Lucie Farrugia, Principal

Term 3 is almost halfway through, and students and staff are embracing the energy and excitement of this busy time of year.

Yesterday, our community celebrated the Feast of the Assumption. The Assumption of Mary into heaven, body and soul, serves as a beautiful reminder of her unique role in our faith and the impact she continues to have on our journey.

Mary, often referred to as the ‘Gentle Mother,’ exemplifies qualities of kindness, humility and compassion. Her gentleness signifies the immense strength that lies within a person who embraces life's challenges with grace and fortitude.

Just as Mary's gentle spirit embraced all humanity, regardless of background or status, so too must our students extend our hands and hearts to those in need, fostering a community that stands as a beacon of compassion. Let us remember that our actions, no matter how small, can have a profound impact on others.

May the spirit of Mary guide us on our journey, reminding us that through gentleness, we can touch hearts and bring about positive change in our lives and the world.

Sisters of Mercy Chapter Statement

Recently, the Sisters of Mercy convened their Congregation Chapter that takes place every few years. During each Chapter gathering, a Chapter Statement is crafted. This statement articulates the Sisters commitment to live out the Mercy charism while remaining attuned to the trials of the contemporary world and the evolving landscape of the church. I wanted to share this Chapter Statement with the OLMC community and I invite you to embrace its intentions and actions.

HSC Trials and Year 11 Preliminary Exams

Well done to our Year 12 girls on the completion of their HSC Trial Examinations. As they navigate the next crucial phase of their learning, let us offer our unwavering support and encouragement. We believe in their abilities and look forward to celebrating their achievements at their Graduation events at the end of this term.

Let us not forget the importance of our Year 11 students, who begin their Preliminary Examinations in the next few weeks. Their journey towards the HSC has begun, and we stand by them as they strive for excellence in their studies and personal growth.

2023 Art and Design Showcase

Amidst the bustling schedule, we are delighted to showcase the talents and achievements of our students. The 2023 Art and Design Showcase being held tomorrow evening, Thursday, 17 August, will unveil the creativity and innovation of our aspiring artists. I warmly welcome parents and friends to this event in the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre.


The talent and creativity of our girls was on showcase at the CreateWEST exhibition held at the PHIVE building in Parramatta Square last week. OLMC co-hosted the event with other schools, TAFE NSW, Western Sydney University and Parramatta Artists’ Studios to celebrate creativity and the arts in Western Sydney. I would like to congratulate Matthew Esterman, our Director of Innovation and Partnerships who worked closely with our OLMC Art Department, PHIVE and schools including Arthur Phillip High School, Catherine McAuley Westmead and Arden Anglican School.

New Northern Wing of Brigid Shelly Building

I am very excited to provide you with an exciting update on the progress of the new Northern wing of the Brigid Shelly Building. As we draw closer to the finish line, I am pleased to report that the project is on track to be completed by the end of Term 3, with a date for ‘occupancy’ to follow.

The new Northern wing represents a commitment to providing enhanced spaces for learning, growth and community engagement. It's a testament to our dedication to providing the best possible educational environment for our students.

I eagerly look forward to the upcoming official opening, where we will come together as a community to celebrate this milestone. Stay tuned for more details regarding the event and ways you can be part of this joyous occasion.

Let us continue to approach this busy term with enthusiasm, embracing the opportunities for growth, connection and celebration.

And best of luck to the Matildas!

Mary, Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Lucie Farrugia
College Principal




Upcoming Events at OLMC
Thurs, 17 AugArt & Design Showcase
Fri, 18 Aug        Co-curricular Photo Day
Thurs, 24 AugAllied Health Careers Breakfast
Fri, 25 AugPupil Free Day
Fri, 1 SepFather Daughter Mass
Fri, 15 SepMercy Day
Fri, 22 SepYear 12 Graduation events
Fri, 22 SepYear 7-11 Learn from Home Day
Fri, 22 SepTerm 3 concludes


Anthony Blomfield, Deputy Principal

I really can’t escape OLMC alumnae (and who would want to?). They attend the College to give presentations to the girls, apply for jobs at the College to teach the girls and volunteer for all manner of activities at the College. Despite no longer attending, our alumnae remain tied to and contribute to the culture of OLMC.

Two weeks ago, I met the mother of a student who graduated in 2022. She was thrilled and grateful that her daughter had attended OLMC and the opportunities and experiences that were made available to her. She was, however, greatly disappointed… disappointed because she was no longer part of the parent community of OLMC. Isn’t that a disappointment to cherish!

Of course, our current students are the heartbeat of the College. There are so many examples from which I could choose, but the Karaoke singalong in the playground at lunchtime is one of those classic examples … and this isn’t an atypical event! These pop-up, exuberant and inclusive mini-events that run at both recesses and lunchtimes, as well as out of hours, all contribute to a culture of belonging and joy. Furthermore, a few weeks ago, I attended the 2024 Student Leaders’ Day, where the new Leadership Team were introduced to the practice of leadership and worked on the 2024 College theme. At the time of writing this, I can’t share that theme with you, but I assure you our College is in great hands.

The modelling of our Mercy values by staff also provides the bedrock on which the culture of the College is built – teaching, planning, marking, providing feedback and providing wellbeing support for students on a day-by-day basis. Around this, our staff provides extracurricular opportunities for the girls to learn skills beyond the classroom. They can learn to successfully debate, fly a drone, advocate for the environment, feed the homeless … and the list goes on. Our staff have high expectations of our students and provide them with gentle yet honest feedback.

Dr Adam Fraser recently wrote about the ‘ripple effect’ in organisations. His premise is that whatever happens in an organisation, how wins or losses are acknowledged, and most importantly, how people are treated, creates a ripple through the organisation. He writes, ‘the way to create a great culture is having leaders and team members working together to build an environment that no one will want to leave’. It seems to me that a culture has been established by our current and past students, parents, teachers and the Mercy Sisters - one that nobody wants to depart from!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a past student that demonstrates the culture of OLMC. 

Hi Anthony,

I’ve just read about your appointment at my old alma mater. Congratulations and all the best. I attended OLMC in 1962–63, where I attained my Leaving Certificate and a scholarship to the then Sydney Teachers College.

Best wishes.

Here was an email from someone who graduated 60 years ago and who is still strongly connected to OLMC. She was one of my school teachers who left a positive imprint on my school days (and what a thrill to hear from her!). Who knew that when I was 14 and 15 years of age, I was being imbued with the Mercy values. Whether it’s 1963 or 2023, the culture of OLMC remains strong.

What a ripple!

Venerable Catherine McAuley, Pray for us.

Anthony Blomfield
Deputy Principal

Feast of the Assumption

Gabrielle Scanlon, Director of Identity

On 15 August, we celebrated the feast of the Assumption with prayers and the rosary in the Chapel. This was a lovely time to join as a Community and remember the importance of the role of Mary in our Catholic faith.

The feast of the Assumption is the day that we celebrate Mary’s ascendtion to heaven, body and soul.

I was reminded when reading a reflection by Fr Richard Leonard, a Jesuit Priest on this day:

The New Testament does not demonstrate a meek woman, devoid of creativity and initiative. It shows a strong, noble woman who put her free will at the disposal of God’s will. That is what the feast of the Assumption celebrates: that because God will never be outdone in fidelity and generosity, he remained utterly faithful to Mary through death, as she was utterly faithful to him in life.

Busking in the Mall

Today, the orchestra and choir walked down to Parramatta Square to participate in the annual Busking in the Mall program, which sees local schools busking to raise money for Vinnies. 

You are able to support the great works of Vinnies by using the QR code below.

Read more details here:


Donations can be made online by any member of the school community and the general public. 

Money raised will go towards the Vinnies Winter Appeal in Parramatta Diocese.







Bayanami Visits

Year 9 have continued their Mercy Engaged volunteering with the Primary School and we are finding that all students involved, our Year 9 girls and the primary school children, are loving the experience.

'We engaged in multiple activities with the students, ranging from sporting activities to assisting with their literacy learning in class. I found this experience very fun and engaging as I was able to use my social skills to interact with younger kids in the most comfortable and open way.' Ashlyn Kumar (Year 9)



Beanies for Brain Cancer

On 24 August, we will be selling beanies to raise money for brain cancer research. These will be sold by Mercy Action reps before school and at lunchtime. There are many styles, colours and sizes. Beanies cost $20 and we will be accepting cash and card payments.


Father Daughter Mass

We welcome all Fathers, Grandfathers and other significant male role models to our Father Daughter Mass, followed by breakfast provided by the P&F.

Date: Friday, 1 September 2023

Time: 7.30am

Venue: College Chapel

Please RSVP by Monday, 28 August by clicking here.

HELP NEEDED  If any OLMC Mums are available to help with the breakfast, please CLICK HERE to register.



Mercy Day - 15 September 2023

As we gear up for an exciting Mercy Day, we are asking for your assistance with two engaging attractions: the Raffle and Chocolate Wheel. All proceeds from these activities are going to Mercy Works

How can you help?


A generous donation from your business of a product or service in the form of an item or gift card. Your support will be acknowledged through event promotions and materials, giving your business valuable exposure.

So far, we would like to thank:

  • Castle Hills RSL - 12-month gym membership (valued at $1350)
  • Joker Kicks - $300 voucher to spend online
  • Esmio Australia - $250 voucher to spend online
  • Raging Waters - 2 x single day passes (valued at $110)
  • Messina - $30 voucher to spend instore

If you are interested in supporting our Raffle, please contact Susan Giacomelli


This crowd favourite needs donations of smaller prizes (make-up, hair products, soft toys, boxes of chocolates). Gifts should cost no more than $15. Your donation will be recognised during the event, showing your commitment to our community.

If you are interested in supporting our Chocolate Wheel, please drop your item with your name in the Chocolate Wheel Bucket at the Student Centre.

Thank you for considering this request. Your support of this event is much appreciated by the staff in making this a special event for our girls.

Living Stories Western Sydney Writing Prize

Congratulations to the 12 girls who achieved success in the recent Living Stories Western Sydney Writing Prize 2023. Students had to write a story or poem inspired by the theme The Other City. As WestWords notes, ‘The other city could be this one, or another. It could be a city of your imagination, the one you have left or the one you are going to. It could be the city you haven’t seen till now.’

Girls responded to this prompt in many ways, showcasing their imagination and flair. Results are as follows:

  • Highly Commended for Blacktown – Isabelle Boshell
  • Highly Commended for Blacktown – Reema Santos
  • Highly Commended for Cumberland – Radha Lukka
  • Highly Commended for Cumberland – A’isha Ali
  • Highly Commended for Cumberland – Deeya Vashi
  • Highly Commended for Fairfield – Valentina Giglio
  • Highly Commended for The Hills – Jennifer Wang
  • Highly Commended for Parramatta – Rhea Bindroo
  • Winner for Cumberland – Chantelle Garingo
  • Winner for the Hills – Katherine Baker
  • Winner for Parramatta (13-15) – Maria Casha
  • Winner for Parramatta (16-18) – Olivia Moy
  • Winner for Blacktown (10-12) – Hiya Mahida

Below, is an excerpt from the opening of Maria Casha’s story titled, The Selfish City.

The other city is hidden by walls of shame. Safe from the burning gaze of the sun and the tears of the sky. No kind words can be found in the other city; you may search all the pieces of literature, talk to all kinds of people but only scornful words of disgust and loathing will you find. The tears of the sky fall onto vines, that grow on the walls until they climb over. The vines are the only ones smart enough to enter. The walls never fall; they stand tall for centuries just like the barriers in the minds of the people who talk till their dying day about the treason of the other city.

The other city is filled with streets lined with lanterns, fuelled by panels that sunbathe in the heat, sustaining the other city. The rough concrete of the sidewalk is always cool underfoot, shaded by the leaf-covered hands of the trees that reach up to the light. The other city works with nature. Nothing is ever out of balance; nothing is ever the way it was before; before The Separation…

The judges commented The Selfish City paints a fantastical and distant world. A world not as far away as we think, and asks us: what happens when the signs of climate change are ignored? This was fantastic and could easily be stretched out into a longer fantasy novel.

Girls wanting to read the rest of Maria’s story and the other winning entries can borrow the anthology, The Other City, from the College Library.



Year 12 Dance HSC

The Year 12 Dance students completed their practical HSC exams on Monday, 7 August.

Each student presented their solo performances and composition projects which have been developed as part of their coursework.

As per the HSC Dance requirements, each student must work closely with a younger dancer who performs the composition project. Thank you to Zara Lewis (Year 9), Jessica Spratt (Year 9), Adrianne Sultana (Year 10) and Madison Gill (Year 10) for generously volunteering their time to assist the Year 12 Dance students.


Congratulations to our Year 12 Dancers!

CreateWEST 2023

OLMC coordinated the very first CreateWEST event, held in the PHIVE building (5 Parramatta Square) on Saturday, 5 August. Our aim was to celebrate and highlight the incredible creative talent in Western Sydney, specifically the talents of our young people. OLMC partnered with Arthur Phillip High School, Catherine McAuley Westmead, Arndell Anglican School, Western Sydney University and TAFE NSW to showcase a range of art and design works completed by current students or recent graduates.

After a moving Welcome to Country by Shane Laws from the Merana Aboriginal Community Association, we heard from the Lord Mayor of Parramatta, Mr Sameer Pandey, about the critical need to support the arts in Western Sydney and how education can be a life-changing opportunity for many people in our area. We also heard from Wendy Pham, a photographer from WSU, and OLMC alumnus, Anastacia Wanandy (Class of 2022), on how art enriches their lives.

Hundreds of visitors came through to see the works on display, speak with the exhibitors and take part in the workshops run by Parramatta Artists’ Studios. We were so pleased to see very young visitors come through with their parents, commenting on how they want to be creative like the students whose work was on display. This bodes well for the future of the creative arts in Western Sydney!

I would like to thank Ms Annette Chippindale and Mrs Rebecca Webb for their outstanding support of this event, well above and beyond the already strong commitment they show to our students and community on a daily basis.

Matthew Esterman
Director of Innovation and Partnerships



Book Week

Next week we will be celebrating Book Week as a community, with lots of exciting activities and competitions throughout the week, all centred on this year’s Book Week theme: Read, Grow, Inspire.


The highlight of the week will be our Character Costume Day on Thursday, 24 August, with students and staff invited to dress up in costumes that reflect this theme. Students may also choose to come to school in suitable mufti clothes.

The expectations for this day are outlined below:

To and From School: School uniform or College approved suitable mufti/costumes (see guidelines below)

Cost: $2 will be collected in Homeroom. Money will be collected and placed into a Ziplock bag by Homeroom Mentors. Mrs Scanlon will be in Francis Kearney playground with the tap-and-go machine. All proceeds will be donated to Mercy Works.

Dressing Up: If the costume involves elaborate accessories that may not be suitable to wear when travelling, students can add these extra costume features once at school, and then remove them before going home.

Students should consider the environment (and their wallets) when deciding on a costume. Home-made outfits and accessories can be just as much fun!

Photographs will be taken during recess and lunch and there will be a parade and judging of ‘best costume’ in each year level during lunch in the AMCC. Otherwise, it is a normal school day with regular timetabled classes. 


Support Book Week and Mercy WorksExcessive makeupUpon arrival at school, or during the day, please get dressed in your costume
Donate $2 or more to Mercy WorksExcessive jewelleryYou may wear makup, costume jewellery or a specific character costume
Bring your usual school items such as your PE uniform if you have PEYour hair out 
Wear appropriate casual clothing, enclosed shoes, correct jewellery and have your hair tied back neatlyOffensive slogans or ripped clothes 
 Low cut, singlet or midriff tops 

Sponsor a Shelf

The Library recently started a Sponsor a Shelf initiative where students plan and set up a pop-up display, based on a favourite book, series, genre or author. Thank you to Year 10 student Tara Quinn who last week organised our very first student-led display to showcase one of Tara’s favourite reading genres... High Fantasy. This is a great way to promote reading and showcase the library’s extensive and diverse fiction collection. We’re looking forward to more pop-up displays from our student volunteers.

Write a Book in a Day Competition

Last Friday, two Year 7 and two Year 10 teams took part in the Write a Book in a Day competition. Each team worked in the library from 8.00am to 5.30pm to plan, write, edit, illustrate and publish a book, all in one day!

Write a Book in a Day is an amazing national competition that raises much-needed support for the Kids’ Cancer Project. So not only did Friday’s challenge help our students develop collaboration, creativity and time management skills, but it also gave them the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of kids with cancer.

The books that were created by students on Friday are now eligible for judging, with state and national winners announced later in the year. The books will also be printed and added to our library collection for all students to enjoy. Year 8 and Year 9 teams will have their opportunity to take part in Write a Book in a Day later in the term (8 September).

Congratulations to the students who competed on Friday and thank you to the amazing Library staff who provide this wonderful opportunity each year.




MASSH is our afterschool students’ study, homework and assessment support. We offer general study support and subject-specific support every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Subject-specific support is available on the days below:

  • Monday – Technology, Religious Studies and all junior subject support
  • Tuesday – Mathematics and English
  • Wednesday and Thursday – Science and Mathematics
  • English support is available upon request for Wednesdays.

If you would like small group or individual academic support please contact Mrs Rugg, with the following details:

  • Name and Year group
  • Subject the student would like to work on with a MASSH Supervisor
  • Preferred afternoons.


In the past two weeks, we have had ACU and Notre Dame present to students during lunchtime. The sessions have been informative and insightful showcasing what each university offers. UTS and USYD will be visiting in the next few weeks providing students with the opportunity to ask questions they may have about courses and university life. 

What's on in the next few weeks?

WSU | Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information Evening

15-16 August 2023

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Future Students Information Evenings at Western Sydney University is an opportunity to hear about what programs are on offer and how WSU can help you during your studies. Learn about the different pathways to study, the support services available, scholarships on offer and life on campus.


Find out more

Show more

As we have now settled into Term 3, this week provides an opportunity for reflection on Semester 1.

Our Year 7–10 students have received their Semester 1 Report and have also received feedback from the recent Parent Teacher Interviews. Dr Prue Salter has put together her Top 10 Tips for parents to manage and communicate expectations about schoolwork and results.

Over the last few weeks, the Heads of House have been speaking to the girls in their House about their attendance. For the most part, these conversations have been positive and affirming. I would, however, like to share some information about the impact of being late to school or class can have.


We understand that being late to school can be the result of a number of factors and as a College we will always work with our parents and carers to support those students and families where punctuality is an issue.

Wellbeing has also had a number of events in the first few weeks of the term. The first of these was the Year 8 Camp which took place from 20-21 July at the Collaroy Centre. The girls took part in a number of activities which had them climbing walls and running around the venue collecting points in a race against the clock! It provided opportunities for students to bond with their peers, learn new skills, engage in outdoor activities and develop a sense of independence and teamwork. Thanks must go to Ms Sharlyn Teo and the Year 8 Staff who supported the girls, ensuring a good time was had by all.


The Leadership Camp took place on Friday, 21  July and Saturday, 22 July at St Joseph's Baulkham Hills. With the assistance of YLead (an organisation that aims to develop young leaders), Mrs Christine Roumanus and Mrs Laura Bell we took the girls through a variety of activities designed to help them find their identity as a group, learn how to work together and develop their vision for the College Community for the next 12 months. We were joined on Friday evening by Ms Lucie Farrugia who gave her insights in leading in a Mercy School.

On Saturday, the girls were joined by members of the College Leadership Team, Mr Anthony Blomfield, Mrs Gabby Scanlon and Mrs Louise Millar who provided their wisdom and enthusiasm in assisting the individual portfolios plan their exciting activities for 2023/24.

We now wait with excitement until Week 6, when the leaders will publicly launch their vision for the next year.

This Friday, 19 August, we will be holding the Co-curricular Sports Photos. A schedule has been sent to all students via email. To all students involved, please remember to bring your required sports uniform. Photographs will be available to purchase online. More information will be sent after the day. 

As always, if you have any concerns about your daughter please don’t hesitate to contact your daughter’s Homeroom Mentor, Head of House, College Counsellor or me for support as we continue to work in partnership with you and your daughter this term.

Ann-Marie Herd
Director of Student Wellbeing




Debating and Public Speaking


Two weeks ago, two of our teams competed in the semi-finals of CSDA Interschool Debating at St Mary’s Cathedral College in Sydney. To reach this level, teams had to win a minimum of seven out of eight debates in preliminary rounds, an achievement in itself. While both teams lost their semi-finals just one step short of being grand finalists, we are truly proud of their achievements, as we are of all our teams in that competition.

Well done to 9B (A’ishah Ali, Lizzy Butler, Pia Goradia, Bianca Mina and Matilda Webb, coached by Lily Tambrchi) as well as 10B (Gabby Fleming, Stephanie Gabriel, Charlotte Lee, Siona Trivedi and Jennifer Wang, coached by Riley Rodewald).


2023 has been an exceptionally successful year, with our teams winning two-thirds of their debates as well as six of twelve teams reaching the finals rounds. This will be a record hard to beat so congratulations to all involved.

Intraschool Debating

This year’s Intraschool Debating is well and truly underway, with eleven of thirty-four debates already completed. The competition to reach the semi-finals has been certainly intense. The effort put in by all teams has seen debates of the highest quality, with very positive comments from the many volunteer adjudicators. Well done to all our girls.

Legacy Public Speaking


At the end of last month, two of our exceptional speakers, Amariah Tamaro of Year 8 and Matilda Webb of Year 9, participated in an early round of Legacy Public Speaking, an event that has traditionally been of the highest quality. This year has been no exception. Both Amariah and Matilda were excellent in the prepared and impromptu elements of the event. Only the top three of twelve speakers progress to the Regional Final and it is with pride we announce that Matilda was one of those selected. Amariah must have been in the judges’ deliberations but was unsuccessful on this occasion. Congratulations to both girls and good luck to Matilda in next Wednesday’s competition.

Australian Titles Training 

On Saturday of next week, eight outstanding students will be involved in training for the Australian Debating and Public Speaking Titles in Melbourne to be held from 19- 21 September. Girls participating in this event are selected not just for their talent, but also because of their reliability as ambassadors of the College. The Senior team consists of Gabby Fleming, Sierra Lake and Siona Trivedi of Year 10 and Sharanya Kugan of Year 11, while the Junior team comprises Emily Johnson, Haynin Lai, Kavya Samtani and Matilda Webb, all of Year 9. The Australian Titles take place over three challenging days with Senior students having the extra incentive of being selected for the Australian team to compete in the World Titles in 2024. A special thank you to DAPS Leaders Neha Sharma and Deeya Vashi as well as Tijana Pavlovic of Year 12 and Ms Carolyn Matthews who are giving up their Saturday to help train the girls.

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator




Congratulations to Rihanna Ella Bautista who recently competed in two events for Brazilian Jiujitsu. Ella competes in Yellow Belt and won her 14-year division at the Grappling Industries event in Sydney. She then went on to win the AFBJJ NSW State Championships title. Well done Ella!

Blind Tennis

Congratulations to ex-student Summer Giddings who is representing Australia again, not in her usual athletics, but in Blind Tennis. Summer will be competing at the 2023 International Blind Sports Federation World Games in Birmingham in late August. We wish her all the best of luck.



Saturday Netball

The final games will be played in Round 14 this Saturday, 19 August. Teams finishing in the top 4 of each grade will then play Finals on 26 August. The winning teams then play Semi-Finals on 2 September and the Grand Final on 9 September. Best of luck.

You can continue to check the Netball fixtures, results and ladders here -

Saturday Basketball & Volleyball

Individual registration forms and team lists are due in this Friday. All forms have been emailed to students. The competition runs in Term 4 at Santa Sabina College. Games are held between 8am-12pm but exact times won't be confirmed until Week 1 Term 4.

Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator





Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop will be open Monday to Thursday, from 8.00am – 9.30am and Monday - Wednesday from 3.00pm – 4.00pm (school days only).  

Online purchases can be made via the Online Uniform Shop and all orders will be delivered to the Student Centre for collection by students.  

Scarves and Hair Ribbons 

Scarves and hair ribbons have arrived and are available for purchase either online or at the Uniform Shop. 

Previous stock for Sale

Sharp Calculators - The Uniform Shop has a small batch of the previous Sharp calculators for sale at a discounted rate of $10.00 – available while stocks last!

Black tights - In size Medium, $2


Just a reminder that all online orders are taken to the Student Centre for students to collect. 

If you have any concerns regarding uniform items, please don't hesitate to contact the Uniform Shop on 8838 1275 or