Last week, I was fortunate to attend a conference facilitated by Professor Guy Claxton, an international cognitive scientist and writer of over 30 books on psychology and education.

Professor Claxton’s research and practice entitled ‘The Learning Power Approach’, centres on continual transformation of teaching and learning in schools to better engage students with a love of curiosity and problem-solving techniques.

This day was most inspiring as it cemented in my thinking that our approaches to learning at OLMC are already aligned to current ideas and best practice. Additionally, this day provided me with some new and exciting ways of continuing to grow our understanding of neuroscience in the learning process.

I am excited to work with the College Leadership Team and the entire Teaching Staff in 2023 as we continue to explore these and other research themes in our professional learning and collaborations moving forward.

The 2022 Academic Year is coming to a close and I’m sure, as parents, you are feeling the pace of life pick up as we approach the Christmas Season.

This year at OLMC has been vibrant and energetic with all events and activities returning after our two-year hiatus and many new cocurricular activities being added to the calendar to keep Mercy Girls busy, happy and productive.

Our current Year 7 students continue to develop their ability to access online resources as they completed Project Rockit – online modules addressing digital wellbeing and positive action.

Year 8 have been focusing on positive peer relationships. Messages from RUOK? Day, recognised in Term 3, still resonate with the girls and this is encouraged in their Wellbeing lessons.  

Year 9 braved the weather and completed their Camp near the Colo River. They showed resilience, persistence and leadership as they participated in many activities. They also attended the yLead Peer Support training day focused on leadership and the importance of mentoring younger students. These Year 9 students will become the ‘big sisters’ of our Year 7 2023 students.

Year 11 have officially become recognised as the eldest members of the student body, and as such, were ‘given the keys’ to the Senior Common Room. This is a space that allows the girls privacy and privilege which come with the added responsibility of being Year 12 students in 2023. They have also made the transition over to our campus at 12VR where they will attend their classes for the remainder of the year and into next year. We wish them well as they commence their HSC journey.

Celebration of Achievement

I hope you are looking forward to our Celebration of Achievement evening to be held at Quaycentre, Sydney Olympic Park on 5 December 2022. Commencing at 7.00pm, I strongly encourage all families to arrive from 6.00pm as there are other events taking place at Sydney Olympic Park on the same evening. Please note that this is a compulsory event for all students. If for any reason a student is unable to attend this event, I require a letter of explanation prior to the event. Student attendance will be recorded on the night. Please register your attendance by clicking below.

Catherine McAuley Anniversary

Last week, the College marked the anniversary of the death of the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, the Venerable Catherine McAuley. A beautiful morning tea was held with staff and the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta in the Convent Garden. On 11 November, our Community Mass was dedicated to Catherine’s memory.

OLMC Scholarships

We have recently reviewed our OLMC Scholarships and there are a number of new Scholarships on offer at the College for students starting in 2024. Rewarding academic excellence, performing arts and sport, as well as an Alumnae Scholarship, we invite families to apply through our website. Please click here for further information.

Sponsor a Seat

Sponsor a Seat is attracting much interest among our Mercy community and many families have already donated money to be part of this unique opportunity.

With the completion of the Northern Wing of the Brigid Shelly Building in 2023, a new 200-seat Auditorium will provide a meeting space for House/Year groups, performances and other College events. For $250, your name will be etched in history with a small plaque being placed at a seat in the Auditorium. All donations will support the College’s future building projects. If you would like to find out more about this project, please click here.

Parents & Friends Association

The College is thankful to the P&F for their work in building community throughout 2022. Congratulations and thanks to the following parents who have been elected to the Committee for the next 12 months:

PresidentVanessa Cassin
Vice PresidentPedro Sampaio
TreasurerMichael Johnson
SecretaryBrindha Kugan
Social ConvenorKatrina Leonardi
PCR RepSheyana La Brooy
Ordinary Members

Justine Hanks

Sean McIntosh

Jaya Samtani


Vale Sister Joan Keogh

We pray for the eternal rest of the soul of Mercy Sister Joan Keogh, known to many over the years in our extended community. Her requiem was held in the Mother Mary Clare Dunphy Chapel recently and some of our girls were honoured to participate in a well-deserved guard of honour for Sister Joan and assist by providing hospitality to those in attendance. Many people present have contacted me to thank our girls and comment on the beautiful and graceful way they presented themselves and represented the College.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day was commemorated on 11 November with a beautifully prepared video produced by Ben Walsh, Head of History and HSIE, that was shared with Homerooms. At 11.00am our community paused for one minute silence reflecting on the men and women in our Australian Defence forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Ms Lucie Farrugia
College Principal

16 November 2022Year 12 Formal
22 November 2022P&F Meeting (7.00pm, Staff Common Room)
24 November 2022Year 7 2023 Orientation Day
25 November 2022Year 7 2023 Public Speaking Day of Excellence
5 December 2022Celebration of  Achievement (7.00-9.30pm)
6 December 2022Final day of Term 4

Mercy Works Presentation

Jo Casamento from Mercy Works came out to a recent College Assembly to accept a cheque for almost $10,000 which was raised on Mercy Day. She was overwhelmed by the generosity of our community and shared how OLMC’s donation will assist families in Australia and overseas. This will support projects including purchasing chickens to provide eggs and vital protein to international families, support for women living in abusive relationships and programs for Indigenous children living in Australia.

We would like to thank all staff and students who supported Mercy Works through purchasing food and tokens on Mercy Day last Term.

Leadership and Eco Justice Zoom Day

On Wednesday, 9 November, 11 Year 8 students attended the Leadership and Eco-Justice Forum for 2022. We heard Gwen Michener talk about the seven goals of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si message and how they encourage us to care for the Earth. Gwen provided many ways for school communities to act on these goals and help sustain our Earth. We enjoyed discussing with other Mercy schools the best steps to achieve these goals.

Month of November


We continue to remember our loved ones who have passed away throughout the month of November. Year 12 Liturgy leaders Joanna Davino and Katherine Baker have led students and staff in praying the Rosary during lunch time.



Mercy Futures - B&B Highway

Judy Friedlander presented her research on the importance of pollinators and habitat regeneration in our local community. She outlined where our B&B Highway will be located and even helped us to plant some native plants in the Convent gardens. These Highways are plant and flower corridors that encourage bees, bird, bugs and butterflies to find safe places to rest, while encouraging pollination and the reproduction of pollinators, which are essential for life.

Central Australia Immersion

A final reminder for girls in Year 9 or 10 who are interested in applying for the Immersion trip to Central Australia next September. Please obtain an application pack from the Student Centre. The first round of student interviews will take place this week.

Christmas Cards for Nursing Home

Year 10 used their artistic talents and wrote heartfelt messages onto Christmas cards which several Year 10 students will soon deliver to local nursing homes. These little messages of cheer are always well received and for some, are the only Christmas card received at this festive time.

Christmas Appeal

We continue to collect for our Christmas Appeals, to ensure that our local families have the opportunity to celebrate this festive time in a special way.

  • Vinnies food donations are still being received at the Staff Common Room door
  • Christmas gifts with profiles from the Giving Tree are being arranged in Homerooms. We have another 30 profiles coming online this week from Australian Refugee Volunteers - so keep an eye out for new gift tags!


Mrs Gabby Scanlon
Director of Identity

How Not to Worry What Others Think of You

It’s natural to want others to like and accept us but worrying too much about thoughts other’s hold about you can negatively impact your mental health. When we get the answer wrong in class or don’t pass an exam, emotions such as embarrassment and shame can arise when we wonder how poorly others must think of us.

So often we spend untold energy worrying about how other people perceive us and any amount of praise is immediately overshadowed by one piece of criticism. Research shows that we consistently overestimate how much, and how badly, others think about our failings.


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Debating and Public Speaking

The last two weeks have seen a flurry of activity by our girls in both Debating and Public Speaking. As always, our students have prepared diligently and performed impressively.

In Debating, our amazing Year 8B team contested the State Final of CSDA Debating last Friday evening on Zoom. Watched by a live audience of over 40 supporters, the girls were excellent in their presentations, but just fell short of winning their twentieth consecutive debate. It was a split decision by the three adjudicators, but we are all proud of their outstanding record over two years. Congratulations to A’ishah Ali, Lizzy Butler, Pia Goradia, Bianca Mina and Celina Wassef who, together with their coach, ex-DAPS Leader Lily Tambrchi, have set a standard of success that may never be equaled. Be proud of what you have achieved, girls!

The Intraschool Debating semi-finals for Years 7 and 8 were held last week and as expected, the standard was very high indeed. The topic for both semi-finals was 'That we waste too much'.  The winning teams will meet in the Grand Final on Thursday, 1 December and will be between the Year 8 Gold Team B (Ashlyn Kumar, Jemima Scothern and Matilda Webb and coached by A’ishah Ali and Celina Wassef) and Blue Team C (Paige Harrison, Emily Johnson, Kavya Samtani and Siella Wardle coached by Lizzy Butler). Good luck to all! The Year 9 and 10 finalists were announced in last week’s Parragraph and have their Grand Final on Wednesday, 30 November.

In Public Speaking, the heats of UN Voice have been run over several weeks and it has been a successful progression to the State semi-finals for Amariah Tamaro (Year 7) and Sharanya Kugan (Year 10). This is the first time we have had a representative in both Junior and Senior sections of the competition and this Friday, both girls will be striving to reach the State Final.

Next week, all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will have the opportunity to compete for the Speaker of the Year Christmas Competition. This event is not limited to girls who signed up for Public Speaking at the start of the year - anyone can enter. Girls compete in their own Year level and winners have their names engraved on shields that have the names of outstanding past public speakers. Entry forms are available from the Student Centre or from Mr Ostrowski at any lunchtime in F101.

At this point, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution that our Debating and Public Speaking leaders, Olivia Easton and Tijana Pavlovic have made. Their enthusiasm and initiative have been exemplary whether hosting events, adjudicating in debates or initiating programs for next year, Olivia and Tijana have shown why they are exceptional leaders in their portfolio.

Mr Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator


Wednesday Touch Football

The Wednesday Touch Football draw and results can be found here.

With recent Touch Football cancellations due to the rain, make-up games have been scheduled for Thursday, 17 November. The final games for the season will be played on Wednesday, 16 November and Thursday, 17 November.

Thank you to all the girls and parents for your support this season!


Saturday Basketball

The results from Week 4, Saturday Basketball:

  • OLMC 1 - Defeated Rosebank, 35-19
  • OLMC 3 - Defeated by Rosebank, 25-11
  • OLMC 4 - Defeated by MLC, 32-15 and St Scholastica’s, 47-17

The results from Week 5, Saturday Basketball:

  • OLMC 1 - Defeated Rosebank, 35-21
  • OLMC 3 - Defeated by Loreto, 45-10
  • OLMC 4 - Defeated by Rosebank, 34-11


Saturday Volleyball

The results from Week 4, Saturday Volleyball:

  • OLMC 1 - Defeated by Meriden, 2-1
  • OLMC 2 - Defeated by St Vincent’s, 2-1
  • OLMC 3 - Defeated by Monte, 3-0
  • OLMC 4 - Defeated PLC, 3-0
  • OLMC 5 - Defeated by Meriden, 2-1
  • OLMC 6 - BYE
  • OLMC 7 - Defeated PLC, 3-0
  • OLMC 8 - Defeated by Danebank, 3-0

The results from Week 5, Saturday Volleyball:

  • OLMC 1 - Defeated by Santa Sabina, 3 -0 and Defeated PLC, 2-0
  • OLMC 2 - BYE
  • OLMC 3 - Drew with Loreto, 2-2
  • OLMC 4 - Defeated Monte, 3-0
  • OLMC 5 - Defeated Santa Sabina, 2-1
  • OLMC 6 - Defeated by Santa Sabina, 3-0
  • OLMC 7 - Defeated Monte, 3-0
  • OLMC 8 - Defeated St Vincent’s, 3-1


CGSSSA Aquathon

After a two-year hiatus, the CGSSSA Aquathon, a running and swimming event, was back on at Merrylands Pool and Park on Wednesday, 2 November. This year also saw OLMC host for the first time!

Our OLMC Aquathon team consisted of Sofia Polson and Amelia Harvie (Year 12), Mia Fogolin, Niamh Nolan, Sophie Assaad, Lucie Francis, Olivia Nesci and Emily Shumack (Year 10), Bronte Herberstein, Stephanie Lake and Zoe McIntosh (Year 9), Matilda Webb, Jemima Scothern, Sarah Stewart, Kasey Bolt, Madison Stewart and Claire Scanlon (Year 8).

The girls all competed with great enthusiasm and should be very proud of their efforts. The competition was fierce and OLMC produced some excellent results!

Congratulations to Lucie Francis (Year 10) who won the Intermediate Individual event with Zoe McIntosh (Year 9), finishing in 3rd place. Kasey Bolt and Matilda Webb (Year 8) also competed impressively, placing 2nd in the Junior Teams event.

With all results combined, OLMC finished 2nd in the Intermediate Age Division and 3rd overall, across all events and age groups. Well done to all involved on a sensational result!

With OLMC hosting the event, I must thank the hard work of the Year 10 PASS class who assisted with the running of the event.



On Friday, 11 November OLMC competed at the CGSSSA Tennis Championships at Parramatta Tennis.

The OLMC team were unstoppable with all students medalling. Archa Chavan (Year 7) won the Junior Singles event, while Talia Lahoud and Zali Lazarevic (Year 8) teamed up to win the Junior Doubles event.

After a very long day, Catherine Yue (Year 11) went on to win the Open Singles event with Renee Poon (Year 10) taking home Bronze place.

Well done to all the girls for their efforts and for achieving a sensational result!


The 2022 Metro South West Open Water Championships were held on Sunday, 6 November at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith.

Congratulations to Imogen Burns (Year 9) who won her 7.5km event. Zoe McIntosh (Year 9) and Matilda Webb (Year 8) also competed in the 5km event.

The girls are looking forward to the State Open Water Championships in December.

Mr Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator

P&F Meeting - Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Guest Speaker:  Steven Adams, Head of PDHPE (Acting)

All are welcome to the next P&F Meeting at 7.00pm on Tuesday, 22 November 2022. At this meeting, we will welcome Steven Adams who is presenting a proposal for the upgrade of the College Gymnasium. This meeting will be held in the Catherine McAuley Library (First Floor of Janet Woods Building) - access via Gate 7, Ross St (O'Connell Street end).

Opening Hours and Purchases

The Uniform Shop is open Monday to Thursday from 8.00am – 9.30am, and 3.00pm – 4.30pm on Monday and Wednesday (school days only). Online purchases can be made via the Online Uniform Shop and all orders will be delivered to the Student Centre for collection by students.  
Uniform Fittings 2023

Appointment times for the Uniform Shop are available online and can be booked via the uniform tab on the College website. Please note there are separate times and dates for senior and junior fittings.

Senior Uniform Fittings for Year 10, 2023 have begun and will continue until Wednesday, 23 November so please ensure your booking is made before then. 

Junior Uniform Fittings for Year 7, 2023 will begin from Saturday, 26 November 2022 till Monday, 12 December 2022. 

There will be no fittings over the school holidays, although, the Uniform Shop will be open before school on Monday, 23 January 2023. A booking is required if you would like to come in on this day.

If you have any concerns regarding uniform items, please don't hesitate to contact the uniform shop on 8838 1275 or 

Sponsor a Seat