Stephen Walsh, Former Principal

Dear families,

Easter Reflection:

The final week of Lent begins this weekend with Palm Sunday - the day when Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem and began his last week of earthly life.

Jesus immersed himself in the ordinariness of day to day living but was always ready to respond to his Father’s will. Jesus knew he was to die and that through his suffering and death he would allow us the salvation of new life.

What we celebrate in this Easter time of the passion and resurrection of Christ, lies at the heart of our faith. The Resurrection is ‘transformational’. It is important for us all to try to integrate this message into our daily lives.

We should do things for other people, to let our light shine and to remember that it is what is in our hearts that defines us as disciples of Jesus. To live our Mercy values, to improve the quality of our relationships, to focus on the sustainability of our mother earth, to welcome the stranger and support the most needy and vulnerable in our community. This is what the resurrected Lord expects and calls us to do.

I encourage you to attend, with your daughters, the many services (commencing with Holy Thursday evening) your local church community will offer throughout Holy Week and Easter.

A reminder that this Friday is a Pupil Free Day and that Term 2 commences for all students on Tuesday 30 April (Staff Professional Learning Conference on Monday 29 April).

A Holy and safe Easter to you all,

Mr Stephen M Walsh

Key Dates

Thursday 11 AprilLast Day for students
Friday 12 AprilStaff Spirituality Day
Monday 29 AprilStaff Professional Learning Conference
Tuesday 30 AprilStudents return


Academic Research informs us that when students understand and apply feedback it is a top influencer on their achievement. To this end the HSIE Faculty is continuing to develop how we provide feedback to students in support of their learning. It is our intention that students learn to understand that assessment is not a reflection of finite achievement but rather a tool to support ongoing development.

Furthermore we are not only providing feedback but also asking for feedback, modeling to our students the importance feedback serves to all on the learning journey. In our holistic approach to assessment we want our students to be a voice in the learning process, helping to reflect on teaching, resources and programs so we as educators can utilise their feedback to more effectively support their learning.

In formalising the feedback process we see four key elements as significant in supporting ongoing achievement in learning:

1.       Student Reflection of Task

2.       Teacher annotation of Assessment ‘A Grade’ Examples

3.       Personalised feedback on Assessment Task

4.       One-on-one reflection with teacher on their learning  

These elements aim to provide an understanding to both the student and teacher on how best to continue to support and facilitate learning.


Why Student Reflection of Task?

The Student Reflection of Task is the beginning step within the post-assessment feedback process as it offers an opportunity for the teacher to gain an understanding on how the student approached the learning task and their thoughts on how the assessment aligned to their learning development. Below are some of the key areas this reflection covers and some of the recent student reflections within our Year 9 courses of Commerce and Geography.

Efforts relationship to achievement

The first element of Student Reflection is for the student to identify the effort they placed on the task. Often students underestimate (or do not realise) the effort required to achieve A and B range results. Therefore, not exploiting the weeks leading up to the assessment to ask questions of their teacher, draft, complete, review and edit their work. This question allows students to examine their effort in retrospect. When the student's effort is at the same level of result (statistically what occurs) there is an opportunity for the student to see that more effort, being time to utilise quality resources, craft their response/s and review their work will support their achievement. The information offered in this question is essential for teachers as:

  • students who are not achieving with high effort may require support in their approach to independent learning tasks; or 
  • students who are not placing importance on the task may indicate a disconnection to the subject or a time management issue.  

This survey question provides a reflection by the student on their effort and, as you can see by Image 1, the students are able to offer clear insight for their teacher.

Image 1: Student Survey Results for Year 9 Commerce Task 1 2019

Student View on Assessment for and is Learning

Within the reflection, we also ask for students to support our ongoing learning as a Faculty in ensuring we provide quality assessment tasks. We do this through asking the students a range of questions around if the task provided opportunities for the student to advance their knowledge and refine their skills. This information will be used to improve tasks for both our current students and our future students.

Image 2 and 3, demonstrate how our current Year 9 Geography students felt about their recent Sustainable Biomes Task.

Image 2: Student Survey Results for Year 9 Geography Task 1 2019


Image 3: Student Survey Results for Year Geograph Task 1 2019

Employing Feedback to build a learning community

As we continue to develop our assessment feedback practices we are aiming to create a bank of resources for each course through our learning platform Canvas, Image 4 provides an example of how this looks on Canvas. These resources will provide opportunities for students to:

  • practise past assessments;
  • read through past ‘A Grade Examples’ to model writing style;
  • reflect on previous teacher feedback on the task to see what the markers were looking for; and
  • provide access to the student reflections to learn from where the last cohort found the task to be challenging.

Image 4: the Assessment Page on Year 9 Commerce Canvas



Through the formulation of assessment feedback, it is the HSIE Faculty's intention that all students have better access to skills for effective assessment practices.


Ms Gillian Carpenter
Leader of Learning, HSIE                          

College Musical, 6-8 June 2019

Wizard of Oz comes to OLMC!

The countdown begins as the school continues to prepare for our College Musical! We have collaborated as a school community to produce our own adaptation of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ The journey down the yellow brick road has explored the hard work of both the students and staff and exemplifies their dedication towards the production. Virtue has been the essence of their actions during the various rehearsals and practices that have taken place over the past few months. The overall commitment will continue to flow over the holiday break as the entire cast continues to finesse the final product! The excitement of the Wizard of OZ will be brought to life through characterisation and the use of costumes and props. These elements demonstrate how attention to detail allows the performers, through their performance, to reach their entertainment potential.

With the assistance of the OLMC Mercy community, the Year 11 Hospitality students together with the Year 11 Business Services students, have worked closely with the Musical cast in preparation for Show Night. Assisted by Year 9 students, the Hospitality students will be “cooking up a storm” in the kitchen into the lead up to the Musical. Business Services students have been working effectively to promote the Musical, incorporating the use of advertisements and media around the school. The Musical Production has truly allowed the girls involved to demonstrate the value of ‘service’. Counting down the weeks to Opening Night, we encourage you to invite both family and friends to this evening of laughter and entertainment. Stay tuned for where and when to buy your tickets!

Written by the Year 11 Dance students 



Public Speaking

Parramatta Rotary Competition

On Monday evening this week, Virginia Hechme of Year 9 participated in the Parramatta Rotary Clift Public Speaking competition. The topic for all students who took part was “Social media creates warped views of reality”. Virginia’s approach was that it is no different to fairy tales which create an imaginary world for us. In her first attempt at public speaking at OLMC, Virginia showed both effort and ability in her preparation. An impromptu speech was also required in response to the statement, “Intelligence is not enough”. While she did not get the judge’s nod, Virginia spoke very well and was a credit to the College and to herself.


World Titles

As this report is being published, Jessica D’Souza of Year 11 is on a plane heading towards Toronto, Canada, to compete in the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Competition as part of the Australian contingent. The details of this event have been described in a previous newsletter but it is important to mention that Jess could not have had such good preparation without the support of senior debaters at the College. In the latest practice debate, Lisa Khouri, Gabrielle Mizzi and Priyanka Sangar put in time and effort to help Jess in preparation. Thank you to those girls.

It has been a long road preparing for this event for the last three months but Jess is definitely ready to compete against more than 120 outstanding speakers from sixteen different countries. We wish her the best of luck.



Mr Christopher Ostrowski
Public Speaking Co-ordinator


The Australian Government’s Department of Jobs and Small Business has projected that the following sectors will have the largest employment increases over the next five to ten years:


  • Health Care and Social Assistance – increasing by 15%
  • Education and Training – increasing by 11%
  • Construction – increasing by 10%
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services – increasing by 10%


It is expected that almost 2 in every 3 new jobs created will come from these four industries.


Read more at Job Outlook


Focussing on health care, the My Health Career website provides a wide range of valuable information. Watch the videos to learn more about the roles of a variety of specialists in this industry who give their candid insights into why they enjoy their careers.



Show more



OLMC Sport is now on Twitter, so join in the conversation @OLMCsport



Australian Athletics Championships

The Australian Athletics Championships were held last week at SOPAC. Congratulations to Lucie Francis who finished 13th in the U15 years 3km, running up an age group. Summer Giddings also competed at the Championships and finished off her season in spectacular form finishing 2nd in the combined U20 Para 400m, setting a new T35 Australian Record, winning the U20 Para 800m as well as the U20 Para Long Jump and the Open Para Long Jump! Another awesome achievement Summer, well done!




OLMC competed at the PDSSSC Swimming Championships on 29 March at SOPAC. The OLMC Swim team consisted of Emily Shumack, Mia Cleary, Mikayla Saleh, Olivia Nesci, Amelia Harvie, Chanel Azar, Kiana Napernikova, Maryanne Hamama, Riley McIntosh, Kyah Day, Olivia Towle, Charlotte Carter, Justine Kim and Alexandra Younes. The girls all performed exceptionally well, with OLMC finishing 2nd in the Girls schools.


Congratulations to Mia, Amelia, Maryanne, Riley, Kyah and Olivia who all went on to represent OLMC and the PDSSSC at the NSWCCC Swimming Championships held on April 5. Well done girls!


A big thank you to Mrs McIntosh for all her help with the team.





The PDSSSC Soccer Championships were held on Wednesday April 3 at Jamison Park, Penrith. OLMC was represented by Alannah Galan, Pene Bonovas, Trinity Tecala, Madeline Soyer, Annabelle Ruskin, Annie Gittany, Charli Golds, Marinelle Juan, Charlotte Duff, Jasmin Kennett, Abbey McDonell, Rachelle Juan, Kayla Allan, Jorja McMahon and Tayla Milicevic. The girls played some great football with excellent team work. Their first game was exceptional, defeating St Marks 6 - 1. They then had a very tough battle against Catherine McAuley, which ended in a Draw, then another tough battle, going down 1 nil to Gilroy. Unfortunately, the girls narrowly missed out on the Semi-finals, but should all be proud of their efforts.


Congratulations must go to Pene Bonovas and Alannah Galan who were both selected again in the PDSSSC Open Football Team. Well done girls!


A big thank you to Ms Herd for all her help with the team.



Saturday Netball

Netball uniforms for Teams 6, 8, 9 and 10 have arrived. The Uniform Shop is open this Friday (8.00-9.30am) for collection.


Well done to all the girls on their first game for the season. You can view the draw and results here -


We play Round 2 this Saturday then we have a 2-week break. Round 3 will be played Saturday 4 May.


There will be no training in the holidays!


Are you a member of Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, or would like to become a member, then please also ask to add your name to their ERNA Netball Register.


Mr Stuart Guthrie


Sports Co-ordinator

Mercy Music & Performance Academy Tutor Spotlight


Bella grew up in Sydney’s Inner West, attended a local high school where she excelled in creative subjects. This developed a passion for learning in the Arts!

Following her HSC, Bella went to Hillsong International Leadership College and completed studies in Ministry with a focus on Voice and vocal technique.

Her career in the music industry has included a broad range of application, from studio work, singing at her local church to singing for large Christian Conferences, Christmas productions and weddings. Bella has been teaching voice for the last 6 years in a broad range of styles including contemporary, jazz and musical theatre.

Bella is very involved in her local church community and Youth ministry. She is passionate about teenage and young adults learning and developing and maturing their passion and skills for singing.

“Encouragement and Kindness are my biggest values and partnering that with my love for teaching I am so excited to be working with the students at OLMC this year”


Interested in Instrumental / Vocal Lessons?


Mr Paul Witney
Director of Musical Performance

Uniform Shop

4-6 Ross Street (corner of Trott Street)
Ph  8838 1275
Trading times  Monday and Friday (school days) 8.00am - 9.30am

Uniforms can be ordered via email or by phoning the Uniform Shop.

Winter Uniforms


The Uniform Shop will be open on the following days:

Saturday 13 April8.30am - 4.00pm
Saturday 27 April8.30am - 4.00pm

For the above opening hours, an Appointment is required. Please note, if you do not have an appointment, we will not be able to assist you as it disrupts our schedule.

Sale on Old Winter Uniforms

Limited stock of the old winter uniforms are available for sale at half price! Please email the Uniform Shop prior to coming to confirm availability of the sizes required.

Women in Leadership Forum


Mercy Tree

Mercy Music & Performance Academy

Stations of the Cross Liturgy

Yesterday, the College came together to reflect on the life and suffering of Jesus through song, drama and stillness. Guided by Mrs Scanlon, Ms Wilson and Ms Koustoukas, students followed the journey of Jesus’ final hours.

Term 2 - Winter Uniform

Your daughter may wear either her full Summer Uniform or her full Winter Uniform in Week 1 of Term 2. No combinations of the two uniforms are allowed.

Your daughter will be expected to wear her Winter Uniform from Week 2, Monday 6 May.

I would ask for your assistance in ensuring that your daughter’s Winter Uniform complies with the College Dress Code. In particular, the tunic or senior skirt is to be worn at the correct length (at least 2 cm below the bottom of the knee cap).

The College Blazer is to be worn as the outer garment to and from school in Terms 2 and 3. The jumper/cardigan is not to be worn to or from school unless under the blazer.

Please also note that blazers are to be worn to House Assemblies and College Assemblies in Terms 2 and 3.

Full length pantyhose are to be worn with the winter uniform.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that your daughter wears the correct uniform. When I speak to the girls about uniform, I emphasise the respect factor. When the girls wear the uniform with pride, they show respect for themselves and for the College. I appreciate the financial commitment you, as parents, make to purchasing all items of the uniform. It is for this reason that I ask that all items of the uniform are labelled with the student’s name so lost property can be returned to your daughter.

For details on additional opening hours for purchasing the winter uniform, see the Uniform Shop section below.


Mrs Anne-Maree Donnelly
Director of Pastoral Care


College Counsellors

Students with good mental health and wellbeing are better prepared to cope with the everyday demands of school life such as attending class, forming and maintaining supportive peer relationships, completing assignments and achieving academic success.


Black Dog Institute’s BITE BACK is Australia’s first free, self-guided online positive psychology program aimed at improving the overall wellbeing and resilience of young Australians. The program is appropriate for young people aged 12-18 years old, with evidence showing that as little as 30 minutes spent using the program per week, over a six week period can decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety and increase wellbeing. Click here for further details about this exciting online resource.


Mrs Sandra Portela
Senior School Counsellor

Palm Sunday March for Justice and Refugees

The Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA) following link from provides information on the NCCA (National Council of Churches Australia) Palm Sunday Marches for justice and refugees that are taking place across various cities across Australia. Click here for more information.

Jesuit Refugee Service - Foodbank Drive

Many thanks to students, staff and families who contributed the items for the Jesuit Refugee Service Foodbank Drive during Lent. The drive will continue in Terms 1 and 2.


Year 11 Retreat

Many thanks to the spirit and enthusiasm Year 11 students offered during their annual Retreat at Kiah Ridge Tahmoor and The Hermitage, Mittagong last week. Many thanks to Mrs Scanlon, Ms Sunner, Mrs McManus and the teachers who co-ordinated and attended the Retreat. Students reflected on their relationships with their families, friends and God in beautiful countryside settings. Students shared in small groups, guided by teachers, their perspectives on how they can become aware and active in understanding Gospel and Mercy values, as they prepare for their final stages in their learning and leadership journey at OLMC.


Mrs Claire Thomas
Director of Mission

River City Voices

Helping Learner Drivers

Year 7 Camp 1998