Lucie Farrugia, Principal

As we come to end of Term 2 bringing us halfway through the Academic Year, I’ve reflected on the unwavering dedication we see every day from our students and their teachers to make OLMC the unique and joy-filled learning environment that it is.


Chilly mornings and evenings, bring a crispness in the air and a sense of anticipation for the approaching holiday break. Cold winter days also remind us of the need for warmth and compassion. Our Mercy tradition reminds us of the importance of extending kindness and understanding to one another. It is during these cold days that the values instilled in us by Catherine McAuley urge us to embrace the true essence of Mercy.

During this term, I have witnessed countless acts of Mercy throughout the College. Students reaching out to lend a helping hand and teachers going above and beyond to support their students' academic and emotional needs. The generosity of our community in many charitable ways, such as donations of money and goods to assist those in need is exhibited each time we organise a campaign such as the recent JRS Foodbank Appeal, or the EcoOLMC Thrift Shop. These acts of Mercy bring warmth to these cold days and reaffirm the bond we share with all humanity.

As we prepare for a well-deserved break, let us remember that Mercy knows no boundaries. It extends beyond the walls of our College and into the world around us. Whether it is showing compassion to those in need, or simply offering a kind word to brighten someone's day, let Mercy guide our actions.

May this break be a time of rest, rejuvenation and happy days, allowing us to return in Term 3 with renewed spirits.

Leaders Induction Assembly

We are thrilled to introduce our newly elected Student Leaders for 2023/2024. These bright and talented girls have been chosen by their peers to represent their voices and bring positive change to our community. Yesterday, we held our Leaders Induction Assembly where we celebrated as a College community in the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre.

Congratulations to the following students:

Executive Leaders

  • Head Girl: Sophie Assaad
  • Assistant Head Girl: Nikita Verghese
  • SRC President: Ruwindri Parndigamage
  • SRC Vice President: Patricia Youssef

Portfolio Leaders

  • Creative & Performing Arts: Nicole Kelly and Joanne Nguyen      
  • Debating & Public Speaking: Neha Sharma & Deeya Vashi
  • Liturgy: Chanel Elias & Giselle Kinaan
  • Mercy Action: Laurice Behan & Megan Uy
  • Stewardship: Emily Orszulak & Audrey Moses
  • Sport: Lucie Francis & Niamh Nolan

House Leaders

  • Clare: Mikaylee Pearce & Mikayla Bayeh 
  • Callan: Megan Keller & Isabella Samaha 
  • McAuley: Mia Cleary & Maddison Starkey 
  • Doyle: Tayla Ishac & Mia Totino 
  • Mercedes: Hayden Rodewald & Elisabeth Hanna 
  • Callaghan: Isabella Nouh & Stephanie Saab 
  • Stanley: Chiara Leonardi & Isabella Soud 
  • Kavanagh: Sienna Madeleine & Jacinta Ritchie

Our 32 newly inducted Student Leaders for 2023/2024 commence their Leadership journey in Term 3. It will start with their Leadership Camp program where they will be focusing on developing their leadership skills. I look forward to working with you over the next twelve months and I am sure you will all continue the wonderful Mercy tradition of strong and compassionate leadership, in the spirit of Catherine McAuley.

Reconciliation Week

During the week of 27 May - 3 June, we celebrated Reconciliation Week. This important week reminds us of the ongoing journey towards reconciliation with Indigenous communities and the significance of embracing diversity and inclusivity. The girls viewed an inciteful presentation on the importance and relevance of Reconciliation Week during Homeroom. They learnt that the Uluru Statement from the Heart is an invitation from First Nations people to all Australians to by establishing a First Nations Voice to Parliament. It makes me proud to witness a substantial number of our students endorsing the Uluru statement from the Heart and taking an interest in the future direction of our country. During the week, the Catherine McAuley Library put on a wonderful display of books with an Indigenous theme.



Careers Breakfast

After the great success of last year’s breakfast, this morning’s Careers Breakfast proved to be no exception. Students from Years 10-12 were inspired and motivated after listening to and interacting with accomplished Alumnae as they spoke of their journey from choosing HSC subjects and university courses, to ever-changing career paths. They challenged the girls to ‘think outside the box’, to find mentors in both their professional and personal life and to harness the skills they may already have.

Thank you to all our Alumane who spoke at the event:

  • Gemma Prendergast (Class of 2012)
  • Chelsea Barton (class of 2011)
  • Kate Hannouch (Class of 2000)
  • Rebecca Chong (Class of 2015)

Year 11 Course Preference Evening

Our Year 11 Course Preference Evening is on tonight, Wednesday 21 June. Providing the opportunity to hear from Heads of Department and subject teachers, students will also learn about HSC requirements and how the ATAR works. This is an important event for our Year 10 students and I encourage their attendance. 


Open Morning Tour

We look forward to welcoming prospective families to our next Open Morning Tour on Wednesday, 26 July. Discover how OLMC is transforming learning and educating young women by exploring our campus and hearing from our dedicated staff. Please register by clicking here.


Mercy Tree Beneficiary

The Mercy Tree is a social justice initiative of OLMC Parramatta. In 2023, the Mercy Tree beneficiary is the Baabayn Mums and Bubs Group. Mercy Works has partnered with the Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation to support this group.

The Baabayn Mums and Bubs Group aims to empower young Aboriginal mums to enhance their parenting and life skills, promote the resilience of young families and reduce the likelihood of intervention by child protection authorities. At the same time, this program is educating the Early Childhood Administrator, Janaya Hickey, in Business Administration.

We have an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of First Nations Mums, helping them to build stronger connections within their communities and providing the support they need during their journey of motherhood. It is my hope that, as a community, we can generously support this important cause. I encourage you to donate by clicking here.


Thank you Kath Polo

I take this opportunity to thank Mrs Kath Polo for her 11-year service to OLMC as a member of the Leadership Team and wish her well as she will now take on the role of Risk and Compliance Manager for the College from Term 3 this year.

There are many teachers who have benefitted from Kath journeying with them for their NESA accreditation needs and ISSTA progression during her time in this role.

Kath’s willingness to have her role on the Leadership Team broadened to Director of People and Culture was much needed in 2021. Her wisdom and calm approach in all she did to fulfill the role has been invaluable to us as a College Staff and to me, personally.

Kath has decided to take a step back from the demands of leadership at executive level, but we are pleased she has accepted the role to which she will now enter. We wish Kath every success in this position and thank her in advance for what she will accomplish in this significant area of College accountability, risk and compliance.

Wishing you all a safe and joyful break.

Mary, Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Lucie Farrugia
College Principal

Students and staff of OLMC, the Sisters recently elected a new Leadership Team and we have just had the changeover of leadership. As I have been coming to events at OLMC for the past eighteen years while I have been on the Leadership Team, my last six years as Leader have given me the opportunity to speak at the Opening Mass and Mercy Day. These have been special times for me and I didn’t want to leave without saying how much it meant to me to offer a few words of encouragement and invite you each year to dream, to be a bright light of Mercy, to be brave and to achieve all that is within you. I want to wish you well as you continue your education and beyond. You are Mercy girls and you will be Mercy women and I have every confidence that you are going to make a difference in a world crying out for loving kindness. I offer you all the blessings you will need on the journey of life.

Sister Mary-Louise Petro

Fri, 23 JuneFinal day of Term 2
Mon, 26 June - Fri, 30 JuneYear 12 Study Week
Mon, 17 JulyYears 7-9 Parent/Teacher Conferences
Tues, 18 JulyTerm 3 commences
Thurs, 20 July - Fri, 21 JulyYear 8 Camp
Fri, 21 JulyYear 12 Leadership Camp
Fri, 21 JulyHSC Performing Arts Showcase
Wed, 26 JulyOpen Morning Tour
Thurs, 27 JulyYear 8 Allwell Testing
Thurs, 27 JulyYear 10 Parent/Teacher Conferences
Mon, 31 July - Mon, 14 AugHSC Trials
Thurs, 17 AugHSC Visual Arts/TAS Showcase
Fri, 18 AugCo-curricular Photo Day
Fri, 25 AugPupil Free Day
Fri, 1 SepFather/Daughter Mass
Fri, 15 SepMercy Day
Wed, 20 SepYear 12 Student/Staff Breakfast
Thurs, 21 SepYear 12 Reflection Day
Fri, 22 SepYear 12 Graduation events

Anthony Blomfield, Deputy Principal

Hello to our OLMC Community

I acknowledge the Burramattagal people of the Dharug land on which we work, learn, play and pray, and thank the generations of their people who have cared for this land. I also acknowledge the Mercy Sisters on whose shoulders we stand and spirit we share.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you my latest adventures at OLMC during which I have had the privilege of witnessing our girls take bold steps outside their comfort zones, be it on debating nights, during our Year 10 camp or in the classrooms.

Debating and public speaking is a testament to the strength and determination of our students. The courage they exhibit as they stand before a crowd, listen intently, articulate their thoughts and engage in passionate rebuttal is truly commendable. Whether they emerged victorious or faced setbacks, it is their willingness to embrace challenges and push themselves further which is courageous. They not only develop their speaking skills but also foster critical thinking and self-confidence. If you’ve never attended a debate or public speaking event then I urge you to do so!

Six of the 12 OLMC debating teams made it to the knockout stage. I was present last Friday night when the Year 10 team won (when they thought they’d lost) and the Year 11 team lost (when they thought they’d won). That’s life – but engaging and entertaining along the way.

Moving to the great outdoors, our Year 10 camp provided another platform for our girls to showcase their courage. Stepping into unfamiliar terrain, they were able to conquer their fears and embrace new experiences. From high ropes courses to team-building exercises, they demonstrated resilience and a willingness to take risks. They formed strong bonds with their peers, witnessed a very entertaining talent show and perhaps discovered hidden strengths within themselves. Watching the girls scale a 10m telegraph pole (with a harness attached!), and then leap from the top to grab and swing on a fixed hoop was breathtaking and showed great courage. Don’t ask me to have a go!

While our students are at the forefront of these achievements, it is right to acknowledge the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff. Our teachers and support staff work hard to create numerous co-curricular opportunities that allow our girls to explore their passions and talents. They prepare and attend these activities, providing invaluable guidance and encouragement to our students. Their commitment to the holistic development of our girls cannot be overstated.

Beyond co-curricular activities, our staff members invest significant time and effort in preparing rich learning and assessment tasks. They design thought-provoking assignments that challenge our students' intellect, pushing them beyond their comfort zones and fostering a love for lifelong learning. Additionally, our staff's meticulous work in preparing detailed semester reports ensures that parents are provided with a comprehensive understanding of their child's progress and achievements. Moreover, staff have supported each other as Covid, flu and general sickness have taken their toll. A well-deserved break is timely for all.

There is a mixed reception to the suggestion that children should take risks. Failure, however, is an important teacher. In providing challenging learning,  co-curricular opportunities and constant experiences of success and failure, we develop young women who can be courageous advocates with limitless opportunities.

Venerable Catherine McAuley, Pray for us.

Anthony Blomfield
Deputy Principal



Be the buzz: Help save Parramatta’s bees and other pollinators!

Gabrielle Scanlon, Director of Identity

Holiday opportunity

I wanted to pass along an exciting opportunity on behalf of Planting Seeds who are the organisation running our B&B Highway program at school.

Over the school holidays, they will be hosting a free workshop for students to learn about native pollinating species, help build habitats for them and participate in citizen science. 

What: The School Holiday program offers a positive, practical and scalable initiative that provides knowledge on local endangered plants and pollinators - and importantly, skills that can implement this knowledge to help regenerate your local area. 

Where: TBC

When: Monday 3 and Thursday 6 July 

           10:00am to 11:15am (3-7 years) and 12:00pm- 1:30 pm (8 years +)

More Info: Look out for more details here!



Mercy Action Guest Speaker from Baabayn Women’s Group

Mercy Action students had a visit from Jaanaya, one of the ladies who runs the Mums ‘n’ Bubs group at Mt Druitt. The money raised from the Mother’s Day stall was donated to the wonderful work of these talented young Aboriginal women. Jaanaya came and explained the way the group work with and support young mums and their children and was overcome with emotion when she was presented with the $1400 raised by our community.

Thank you to all staff and students who supported the stall by purchasing some of our items at the Mother’s Day stall.



Year 8 Reflection Day

Year 8 students attended their annual reflection day at Mt Schoenstatt. This beautiful and peaceful space was the perfect backdrop for a day of activity, reflection and prayer. The theme of the day ‘The power of words’ saw us address issues such as communication, relationships and attitudes through activities, games and presentations. Fr Walter joined us for Mass before we returned to the College.


These days are a wonderful addition to the curriculum and allow time away from school where students are invited to share ideas, reflect on their life, join together in prayer and share the Eucharist.

Year 9 Mercy Engaged Opportunity

We have formed a lovely partnership with Bayanami Public School, located just behind the Cathedral in Parramatta. Some of our Year 9 classes will be visiting the school to listen to the children read, read to the younger children and assist with sporting activities.

Putting the Mercy Value of Service into action is very important to us and this is one way of giving back to the community. More information will be sent directly to the families of Year 9 girls.

Wishing you all a safe holiday

Gabby Scanlon
Director of Identity




Pop-up Performances

This term, Year 9 Music have been studying Music of the Baroque Period. As part of their studies, students performed their own version of the famous ‘Canon in D’ by Pachelbel. These performances were then presented during recess and lunch in a Pop-up Concert series in various locations around the College, culminating in a performance at Assembly by Haynin Lai, Julia Phan and Raavia Riar. For many students, this was their first time performing in front of the wider College community, and whilst initially nervous, they were excited to be able to share their pieces with their peers, as shown by their reflections:

'Performing Canon in D on the Marimba for our Pop-up concert was an exciting and enjoyable opportunity for me. I liked the challenge of making sure my technique was good but also by being engaging, so the audience enjoyed the performance.' (Teyana La Brooy)

'It was so exciting to play an instrument I love and get out of my comfort zone to perform in front of an audience!'(Reshmikaa Suresh)

'I enjoyed playing a piece I’ve been practicing and showcasing it to an audience for the first time. I found it challenging when I had to perform in a more open space where people were able to watch.' (Winnie Fang)

The Year 9 Music class would like to thank everyone for their support and look forward to performing again in future.




Year 10 Child Studies

During this term, Year 10 Child Studies visited the Kiddie Garden Early Learning Centre in North Parramatta. The visits were extremely beneficial as they allowed students to observe the behaviours of children and link the theory element of the Play and the Developing Child unit currently being studied.

Educators placed a strong emphasis on children learning through play, which ultimately facilitates children’s growth and development. Indoor and outdoor play was balanced, with indoor play consisting of matching and tactile activities within the Nursery and pretend play in the Preschool Room.

In the Nursery, children matched animal cards which allowed us to identify how educators observed fine motor and cognitive development.

In the Preschool Room, children were interested in pretend play, such as play kitchens and dress ups. Not only did this encourage them to interact with one another, but it also acted as a learning strategy known as imitation. This is where children imitate the actions of their parents/carers, such as cooking food and dressing themselves. The children were also engaged in team-based activities, such as running after each other outside, which is consistent with what we learnt about older children needing more social interactions with their peers.

Overall, visiting the Early Learning Centre was a fantastic opportunity that enabled us to build on our knowledge of the Child Studies unit.

Laura Emphield (Year 10)

Year 10 PASS Excursion

On 5 June, our Year 10 PASS class visited CommBank Stadium to learn about Event Management. We heard from Sue Max who oversees CommBank Stadium, Accor Stadium and Optus. She coordinates large-scale events, ranging from Taylor Swift concerts to NRL Grand Finals. We were able to gain an insight into how events are managed, including the construction of stages and the different roles people play to make large-scale events come to life.

We were provided access to the VIP boxes at the stadium, the commentator's box, as well as the practice rooms and the changerooms. We were even told how the grass of the stadium field is managed in order to stay in its pristine condition! Things like safety precautions during an event were covered, as well as security, medical rooms and catering. as well as different job paths that expand into event management.

The excursion opened my mind to many and varied opportunities within sports event management.

On behalf of the Year 10 PASS class, I would like to thank Sue for giving us the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes experience of Commbank Stadium, as well as Mr. Fricot for accompanying us on the excursion.


Isabella Cotter (Year 10)

Reader/Writer Volunteers

OLMC is launching a new student support program and we are looking for volunteers from the community who are willing to work with our Diverse Learning team to support our students with their assessments and exams.

Starting with our Reader and Writer Program, we are looking for community members who can support our students on various days during Year 10. 11 or 12 assessment blocks. Full training will be provided.

A few requirements are needed including:

  • A volunteer Working with Children Check
  • An ability to work with a range of students in exam settings.

Unfortunately, this volunteer opportunity is not open to parents or siblings of current Year 11 and 12 students, but we hope that as this program develops you will join us in future years.

For information, questions and expressions of interest please contact Monica Searle, Head of Diverse Learning -




MASSH is our afterschool students’ study, homework and assessment support. We offer general study support and subject-specific support every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Subject-specific support is available on the days below:

  • Monday – Technology, Religious Studies and all junior subject support
  • Tuesday – Mathematics and English
  • Wednesday and Thursday – Science and Mathematics
  • English support is available upon request for Wednesdays.

If you would like small group or individual academic support please contact Mrs Rugg, with the following details:

  • Name and Year group
  • Subject the student would like to work on with a MASSH Supervisor
  • Preferred afternoons.



Counselling Matters: Taking breaks to enhance productivity

Busy is the new normal. There is plenty of information about how to be more productive, to work smarter and not harder. Goal setting, high-achieving individuals often put pressure on themselves to get more done and to ‘do it all’. We have been conditioned to believe that to be unproductive is lazy, and to be lazy is something we should not be proud of. This is because we sometimes connect our self-worth to our ability to be purposeful and productive. But the human brain is not designed to work all the time. It needs rest and reflection to operate at its best.

Studies have shown that working less and taking more regular breaks can make you more productive in the long run. We are often most productive when we feel it least, when we’re taking a break or relaxing or doing absolutely nothing. They are the moments in which we, often unconsciously, organise our minds, make sense of our lives and connect the dots.

Benefits of taking time away from work include:

  • Your brain gets a chance to rest and recharge.
  • Creativity increases as stress decreases.
  • Your motivation to work can increase.
  • You might come up with new ideas when your brain has some space.

Rest is not about being lazy, it’s about refuelling. If you are feeling guilty about not being productive, these tips might help.

Reframing rest as recovery

Re-training our brains that rest is valuable is crucial to stop feeling guilty when we rest. To counter that, switch out ‘rest’ for ‘recovery’. Rather than telling yourself you need to rest, reframe it as recovery. Recovery is a more active, purposeful process, which will remind you that downtime is both meaningful and necessary.

Separate your feelings from your identity

Be patient with the discomfort that arises as you begin to take small breaks, because it will. Expect to feel some guilt and recognise that it is simply an old, outdated reaction that you’re rewiring.

Learn to say No

Be honest about what you can accomplish and communicate with others when you feel overwhelmed.


Meditation, yoga or mindfulness can be useful tools to help learn to rest your body and brain. 

To be most productive in our busy lives we need to allow ourselves time to rest and recover.

Chloe Gresham
College Counsellor

Ann-Marie Herd – Director of Student Wellbeing

As Term 2 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the girls for their hard work and effort this term. When times have been challenging, their perseverance has been appreciated by their teachers. It has been a very busy nine weeks which I know has bought about a sense of tiredness for all.

However, in reflecting on this term I see that it has also been a remarkable one for the community in so many ways. The College Musical was extremely successful and  highlighted the way in which our girls work together and with their teachers and peers in a supportive and collaborative manner.

As you read this, the Induction Assembly for the newly elected Student Leadership group has taken place and we wish Sophie Assaad, Nikita Verghese, Ruwindri Parndigamage and Patricia Youssef and their team every success next year. I would also like to thank Freya Scothern, Jessica Abrahams, Arlene Kumar and Brianna Coorey for the manner in which they have led the 2022/2023 Student Leaders. ‘Imagine what we could do, united me and you’ was not only their motto but also provided them with their guiding principles for the last 12 months and enabled them to be true role models of servant leadership in a Mercy school – congratulations.

In the Wellbeing space, it has been pleasing to have provided a number of opportunities for both the students and parents/carers this term to broaden their understanding of social issues. I thank our parents and carers for their support of our speakers including Paul Dillon from DARTA and Dr Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services. A reminder that excellent resources around keeping girls safe online when using social media are available at

Finally, my thanks go to the Wellbeing Team, who have worked in partnership with our parents/carers, to assist the girls to work towards achieving their potential.

Take care and I wish you a safe and relaxing holiday period.

Ann-Marie Herd
Director of Student Wellbeing 

Debating and Public Speaking

CSDA Debating

At the end of six preliminary rounds of CSDA Interschool Debating, the achievements of our teams are outstanding. With a total of 47 wins and only 25 losses, 2023 has been the most successful in recent years. Well done to all our girls and their coaches.

Teams needed to win at least five out of six preliminary debates to progress to the finals rounds. In an exceptional result, six of our twelve teams achieved this level.

7B (5 wins)Sophie Ackroyd, Kashika Ghosh, Sarah Kenna, Shreeya Kochikar and Saisha Mehta. Coach: Efua Wallace.


9A (5 wins)

Vishnu Gude, Isabel Homairi, Celeste Ieronimo, Shiloh Julien and Sofia Tong. Coach: Priyanka Sangar.

9B (6 wins)

A’ishah Ali, Lizzy Butler, Pia Goradia, Bianca Mina and Matilda Webb. Coach: Lily Tambrchi.

10B (5 wins)

Gabby Fleming, Charlotte Lee, Stefanie Gabriel, Siona Trivedi and Jennifer Wang. Coach: Riley Rodewald

11A (5 wins)

Megan Keller, Tia Monga, Neha Sharma, Alyssa Taouk and Mia Totino. Coach: Yasmine Alwakal

11B (5 wins)

Prarthana Ambareesh, Sophie Assaad, Niamh Nolan, Ruwindri Parndigamage and Hayden Rodewald. Coach: Mary Hinchcliffe

After two rounds of Elimination Finals, 10B and 9B remain as contenders in the quarter-finals. Commiserations to the other four teams who performed very well but unfortunately the adjudicators did not rule in their favour. We are proud of all teams.

Plain English Competition Regional Final

In the previous edition of Parragraph, we noted that Gabby Fleming of Year 10 had progressed to the Regional Final of the Plain English Competition. Despite Gabby’s outstanding performance, the panel of judges chose three other competitors to go through to the State semi-final. Gabby continues to impress each time she competes and is sure to taste greater success in the future.

Parramatta Eisteddford

Once again, our girls have shown they are up there with the best. Over recent weekends, our students entered a wide range of events at the Eisteddfod. The following students received awards:

Telephone Pairs

A’shah Ali and Matilda WebbFirst
Devishi Kaltra and Matilda HowardFirst
Arani Vijayananthan and Arya KhanalSecond
Maeve Nolan and Marlo FullerSecond
Amariah Tamaro and Mira SharmaThird
Emily Johnson and Ruby GrahamFourth
Akanksha Gowda and Lohita GollavilliHighly Commended
Allison John and Meihan SunHighly Commended
Gargi Umesh and Ruby Baptista MendesHighly Commended
Aishani Singh and Diya PoddaturuHighly Commended
Lauren Loulach and Riya KanadeHighly Commended

 Individual Public Speaking

Lucy Tapley Second
Abera SatyajithThird
Ananya KarthikThird
Arya KhanalFourth
Aireen KwaFourth
Pavithra JeyanthanHighly Commended
Tvisha PatelHighly Commended
Kaeshia SuthakaranHighly Commended
Arani VijayananthanHighly Commended

This is a marvellous effort from our girls. There were many others who put in a big effort. One example was Lily Hale of Year 7 who performed a scene from The Wizard of Oz.

Next weekend is the last weekend of the Eisteddfod and we have over 20 girls competing in different events. Good luck to all of them and they are sure to represent the College proudly. All our entrants (except for Lily, of course!) wear the College uniform in their performances. It certainly helps to highlight the quality of OLMC speakers.


Upcoming Competitions

We are looking forward to several significant competitions in Term 3. Last year’s inaugural Intraschool Debating competition proved to be very successful, with 40 girls taking up this wonderful opportunity to work with their friends and develop their debating skills. With 15 teams this year, the number has far surpassed last year’s applications. It means that 60 more girls now have the opportunity to debate. The draw for the Term 3 competition will be finalised shortly and each team will have four or five debates, with semi-finals and finals to be decided in Term 4.

Over the holidays, eight of our exceptional speakers will begin preparation for the Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Titles (both Senior and Junior sections) to be held in Melbourne in the last week of Term 3. This demanding event will see our girls attend an all-day workshop in July and continue preparations throughout Term 3. The girls selected to go are Sharanya Kugan of Year 11, Sierra Lake, Gabby Fleming, Siona Trivedi of Year 10 and in the Junior team, Year 9 girls Emily Johnson, Haynin Lai, Kavya Samtani and Matilda Webb.

The first event after the holidays is the Legacy competition on 28 July where highly talented speakers, Amariah Tamaro of Year 8 and Matilda Webb of Year 9, will represent the College. In addition, around 30 girls will be preparing for the Speaking4thePlanet competition in August and over 20 will participate in the Soroptimist International competition in September. The College will also be hosting the Lions Carlingford event in September where two of our girls will be competing.

Thank You

No program can run without the support of so many staff and students. Thank you to Mr Gerard Altura, Ms Naomi James, Mrs Ellen Lonergan, Ms Carolyn Matthews, Mr Ben Walsh and Mrs Rebecca Webb for giving up their time to support the various programs.

Special thanks to our outgoing DAPS Leaders, Olivia Easton and Tijana Pavlovic. Their contribution has been exceptional. Whether it’s welcoming visitors to our school, organising Debating evenings, presenting at College Assemblies, adjudicating Intraschool Debating or encouraging younger students, they have proven to be worthy leaders and invaluable support. Thank you, girls, for your enthusiasm, efficiency and patience throughout the year. Congratulations also to our new DAPS Leaders, Neha Sharma and Diya Vashi, who are sure to continue the tradition of excellent leaders in the Debating and Public Speaking portfolio.

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator


NSW All Schools Swimming

Congratulations to Stephanie Lake, Emily Shumack, Mia Cleary and Zoe McIntosh who competed at NSW All Schools Swimming Championships on Thursday 1 June at SOPAC. The girls swam incredibly well finishing 5th in the Open 4x50m Freestyle relay.

Congratulations also go to Imogen Burns who finished 7th in the 15-16yrs 200m Fly.


Well done girls on your superb achievements.

NSWCCC Cross Country

On Tuesday 13 June, six OLMC girls competed at the NSWCCC Cross Country Championships at the Sydney Equestrian Centre. Amber Haywood, Kasey Bolt, Matilda Webb, Niamh Nolan, Lucie Francis and Sofia Polson showed great determination and should be proud of their performances.

Congratulations must go to Matilda who finished 7th in the 14 years and to Lucie who was crowned 17 years Champion. Both girls have now qualified for the NSW All Schools Championships in July. We wish them the best of luck.



NSWCCC Teams Tennis


On Monday 8 May, OLMC competed at the NSWCCC Teams Tennis Championships in Bathurst. The team consisted of Mia Fogolin, Renee Poon, Talia Lahoud and Archa Chavan. The girls played singles and doubles matches, coming very close to making the semi-finals but were defeated by Loreto Kirribilli and ended up finishing 5th overall. Well done girls on your excellent result.


Congratulations to Matilda Webb who has been invited into the Under 15s National Development Squad for race walking. Matilda is looking forward to attending a development camp in October!

Saturday Netball

Crazy Hair and Sock Day is happening at Eastwood Ryde Netball Association (ERNA) on Saturday 24 June, so let's get behind the cause! You can wear your craziest socks and silliest locks and donate to the Kids' Cancer Project to help raise awareness and valuable funds for research. ERNA Executives will be walking around the courts at Meadowbank accepting donations or members can use the QR code to donate online.

With school holidays fast approaching, I’d also like to confirm that there will be no games on 1 July or 8 July. Games will resume on the last weekend of the holidays, 15 July (Round 9).

We are now halfway through the season. You can continue to check the Netball fixtures, results and ladders here -

Here are the team’s positions after round 7:

OLMC 1 – 7th

OLMC 2 – 5th

OLMC 3 – 8th

OLMC 4 – 7th

OLMC 5 – 2nd

OLMC 6 – 7th

OLMC 7 – 7th





Congratulations to Chelsea Gomez who recently competed in the Sydney Taekwondo Festival and won Gold in the new World Taekwondo Cadet height division, under 164cm (41kg to 56kg).

It will be a tough year for her after World Taekwondo changed the Cadet weight divisions and introduced new height divisions as she is potentially fighting athletes who are more than 10kg heavier than her. We wish Chelsea all the best in her future competitions.

Saturday Soccer

Round 5 results:

  • OLMC 1 were Defeated by St Vincent’s, 1 - 0
  • OLMC 2 were Defeated by St Vincent’s, 11 - 0
  • OLMC 3 were Defeated by PLC, 5 - 1 

Round 6 results:

  • OLMC 1 Defeated PLC, 2 - 0
  • OLMC 2 Defeated MLC, 6 - 2
  • OLMC 3 Defeated St Catherine’s, 3 - 2

Round 7 results:

  • OLMC 1 Drew with Meridan, Nil all
  • OLMC 2 were Defeated by SCEGGS 6 - 3
  • OLMC 3 were Defeated by Meridan, 3 - 1

Our final round for the 2023 season has now concluded. Thank you to all the girls who participated this year and a big thank you to all the parents who supported the girls.

The final placings for each team area as follows:

  • OLMC 1 (SO5) - 6th 
  • OLMC 2 (JO5) - 5th
  • OLMC 3 (JO7) - 5th



PDSSSC Junior Soccer

On Friday 26 May, OLMC competed at the PDSSSC Junior Soccer Championships at Penrith. The team consisted of Sophia Lees, Kasey Bolt, Jemima Scothern, Nikita Krzeminski, Claire Scanlon, Sarah Stewart, Alexia Papadopoulos, Madison Stewart, Rebecca Uy, Charlise Kairouz, Frances Nolan and Angela Lees. For a young team, the girls all played exceptionally well against some very good schools. Across the day they played eight short games and drew four of these games. Well done to all the girls and thank you to Ms Herd for all her help.



Staff vs Year 12’s Netball


On Wednesday 14 June, the OLMC Staff Netball team took on the hopeful Year 12 team. Despite their efforts, the Year 12’s were no match for the staff! Thank you to all the staff and students who participated, scored and umpired as well as all the students who came along to cheer us on.


Congratulations to Meihan Sun who participated in her first girl's Jui Jitsu comp recently in the Open division and won! (All Girl's Open Styles, Open division 12-17 years, Flag Karate). Meihan is working on building her confidence and is being encouraged to be more outgoing in her moves.

Meihan is fondly known as ‘Sniper’ because she is so sneaky and kept scoring against a girl who was much more skilled than her, with about 7 years’ experience.  

Meihan is part of the new OLMC co-curricular Philotimo Jujitsu, which is held every Monday at OLMC.

Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator

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