduct and sportsmanship, regardless of whether they won or lost, was admirable.

A big thank you must go to Jazmin Cleary, Charlotte Ryan and Rachael Bailey for umpiring all day for OLMC.

I would also like to thank Mrs Simpson, Mrs Cunningham and Mrs McManus for all their help with the teams.

Saturday Netball

On Saturday 17 August the ERNA Semi-finals were held. Congratulations to OLMC 10 who won their Semi-final and to OLMC 5 who have progressed straight to the Grand Final. Despite OLMC 3 losing their Semi-final they had a second chance to compete again in the Final the next week.

Unfortunately, OLMC 1, 6 and 9 all lost their matches and are now out.

On Saturday 24 August, the ERNA Finals were held. Congratulations to OLMC 3 and 10 who both won their Finals and will now play with OLMC 5 in the Grand Final this Saturday August 31!

OLMC 10 plays at 10am

OLMC 5 plays at 12pm

OLMC 3 plays at 2pm

You can continue to view the draw and all results here - http://erna.nsw.netball.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/draw.aspx?

Good Luck girls!


Wednesday Touch Football

Online registration emails have been sent to all students. The Parramatta Touch registration emails include the student’s team codes. Please register online ASAP.

The season starts on Wednesday September 4.

15’s play at 5pm, 13s play at 5:45pm and 17s play at 6:30pm.

Students should not be at Doyle Ground before 4:30pm and need to be picked up straight after their games have finished. Each game goes for 40 mins.

All students will need to have purchased the new OLMC Sport Singlet and Shorts from the Uniform Shop before they play.

Mr Stuart Guthrie
Sport Co-ordinator

From the Counsellors

Sleep Issues

Increasingly, we are seeing girls presenting to the Counsellors’ Office with concerns about getting to sleep, staying asleep and achieving an adequate amount of sleep to feel well-rested. Sleep and wellbeing are so closely linked, we know that when we don’t get enough sleep it impacts on our wellbeing, and conversely when we have wellbeing concerns it can impact on our ability to get a good night’s sleep. It is a vicious cycle which can leave us feeling physically and mentally exhausted. Ongoing sleep deprivation has been linked to decreased performance and alertness, memory and cognitive impairment, increased risk of physical injury, increased risk of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, increased risk of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK19961/).

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that those aged 6-13 years do best when they sleep between 9-11 hours and adolescents aged between 14-17 years require 8-10 hours. So why aren’t our girls getting enough sleep? One of the main culprits could be the use of technology such as phones, iPads, computers and even television right before bed. Light from screens shining into your eyes sends signals to your brain that interfere with the production of melatonin, a chemical needed for sleep. The blue light from our phones and computers is especially problematic. Blue light is so good at helping us feel awake, it's used in places like factories to help night-shift workers stay alert. The Sleep Health Foundation says that the use of a bright screen in the evening over a period of five nights can delay the body clock by 1.5 hours, meaning you want to go to bed later and sleep in longer, which is a problem when needing to rise for school or work commitments. If the use of technology can’t be avoided before bedtime, blue light filters can be used to minimize the impact it may have on sleep disruption. It is best to avoid screens for at least 30 minutes before bed.

Sleep hygiene refers to the habits that help us get a good night’s sleep. Some other practices you may wish to try include:

Only using the bedroom for sleep. Homework and recreation to be completed outside of the bedroom so that the bedroom is only associated with sleep.

Going to bed and waking at a regular time each day, including waking at a set time, no matter how many hours of sleep were achieved the night before. The longer-term effect is that it can help to adjust our body clock so that we will start to feel sleepy at the same time each night.

Make sure that your room is dark enough in order to cue your body to produce melatonin which assists in getting to sleep. Then in the mornings, try and get some exposure to sunshine to suppress the melatonin.

Having a warm shower or bath before bed can be a helpful cue to your body that it is time to switch off and relax. However, if you get too hot from a shower or bath this can impair your body’s ability to fall asleep. Our body needs to return back to a cooler temperature before it will be able to achieve sleep.

If your mind has trouble switching off, keep a notepad by your bed to write down the things you are worried about or need to complete tomorrow, giving yourself permission to relax and go to sleep.

·        Try a relaxation app before bed, particularly ones that include deep breathing, meditation, or guided relaxation. Some to try include ‘Smiling Mind’, ‘Calm’, and ‘Headspace’.

·         Practice mindfulness (refer to 1 May 2019 newsletter).

If you have tried these interventions and nothing has improved please visit your GP and discuss your concerns with your practitioner. They may have further suggestions or want to investigate any possible medical causes. They may also refer you to a psychologist who can help you by using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help with unhelpful thoughts that may be reinforcing bad sleep habits.

Mrs Sandra Portela
Senior School Counsellor

Mercy Futures - 3 September

The Feast of the Assumption

On 15 August, girls were invited to pray the Rosary at lunchtime to celebrate the feast of the Assumption. Thank you to Ms Koutsoukos for leading this prayer service.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Last Tuesday, two representatives from the AYCC – Australian Youth Climate Coalition visited the EcOLMC girls. We heard about all things climate change from two youth representatives, Alex and Manjot. We were able to engage in group discussion about the impacts that climate change have on the earth and emphasised that climate change and rising sea levels are both an ecological and justice issue.

Some of the poorest communities with the lowest carbon footprints are the most affected by the rising sea. These nations are mostly the Pacific Islands which are at risk of displacement due to the selfish actions of the first world. Pacific Islands are only 2-3 metres above sea level and are thus at risk of sinking if sea levels rise. Recently, the Australian Prime Minister met with the Pacific Nations and was called out for his inaction and neglect of our Pacific Islander brothers and sisters. This talk encouraged us to take action and call out the faults of our government.


As a Mercy community, it is imperative that we embrace the teachings of the Sisters of Mercy in recognition of the dignity awarded to each human person. We must serve others and our environment through climate action, which the AYCC empowers young people to do. This event inspired us to fight the issue of climate change from not only a stewardship perspective but a social justice one too.

Keep an eye out for future EcOLMC initiatives in partnership with the AYCC - we are so excited for the year ahead!

Katarina Butler and Abirami Prakash
2019/2020 Stewardship Leaders

SRC Dance

The SRC Dance is taking place this Friday from 6.00pm-9.30pm in the Edith Angel Hall. Students from Patrician Brothers Blacktown have also been invited.

Students must be driven by a parent/carer to and from the venue and be collected from the Francis Kearney playground at the end of the Dance. No ticket sales are permitted on the night and students must wear attire appropriate for a School Dance. 

Ms Amanda Farrugia
SRC Dance Co-ordinator


Year 8 Reflection Day

On Wednesday 7 August, Year 8 boarded the bus to head up to the Christian Brothers’ Retreat Centre in Mulgoa. After a brief morning tea out on the scenic lawn, we filed into the Edmund Rice Centre. Here we offered a short prayer, before being organised for our first workshop. The workshops were graciously facilitated by guest speakers from a range of Catholic agencies and were a great opportunity to familiarise ourselves with various opportunities to give back to the wider community. I personally attended the Vinnies and Caritas workshops, which I found to be both sobering, enlightening and encouraging. I gained a deeper insight into the challenges faced by the disadvantaged, and more importantly, how I can actively fight for social justice in the community. Soon after a lunch break, we assembled once more in the Edmund Rice Centre. Here we watched a deeply meaningful video on climate change and the environmental refugees of Kiribati and offered prayers of the faithful as part of our prayer service. We were also blessed to watch several girls present a range of original songs and poems from the Justice through the Arts Program. Following this, we once again boarded the bus for a smooth journey back to Parramatta.

On behalf of Year 8, I would like to sincerely thank all the staff, both internal and external, who made the day possible. Reflection Day was both a thoroughly enjoyable and meaningful experience, and your efforts were not overlooked. A special thank you goes to Mrs Scanlon, along with all staff members from the Religious Education Faculty, who kindly ensured the success of the day. It has certainly opened our minds to various social justice and stewardship issues and opportunities in the local community.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Katherine Baker (Year 8, Doyle 2)

Jersey Day

OLMC students and staff will again be wearing their jerseys at school to support Jersey Day 30 August 2019.

JERSEY DAY is all about promoting awareness of The Organ and Tissue Authority and the DONATE LIFE network.

On Friday 30 August 2019, the family of Nathan Gremmo are asking schools and workplaces across Australia to allow students and employees to wear their favourite sporting jersey to school or work to show their support for the DONATE LIFE network and begin the conversation with their friends and families about Organ Donation.

JERSEY DAY has been inspired by the story of NATHAN GREMMO who was tragically lost in an accident in May 2015. Nathan’s family chose to give the gift of life to others to honour the legacy of Nathan’s generous personality.

This campaign is all about raising awareness – there is no requirement to raise funds. Simply wear your favourite sporting jersey to school or work on Friday 30 August and begin the conversation with your friends and family about organ donation.

For further information please CLICK HERE to view the JERSEY DAY brochure.



Braids Day

On Friday 23 August the girls who are travelling to Cambodia in December, held a Braids Stall at lunchtime. The aim of this event was to raise much-needed money to use in the construction of two houses in Cambodia. Very talented braiders plaited their way through lunchtime to create some amazing braid designs.

Thank you to all the girls who paid to have their hair braided!

Father Daughter Mass

The annual Father Daughter Mass will take place in the Mother Mary Clare Dunphy Memorial Chapel this coming Friday morning at 7.30am. If you are yet to RSVP, please click here.

We look forward to celebrating with the fathers and other significant male role models of our community at this Mass.


Toiletries Donations for Mercy Foundation

We will be running a campaign seeking donations of toiletries for Mercy Foundation.

The Mercy Foundation assist homeless people living in Sydney and assist in re-settling homeless people into permanent housing.

We are in need of donations of toiletries so that we can make some packs for these people.

Items you may like to donate include:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soap
  • Comb
  • Deodorant
  • Face washer or sponge

These donations can be taken to the Staff Common Room and left in the marked containers.

Mrs Gabby Scanlon
Director of Mission (Acting)

The Visual Arts Exhibition in 2002