Lucie Farrugia, Principal

Photo Day – Wednesday 4 May

Last week families would have received an email with the details for Photo Day. A reminder that this is coming up on 4 May (Week 2 of next term). All students will be required to wear their full winter uniform including their blazer. Please see below in our Student Wellbeing section for more information.

Year 7, 2024 Enrolments Now Open

Last Tuesday we welcomed hundreds of visitors to the Year 7, 2024 Enrolment Information Evening. This was a chance for families who are considering enrolling their daughter to gain more information about the enrolment process and College life. Whilst there are more interested families than places we can offer, I encourage parents to act as quickly as possible to secure a place for their daughter in Year 7, 2024.

Enrolments for Year 7, 2024 are now open. CLICK HERE for more information. 

COVID-19 Update

It is pleasing to see our Covid cases have been contained and we are able to conclude Term 1 as throughout the term, with in-site learning. The current reported COVID cases at the College are as follows:

  • Year 7- 7
  • Year 8 - 15
  • Year 9 - 6
  • Year 10 - 11
  • Year 11 - 11
  • Year 12 - 6
  • Staff – 2

Western Sydney Local Health District has put together some very useful COVID-19 resources for the community. CLICK HERE to access these community resources.

Leave from School: A timely reminder 

As we begin to live in a post covid world, many families will want to take advantage of travel which has been on hold for some time.

At OLMC, we pride ourselves on providing a quality education for Mercy Girls and we believe in fostering the best possible environment for learning.

It is optimal that your daughter's schooling remains uninterrupted as far as is possible. The College's preference is for families to carefully consider not making any requests for extended leave to travel in term time. The term breaks are published a year in advance so that holiday travel can occur in these breaks. All requests for leave are to be made in writing to the Principal on the Application for Leave Form. This is available on the Parent Portal. CLICK HERE to log into the parent portal. Forms should be submitted with a minimum of two weeks’ notice. It is essential that families receive a formal letter from the Principal granting or not granting the leave before any leave from the College takes place. Only one period of leave will be granted for your daughter in the six years she is at OLMC. The Principal should be contacted in extreme cases for leave. Insufficient notice of requests may lead to your daughter’s absence being recorded as unapproved leave.


I recently attended a Mercy formation gathering which opened with this reflection by Ann Weems, noted writer, speaker, liturgist and Christian Worship Leader.  I share these thoughts with you at this uncertain time for peace in our world….

‘I No Longer Pray For Peace’

On the edge of war, one foot already in, I no longer pray for peace:

I pray for miracles.

I pray that stone hears will turn to tender heartedness, and evil intentions will turn to mercifulness,

And all the soldiers already deployed will be snatched out of harm’s way,

And the whole world will be astounded onto its knees.

I pray that all the “God talk” will take bones,

And stand up and shed its cloak of faithlessness,

And walk again in its powerful truth.

I pray that the whole world might sit down together and share its bread and its wine.

Some say there is no hope, but then I’ve always applauded the holy fools

Who never seem to give up on the scandalousness of our faith:

That we are loved by God…… that we may truly love one another.

I no longer pray for peace: I pray for miracles.

Collectively we pray that hears of stone will be made hears of flesh, to see the humanity of us all, to value the dignity of all in peril and bring this crisis to an end.  To recognise that peace can be achieved if we all work together towards it and see the human face of every person, and their intrinsic value rather than one or a few people’s need for power.

Our Lady of Mercy – Place your cloak of Mercy on those suffering,

Our Lady of Mercy – Intercede for us

Catherine McAuley – Pray for Us

Wishing all students and their families a Happy Easter with a reminder that school commences on Thursday 28 April.

Lucie Farrugia

Gabrielle Scanlon, Director of Identity

Project Compassion and Lenten Appeal

We have continued to raise money for the Caritas Australia Project Compassion Appeal. Over the last two weeks, we have added to our donations by supporting and raising awareness of Earth Hour when staff and students wore green or blue and gave a $2 donation. We also started selling raffle tickets for a variety of prizes donated by the Mercy Action students. The raffle will be drawn this Friday, the last day of Term. On Friday 29 April we will be selling cans of drink at lunchtime as a final fundraiser for our Lenten Appeal.

This week through Project Compassion we learn about Shaniella who is attending a vocational school in the Solomon Islands supported by Caritas Australia Solomon Islands (CASI). CASI have helped install water tanks, and have built health centres for the wider community. Vocational training allows skills training which leads to an ability to earn an income, and learn skills that will expand her job opportunities.

Watch a short film about Shaniella’s story here.


Cumberland Women’s Health Centre Presentation

On March 25, Salwa, the manager of Cumberland Women's Health Centre spoke to the SRC and Mercy Action students. She spoke of the way funds raised are used to assist women who require counselling, support and education. The Centre provides women’s health services and domestic violence specialist response services to all women.

The OLMC community are supporting the Health centre as the 2022 Mercy Tree recipient.


Year 7 Catherine McAuley Play

A Bright Light in the Darkness is a play which tells of the story of Catherine McAuley. The Year 7 students loved watching Blue Whale Productions' depiction of the life of Catherine. They were engaged and asked many insightful questions.


Mother Daughter Mass

The annual Mother Daughter Mass is being held next Term on Monday, May 9 commencing at 4.30pm. All mothers, grandmothers and other significant women to the students of OLMC are very welcome to the Mass and afternoon tea, which is kindly supplied by the P&F. CLICK HERE to RSVP


Mothers' Day Stall

This year the ecoOLMC students will be selling homemade and upcycled goods at lunchtime. Some of the products for sale include candles and notebooks all made with love by staff and students.

Gabrielle Scanlon
Director of Identity


VET Work Placement with VenuesLive!

Late last year OLMC signed a Partnership Agreement with VenuesLive, the operators of Commbank Stadium and Accor Stadium, to provide development opportunities for both staff and students. Over 40 senior students now have casual employment with VenuesLive and our Year 12 Hospitality and Business Services student recently spent a week on work placement experiencing big venues and some amazing activities and events.

My time on hospitality work placement was amazing! VenuesLive definitely allowed me to explore the hospitality industry outside my comfort zone where I was able to meet new people, build my communication and social skills and I was also able to expand on my knowledge and skills on hospitality. The work placement was certainly a great opportunity to learn more about the cooking and service part and would recommend it to other students thinking about doing hospitality!  

Elizabeth Youssef, Year 12


Upcoming Events hosted by various universities

All upcoming events have been listed on the Message Board at Registration is through the respective university’s website. Some of the key events include:

ACU Talk with Industry Series – Law/Criminology | 6 April

ACU Talk with Industry Series – Business & IT | 7 April

USYD Life of a Psychologist | 6 April from 4pm to 4.30pm

WSU Doctor of Medicine | 27 April

USYD Course Advice Expo | 28 April from 4pm to 7pm

Macquarie University Year 12 Information Session | 3 May at 6pm

UNSW Law Admission Test Information Evening | 5 May

Macquarie University Year 10 Subject Selection Evening | 4 May at 6pm

UNSW Year 10 Subject Selection Information | 3 and 12 May

WSU Mid Year Information Day | 14 May

ACU Entry and Pathways for Year 12 | 24 May



Student Engagement Ambassadors from the main Sydney universities have been invited to present to the Year 10, 11 and 12 students during lunch-time throughout Term 2. The presentations will cover life on campus, courses, pathways, early entry and scholarships. Students will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

Monday 2 May | UNSW

Wednesday 4 May | Macquarie University

Tuesday 10 May | Western Sydney University

Monday 16 May | University of Sydney

Wednesday 18 May | Australian Catholic University

Tuesday 24 May | University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)


University Key Dates 2022

University Admissions Centre (UAC) | Opens 12 April | Year 12 will be emailed their PIN from UAC

ANU Direct Entry now open | Closes 23 May 2022

Macquarie University Leaders & Achievers Early Entry | Opens 1 June

Charles Sturt Advantage Early Entry now open


All Year 12 students have been emailed the Study Work Grow Early Entry Guide that outlines all the early entry programs offered in Australia.


External VET Courses

A number of Year 11 and Year 12 students at OLMC are enrolled in external VET courses. These courses contribute to their HSC and some are also ATAR eligible. The students participate in these courses either in blocks during the holidays or one afternoon a week throughout the term. Our students are enrolled in courses such as Animal Studies, Early Childhood Education and Care, Screen and Media, Design Fundamentals and Fitness. Congratulations to Bea Golez who recently received her Cert III in Design Fundamentals from the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Bea completed this course in blocks during school holidays through Year 11 and in January 2022.

Donna Jones
Careers Coordinator

From the Director of Student Wellbeing

Ann-Marie Herd – Director of Student Wellbeing

As the Term draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and students for their effort this term and for the perseverance shown by so many. I also congratulate our newest members to the College, from Year 7 to Year 11, on all their efforts to settle into a new school and we hope their time so far at the College has been truly rewarding.

In the past few weeks, the Wellbeing team has dealt with several issues concerning the use of social media. In each case, many of the students involved did not realise that they had little to no privacy settings in place and that the behaviours they were exhibiting online were not only disrespectful but are also form part of their digital footprint. Education around this topic cannot solely be the domain of the school so, in the spirit of collaboration, as we work in partnership for the development of your daughter, I hope the following resource will prove useful as you have conversations with your daughter about how to be responsible online.

·        Five social media safety tips for parents

·        eSafety commissioners guide to TikTok

Following on from Ms Farrugia’s email last week regarding vaping I also wanted to share this resource which may prove useful when having a discussion with your daughter about this subject: The facts about vaping

Finally, on behalf of all the members of the Wellbeing Team, I wish you and your family a happy and Holy Easter and hope that the break provides you with plenty of rest, relaxation and quality time with family and friends.

Ann-Marie Herd
Director of Student Wellbeing


Reminders for Term 2

Term 2 Winter Uniform

Next term your daughter may wear either her full Summer Uniform or her full Winter Uniform in Week 1 of Term 2. No combinations of the two uniforms are allowed.

Your daughter will be expected to wear her Winter Uniform from Monday May 2 – Week 2 of Term 2.

As we also have school photos that week on May 4 – see below for details of how to order – we ask for your assistance in ensuring that your daughter’s Winter Uniform complies with the College Dress Code. In particular:

  • The junior dress or senior skirt is to be worn at the correct length (at least 2 cm below the bottom of the knee cap).
  • The College Blazer is to be worn as the outer garment to and from school in Terms 2 & 3. The jumper/cardigan is not to be worn to or from school unless under the blazer. Year 12 jerseys are also not to be worn under the blazer.
  • Please also note that blazers are to be worn to House Assemblies in the Chapel and College Assemblies in Terms 2 & 3.
  • Full-length 70 denier pantyhose are to be worn with the winter uniform.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that your daughter wears the correct uniform. The correct wearing of the College uniform is not just about appearance but rather it is about respect. When the girls wear the uniform with pride, they show respect for themselves, their parents and for the College. We do appreciate the financial commitment you as parents make to purchasing all items of the uniform so we ask that all items of the uniform are labelled with the student’s name so lost property can be returned to your daughter quickly.

Photo Day

This year the College Photo Day is on Wednesday 4 May, in Week 2 of Term 2. All students will be required to wear their full winter uniform including their blazer, and we ask that you ensure that your daughter adheres to the uniform regulations, with particular regard to jewellery, hair and makeup.

Group and portrait photographs can be purchased by following the link below or by returning the order envelope with your payment on Wednesday 4 May. Your daughter has received an order envelope.

Online orders do not require an envelope to be returned.

Sibling Photos – You can pre-order your sibling photos online up to 24 hours before Photo Day. If you miss the online order deadline, you can submit a completed sibling order envelope the morning of May 4. Sibling specific envelopes are available in the Student Centre.

Late fees - a late fee will be applied to each package purchased after Photo Day due to the additional cost of producing these packages separately.

To order and make payment please visit and enter online order code: 4ZD WD6 KXC. CLICK HERE for more information about how to order.


Study Skills

Please CLICK HERE to read the latest Study Skills Tips.

From the College Counsellor

Climate Anxiety

Young people today are increasingly worried about climate change and the state of our environment. Since December 2018, thousands of students have participated in protests, in more than 60 locations across Australia, to demand that the government do more to address climate change. Our young people are worried because they have experienced/are experiencing natural disasters such as the recent Australian bushfires and flooding events. Some may be worried about what natural disaster will come next and this can increase feelings of hopelessness and a reduced desire to plan for the future. Increasingly we are seeing young people feeling frustrated and angry that people in power aren’t doing anything to help. They are feeling a lack of control over the situation and frustration that there’s nothing they can do now to change things. Some are also worried about the next generation and whether it’s responsible to have children.

If you’re feeling hopeless, or your young person is feeling hopeless about what others are (or aren’t) doing to address climate change, doing something yourself can feel empowering. Remember that it is often small, cumulative changes that can have a big impact, and you may just inspire those around you to make some changes too.

Some examples include:

  • Use your reusable coffee cup.
  • Take reusable bags and containers to the shops with you.
  • Turn off lights when you’re not using them.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Use public transport or car-pool.
  • Eat less meat.
  • Write a letter to a politician, asking them what they’re doing or urging them to take action.
  • Talk to your school or workplace about what they do to be environmentally friendly. If they’re not doing anything, perhaps you could lead change!
  • Vote with your values – or talk with your family or friends who can vote!
  • Join the AYCC which organise campaigns and volunteering opportunities.

If you or your young person become so anxious about climate change that it is impacting on your day-to-day functioning, it may be time to take a break from the news for a little while. It will allow you space to process your feelings, stop you from getting burnt out, and allow you to gain some perspective. All of which will assist you in the long run both in terms of wellbeing and energy to continue to advocate for change to assist the environment.

Below are a number of links to some valuable resources, including some tips on things you can do to help the environment and tips for avoiding burnout related to climate-anxiety.

Sandra Portela
Senior College Counsellor

Year 7 Camp

Last week, Year 7 travelled to Canton Beach for their first overnight camp. The theme of the camp was ‘The Possibilities are Endless’ and the two days were a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the start of their high school journey at OLMC. The girls participated in a rotational program of activities that were designed to encourage them to step outside their comfort zones, develop new friendships and seek to become the best version of themselves. Some of these activities included Raft Building, Canoeing, Orienteering, Bush Initiatives, Archery and the Giant Swing as well as a range of team sports.
Additionally, students engaged in a reflection activity using Susan Verde’s book ‘I am Human’. They reflected on all the character strengths and how their high school journey provides opportunities to grow these qualities so that they can make a difference in our world. During the activity they decorated a heart shaped box to represent their own heart and wrote a letter to themselves which they will revisit in some of their future Wellbeing lessons.


Saturday Netball

The Saturday Netball season with ERNA has now started. You can view draws/results on their website -

With holidays approaching, just a reminder that we will still have games (round 2) this Saturday April 9. There will then be 2 weeks off with no training or games. Training will recommence April 27 and games will recommence April 30 (round 3). If any players are unavailable for any games, could you please inform me or the team coach.


Well done to Anoushka Maikap who competed at the NSWCCC Golf Championships on March 21 at Macquarie Links. Despite only being in Year 9, she finished a credible 13th against the Open division competitors. Well done Anoushka!


Congratulations to Chelsea Gomez who won the Australian Taekwondo National Championships in Brisbane on the weekend. She won the Cadet Black Belt - 41kg division. Fantastic achievement Chelsea!

OLMC Cross Country

The OLMC Cross Country was held on Wednesday March 30 but continues to be hampered by misfortune. After COVID 19 and now 2 years of torrential rain leading up to the carnival, Parramatta Park grounds were again far too wet to run on. So, the girls competed in the BEEP Test, a Multi Stage Fitness Test, indoors. The girls competed exceptionally well and cheered each other on while each age group competed separately. 

Well done to all the girls who competed and congratulations to the following girls who were crowned Age Champions:

12 Years – Amelia Johnston
13 Years – Matilda Webb
14 Years – Caterina Valore
15 Years – Zoe McIntosh and Niamh Nolan
16 Years – Lucie Francis
17+ Years – Katherine Baker

Congratulations also to all the girls from Mercedes as they were crowned House Champion! A big thank you to all staff who helped on the day and to all of the students for participating.


The Little Athletics NSW State Championships were held at SOPAC on March 19 and 20. Congratulations to Lucie Francis who finished 3rd in the U17 3km and to Matilda Webb who won the U13 1500m Walk with a massive PB. Matilda has also been selected to represent NSW in the 1500m Walk at the 2022 Australian Little Athletics Championship in Melbourne in April.

Congratulations also to both Lucie and Matilda who competed at the Australian Track and Field Championships from March 26 – April 3. Lucie finished 5th in the 17 years 2km Steeplechase while Matilda finished 3rd in the 13 years 3km walk. Well done to both girls on some amazing performances.

OLMC Athletics Carnival

The 2022 College Athletics Carnival is back and will be held at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Warm-Up Arena on May 6 (Week 2, Term 2). The College Athletics Carnival provides a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in a range of track and field events, whilst enthusiastically supporting their House. The students are encouraged to show their House Spirit by dressing up in their House colours and by cheering on their House at the Carnival. Students will earn attendance points for their House which will go towards the Spirit Cup.


All students will be transported by bus from OLMC to the Athletic Centre at Homebush and back to OLMC. All students are expected to be at the College by 8am on the day of the carnival. Students will assemble in their House areas with their Homeroom Teacher, then move out to the buses. Students will be leaving the Athletic Centre at around approximately 2:15pm, with an approximate arrival time of around 3pm at OLMC Parramatta. Students will be dismissed upon arrival back at school.

Students who wish to be considered for selection in the PDSSSC Athletics Carnival will need to have registered their entry via the entry form that has been emailed to all students. Students who want to compete in the Javelin will need to register and then, on the day, be on the first bus leaving OLMC. Once at the venue, go straight to this event as it will be conducted from 8:45am before the rest of the carnival.

Here is the link to the entry form -

Entries close on Friday May 14. Students don’t need to sign up for 100m, 200m, 400m or 800m Walk. Students must sign up if they wish to compete in the field events, 800m and 1500m.

The carnival layout will be a Traditional Carnival and students will need to listen out for when their events are called. Students are encouraged to have adequate water, food and sun protection. Appropriate attire will be needed. Students who compete in spikes must wear 7mm spikes.

No student is to bring their notebook to school with them on the Friday as they will not be taking the notebooks to the track. Phones will also need to be left at school.

A canteen will be available on the day of the Carnival. However, students are highly encouraged to bring their own food for the Carnival.

In the case of wet weather, as it is a wet weather track, the carnival will still go ahead. If in case of extreme weather conditions, a final decision will be made on the morning.

Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator 





Debating and Public Speaking

Debating in 2022 has seen a record number of girls applying. Over 120 girls were considered and the quality of those who applied was exceptional. Only 60 girls could be selected and we congratulate those who were successful.

The teams competing in CSDA in Term 2 are as follows:

Year 7A:  Shriya Menon, Saanvi Sharma, Pari Tailor, Natasha Tween, Emily Wong
Year 7B:Shalini Kanagasudaram, Aarya Khanal, Angela Lees, Hiya Mahida, Anushka Mishra
Year 8A:Vishnu Gude, Isabel Homairi, Celeste Ieronimo, Shiloh Julien, Sofia Tong
Year 8B:A’ishah Ali, Lizzy Butler, Pia Goradia, Bianca Mina, Celina Wassef
Year 9A:Isabella Cotter, Kaira Dasgupta, Bronte Herberstein, Sierra Lake, Jennifer Wang
Year 9B:Gabby Fleming, Willow Higgins, Charlotte Lee, Jasmine O’Brien, Siona Trivedi
Year 10A: Tia Monga, Niamh Nolan, Ruwindri Parndigamage, Summer Rayne Roughley, Alyssa Taouk
Year 10B:Sophie Assaad, Megan Keller, Hayden Rodewald, Isabella Samaha
Year 11A:Olivia Easton, Arlene Kumar, Tijana Pavlovic, Freya Scothern
Year 11B:Tanya Bhatara, Lucy D’Silva, Nimrat Kang, Anushka Palayanur
Senior A:Sakshi Chouta, Charlotte Gillies, Iris McKenna, Maeve Nolan, Samantha Emeish
Senior B:Sarah D’Souza, Charlotte Saker, Jeeviha Sangar, Cassidy Turrell

Thank you to the teachers who have offered to help in various roles: Mr Gerard Altura, Ms Naomi James, Ms Amy Rowan and Mr Ben Walsh. Special note must be made of ex-students Sabrina Catania, Anne Nguyen, Riley Rodewald, Priyanka Sangar and Lily Tambrchi for coaching teams. Thank you also to ex-students Gabby Mizzi and Allison McGuirk as well as Mrs Ann Kumar who have offered to act as adjudicators.

To provide opportunities for those who missed out on selection, it has been decided that an in-house competition will be held in Term 3 with Grand Finals at the end of Term 4. Students who qualified for CSDA will not be able to participate in the OLMC competition. More information to follow next term.

In Public Speaking this Saturday, Haynin Lai of Year 8 will be representing NSW in the National Final of the challenging UN Voice. Haynin was one of only three students to represent NSW from an original entry of more than 200, so this speaks volumes for her talent. Not only does Haynin have to provide a solution to a problem (she has chosen modern slavery) but at short notice, Haynin will be queried about the viability of her solution. We wish her the best of luck.

Last week, we reported about the record number of girls in Public Speaking as well as the success of our Rostrum entrants. The smiles in the photos aboe and below tell the story!

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator

Mother Daughter Afternoon Tea - Helpers Needed

This is a call-out to our Mercy fathers! It is a tradition that the P&F, together with the wonderful Dads in our community, serve afternoon tea to the many mums, grandmothers, and special women in our girls’ lives who attend this special event.

Please CLICK HEREif you are available to assist any time between 3.30pm - 6.00pm on Monday 9 May. Your assistance would be appreciated.

Opening Hours and Purchases: The Uniform Shop is open Monday to Thursday, from 8.00am – 9.30am, and 3.00pm – 4.30pm on Monday and Wednesday (school days only).

Online purchases can be made via the Online Uniform Shop ( and all orders will be delivered to the Student Centre for collection by students.

The Uniform Shop will be open for booked fittings on Tuesday 26 April, and CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY  27 April 2022.

If you have any concerns regarding uniform items, please don't hesitate to contact the uniform shop on 8838 1275 or



Mother Daughter Mass





We farewell our current canteen providers Total Canteen Solutions and thank them for all their efforts in Term 1.


We would like to welcome Yvette’s Lunchbox to the college who will be taking over the contract from Term 2. The new canteen menu will be available shortly and will offer a great selection of food available before school, morning tea and lunch time.



Students and parents can continue to place an order through Flexischools.

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