OLMC Parramatta

Lucie Farrugia, Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone back to school for 2024! It is lovely to see our girls return with enthusiasm and energy. Our 207 new Year 7 students are settling in well, as are our new students from Years 8-11 and I welcome all our new families into our Mercy community.

The beginning of a new year provides an opportunity for a fresh start. For our students, a chance to learn and grow and to build upon the knowledge and experiences they have gained in the past. It's a time to challenge themselves and to experience new things.

After their well-earned break, our teachers and staff are back to inspire and support our students as they embark on their 2024 journey. Our new Brigid Shelly Building brings us countless opportunities to bring innovative ideas and practices into the classroom and every classroom, new or existing is a positive and nurturing environment where every girl can thrive.

For our parents and carers, it's a time to renew your trust in us as the educators and carers of your daughters on a day-to-day and to be in partnership with us as we move through another school year.

Our focus value for 2024 is ‘Mercy’. Mercy is a compassionate and forgiving disposition or quality, often characterised by a willingness to show kindness and understanding to those who may be suffering or experiencing hardship. Mercy calls us to strive to make things better for others. We hope to demonstrate Mercy as a community this year, through understanding and acceptance of others and through our actions.

Many congratulations to the Class of 2023 for their excellent HSC results. Their hard work and dedication to their studies paid off and we are extremely proud of them. For a detailed report on their outstanding achievements, click here. Yesterday, we had the chance to acknowledge their successes at the HSC Celebration of Achievement Assembly. This was followed by a morning tea which provided a lovely opportunity for the girls to catch up with each other and with staff. We wish the girls all the very best for their future and remind them that they are always welcome back to their Alma Mater.

Our Opening College Mass will be held this Friday in the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre. This will be an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate our faith, and to set our intentions for the year ahead.

The first few weeks at any school in Term 1 are always busy, and OLMC is no exception. The myriad of events and activities planned provides our students with many fun-filled experiences. Today at lunchtime, we held our Co-curricular Fair where the girls had the chance to ‘sign up’ for any co-curricular activity that interests them. From 2024 this extensive program, led by Mr Steve Adams, has been rebadged to OLMC Connect. 

I urge every student to be involved in OLMC CONNECT. As the name suggests, these activities align with the curriculum and help students form connections with each other outside of the classroom to enhance a well-rounded holistic experience…and they are a lot of fun. There are many opportunities in the spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting dimensions of this community. I encourage our young learners to try activities that they have never attempted before, to meet new people and to embrace all that this wonderful community has to offer.

As I mentioned above, the long-awaited Brigid Shelly Northern Wing was completed at the end of last year. This beautiful new addition to our campus, as well as the renovations to the classrooms in the existing Brigid Shelly Building, are now open for students and staff. We look forward to sharing stories, experiences and possibilities that this building will provide to Mercy Girls and the OLMC community.

Our P&F Committee is hosting our first whole community event for the year with a Cocktail Party on Friday, 23 February. This event is a perfect chance to meet new parents and reconnect with old friends. I look forward to welcoming you on this evening.

On Monday, 12 February, I also look forward to meeting the parents of our newest Mercy Girls in Year 7 at the Year 7 House Welcome Evening.

Please save the date for our annual Open Day on Sunday, 3 March which will be held from 9.00am - 3.00pm. Prospective families can register to attend by clicking here.

In mentioning some of our upcoming events, it is clear that there is always something happening at OLMC. To keep up to date, please follow our social media including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and ensure that you read our College Newsletter, which will be distributed via email every fortnight.

All staff of OLMC are primed for a successful and memorable school year. In partnership with our wonderful parents, we are confident that our students will achieve great things.

Mother Mary of Mercy, Pray for us

Lucie Farrugia
College Principal



Thursday, 8 FebruaryCollege Photo Day
Friday, 9 FebruaryOpening School Mass (students only)
Friday, 9 FebruaryYear 7 Activities Day
Monday, 12 FebruaryYear 7 House Welcome Evening (parents & students)
Tuesday, 13 FebruaryP&F Meeting
Tuesday, 20 FebruarySwimming Carnival (Twilight)
Wednesday, 21 FebruaryPupil Free Day
Friday, 23 FebruaryP&F Cocktail Party
Monday, 26 FebruaryYear 7 Cyber Safety Talk (compulsory for parents & students)
Sunday, 3 MarchOPEN DAY (compulsory for students in Years 8 & 11)
Monday, 4 MarchPupil Free Day
Thursday, 28 MarchHoly Thursday
Friday, 29 MarchGood Friday
Monday, 1 AprilEaster Monday
Wednesday, 3 AprilCross Country
Friday, 12 AprilLast day of Term

Anthony Blomfield, Deputy Principal

I extend a very warm welcome to every member of our community at the beginning of the 2024 learning year. In particular, welcome to the parents and students who are new to our community. Of course, most eyes are on those Year 7 students who commence their high school journey at OLMC Parramatta – it's an exciting and somewhat frightening prospect for many students, and perhaps a few parents as well! I also recognise those students and families who have joined in Year 8, 9, 10 and 11. It’s one thing to begin at a new school in Year 7, but in my years of working with students, it is often far more overwhelming to enter an already-existing cohort of students. So to every student in their first weeks at OLMC, I encourage you to be courageous and embrace your new start. Ask questions, seek assistance and lean on the students in your homerooms where firm relationships can be quickly established and then last, in some cases, for a lifetime.

New students to OLMC are not the only ones who have stepped into the unknown. We have 16 adults, our new staff, who are also sharing some of these challenges and emotions! Any of us who have changed jobs recognise there is always a ‘warming up’ period. However, it is unlikely for us as parents, we have not had to face 1,100 students, 150 colleagues and classes of faces and names to remember. Having spoken with many of these new teachers at the end of last week, I can assure you they are feeling warmly welcomed – and that is thanks in a large part to our Mercy Girls who have embraced them and made them feel at home. Thank you girls.

Hiding away from the weekend’s heat I set myself the task of catching up on some academic reading. I was stopped in my tracks by the following.

Adam Bryant asked a colleague, Ruth Simmons, what guidance she commonly shared with her students. She replied as follows: '(People) should ever assume they can predict which experiences will teach them the most about what they value or what their life should be. You have to be open and alert at every turn to the possibility that you’re about to learn the most important lesson of your life.' (Bryant, A. (2023) The Leap to Leader: How Ambitious Managers make the jump to Leadership. Harvard Business Publishing).

I wish I had said that! This sentence reverberates strongly with me as a parent, a school leader, a class teacher and simply, as a human being. It has genuinely made me reflect about what, why and how I’m doing what I’m doing. Have I learned ‘the most important lesson’ of my life yet? I don’t know. But this is kind of exciting – perhaps the best is yet to come! We know that sometimes the best lessons emerge from the good or bad experiences life throws at us.

There will be plenty of experiences thrown at your daughters this term. This week alone, we have the Celebration of Achievement for the HSC Class of 2023 on Tuesday, College photo day on Thursday, the Opening College Mass on Friday morning, the Year 7 activities day following the Mass and the Year 7 House Welcome evening next Monday evening. We will also launch the co-curricular program on Wednesday, 7 February with a 'sign up' expo for students during lunchtime. For those of you who missed the ‘Welcome’ email sent last week, I reported that there were over 4,500 instances of student co-curricular participation in 2023, and these are only the ones that were actually recorded. There will probably be even more this year.

The phrase 'Courageous Advocates, Limitless Possibilities' is not just a clever tag line for OLMC Parramatta. It is an invitation. It is action. It is risk and reward, success and failure, old and new relationships, the detail and the big picture. Our challenge to our students is to be 'alert at every turn' for new skills, friends and experiences, even when we are out of our comfort zone. I invite you to support your daughters to be courageous this year in their learning and in their participation at, and beyond, the College. Encourage them to sign up for one of the many, if not limitless opportunities that are provided at the College by our generous, committed and enthusiastic staff.

Who knows - perhaps the experience of joining a new co-curricular activity, starting at a new school or simply starting a new school year, whether as a student or as an adult, might be the beginning of one of the most important lessons of your life. Watch this space.

Venerable Catherine McAuley, Pray for us.

Anthony Blomfield
Deputy Principal

Gabrielle Scanlon, Director of Identity

Lent 2024

Lent is a special time for Christian people and marks the forty days in the lead-up to Easter. It is a time for prayer, fasting and almsgiving and allows us to spend time remembering the sacrifices Jesus made for us all.

To mark this occasion, we will be celebrating as a College community in several different ways:

  • Shrove Tuesday

The Mercy Action Reps will be selling pancakes on Frances Kearney playground on Tuesday, 13 February before school, commencing at 7.30am. Pancakes cost $2 and can be paid for with cash or card. Toppings include Nutella, maple syrup and cream.

  • Ash Wednesday

We mark the commencement of Lent with our Ash Wednesday Liturgy on 14 February when we will gather as a whole school community.

  • Project Compassion Appeal

At the Ash Wednesday Liturgy, we launch the Caritas Australia Lenten Appeal. Caritas Australia is the organisation working for the Catholic Church which is responsible for local and overseas aid and development. Each year, the College members are very generous in their donations, and we are hoping that this year is no exception.

  • Prayer Group

The Catholic Diocese of Wollongong has launched a lovely Lenten Program which the College has purchased. If you would like a digital or printed copy with audio computer files to share with your family or local prayer group, please email me at gabrielle.scanlon@olmc.nsw.edu.au

Year 7 Formation Day

What a terrific day was had by all! We have such a diverse group of young girls who have joined us as the newest Mercy Girls! One most fascinating pieces of data I shared with the girls can be seen on the slide below:

Girls were introduced to the story of Catherine McAuley and the history of the Sisters of Mercy, as well as an introduction to College life and a prayer service in the Chapel. The girls were interested, engaged and excited to be part of the graduating class of 2029!







Lenten Retreat

All staff and the College community are welcome to attend a Mercy Partners Lenten Retreat session to be held in Parramatta at the Congregation Centre (Old Convent) on 6 March. Please see the flyer below for information.

Gabby Scanlon 
Director of Identity


Exploring Digital Citizenship and Celebrating Women in Science at the Catherine McAuley Library

Greetings, readers! Last Friday, our Year 7 students delved into the world of Digital Citizenship. The Library walls came alive with thought-provoking posters created by Year 7 students, encouraging us all to connect, reflect and protect as we observed the themes of Safer Internet Day which was on Tuesday, 6 February. 

As we venture further into the month, the Library also encourages students to take a moment to celebrate the incredible women making strides in the world of science. With International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February, we honour the achievements of those who inspire us to dream big and break barriers. 

Next week, we approach Valentine's Day in the Library, putting our own spin on it with Library Lovers Day. Join us in celebrating the joy of reading by participating in our Blind Date with a Book event next Wednesday. Pick up a wrapped book, dive into the unknown and discover a new literary love. There will be other lunchtime activities throughout the week so remember to join us in the Library for loads of fun.  

Throughout the term, students are encouraged to access our online Library guide and share their thoughts on a book they've loved. Their review will be displayed in the library to inspire others. Each review enters you into a draw for a chance to win a book voucher which will be drawn at the end of term.  

We look forward to a year filled with literary adventures, discoveries and a shared love for the written word.  

Let’s read more in 2024! 

Jody Gilroy
Head of Library Services 




It’s the start of another year and the Careers Department has hit the ground running. We have a lot planned this year so please remember to read the fortnightly newsletter for regular updates. The students also receive a weekly Careers Newsletter which has information on webinars and university courses.

For those new to the school community, Careers and VET is led by Alison Dalby and supported by Sonya Pillai. Together, we organise various information sessions for our students which range from university visits to career-specific talks.

The following universities will be visiting OLMC in Semester 1, providing students the opportunity to listen to student ambassadors and ask questions. In addition to this UAC will be presenting to Year 12 students on 12 March.





Term 1- Week 2

Tuesday 6 February 2024


Term 1- Week 9

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Notre Dame

Term 1 – Week 10

Tuesday 2 April 2024


Term 1 – Week 11

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Western Sydney Uni

Term 2- Week 1

Tuesday 30 April 2024


Term 2- Week 2

Tuesday 7 May 2024


Should you have any questions about Careers or VET please contact sonya.pillai@olmc.nsw.edu.au




Counselling Matters

The Art of Friendship

Making friends can be a challenge, particularly when starting at a new school, however, it is a skill that we need throughout our lives.

  • Don’t be afraid to take the initiative - introduce yourself and start a conversation. Try your best to remember names. This shows people that you’ve seen them and taken the time and energy to notice them. Try and say their name straight away to assist in remembering it.
  • Work on developing conversation skills so you get better at listening and talking. Great conversationalists tend to do the following:
  • Ask questions. When someone asks questions, it shows they’re interested in the other person and his or her opinion. Open questions – ones that need more than just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – help get the conversation going. An excellent conversation starter is to ask what they are doing/did on the weekend.
  • Show that you’re listening by referring back to what the other person has said. It’s best to do this in a meaningful way and by making connections where possible. For example, ‘Wow, The Wanderers are my favourite soccer team too! Who is your favourite player?’
  • Body language helps to convey that someone is interested in us and what we are saying.
    - Posture: The person looks comfortable and relaxed. Their arms are not crossed and maybe they’re leaning in close to you.
    - Eye contact: In Western culture, looking into another person’s eyes when they’re speaking, conveys interest in that person. However, in some cultures, this may be considered rude. And for some neurodiverse people, eye contact might not be comfy! 
    - Nodding in agreement: When someone nods in response to the most important things you’re saying, they’re showing interest and understanding.
    - Smiling or laughing: A good sign that the other person is enjoying the conversation.
  • Get involved in co-curricular and/or after-school activities. Not only will this help you learn new skills, but it’s also a great way to meet like-minded people. Try sports teams, debating, drama and so on, until you find the right fit.

Like with any new skill, it will take practice and at times it may feel awkward. However, you need to persist and keep your expectations low, as it may take 10-15 conversations with someone for a friendship to become established.

Parents can assist by encouraging their daughter to accept or make invitations to spend time together after school or on weekends. If you have further questions or feel your daughter may need support in making friends, please speak with her Head of House or a College Counsellor on 9683 3300.

Sandra Portela
Senior College Counsellor

Free Parent Webinar: How to Get (& Keep) Your Child Motivated This Year

We’re excited to announce that Elevate Education will be hosting a free webinar for our parents on motivation on Wednesday, 14 February from 6.30-7.30pm. 

Elevate works with our students, delivering high-impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series, you’ll learn how you can help support your children at home by reinforcing the skills they’re learning at school. 

Their upcoming webinar on motivation will give you some easy-to-implement strategies to help your child get focused on achieving their goals this year.  

Topics that Elevate will be covering on the night:  

  • Using praise and reassurance to motivate your child  
  • Setting relevant and effective goals for your child  
  • Helping your child to stay motivated long-term 

We hope to see you there.  

Click here to register for free  

At our assembly last week, I invited all students to think about how they might adopt an innovator’s mindset. An innovator is not someone who takes dangerous or needless risks, but someone who takes the time to consider options, who pushes themselves beyond their current state, and who learns from failure as well as success.

We need only look to the story of the founding of OLMC Parramatta to see innovation at work. It was a huge risk for the group of founding Sisters of Mercy to travel halfway across the world to build a community from scratch. It is even more impressive that they would focus on the importance of the education of girls in a society that would take decades to catch up to this way of thinking.

This year, our students will have many opportunities to activate their innovative mindset. Whether it is through how they approach learning in the classroom, a new co-curricular activity, taking on leadership roles or perhaps a part-time job, the world in which our students currently live and the world to which they will graduate are vastly different to the world into which the founding Sisters sailed to Australia.

The beauty of being an innovator at OLMC is that students can make positive change in the world whilst exhibiting all the values and characteristics of a Mercy Girl. We don’t want change for change’s sake. We want positive change for a better world, for as many people as possible.

We encourage students to not only take on the opportunities presented to them throughout the year, but also to let us know about opportunities that exist outside of the College which we might be able to support along the way.


I hope 2024 is truly a year of limitless possibility and that we continue a long tradition of innovation here at OLMC Parramatta.

Matthew Esterman
Director of Innovation and Partnerships

Connect OLMC

We are thrilled to unveil our new Co-curricular Program, Connect OLMC, designed to enrich the holistic development of our students. In today's dynamic world, education extends far beyond the classroom, and our commitment to providing a well-rounded learning experience has led to the expansion of our co-curricular offerings.

At OLMC, we aim to nurture well-rounded individuals. We recognise that students thrive when they have opportunities to explore their passions, talents and interests outside of traditional academics. OLMC Connect is the embodiment of this philosophy, fostering personal growth, leadership skills and a sense of community.

Over the years, our co-curricular programs have continued to grow, and we expect that 2024 will be no different. We are committed to offering a program that caters for a wide range of interest areas, ensuring that it is accessible for students of all different abilities and experiences.

Today, we held our Co-curricular Fair in Edith Angel Hall where students had the chance to discover the wide range of activities on offer, from arts and music to sports and community service. Registrations for our co-curricular activities will open soon via a new platform ‘Clipboard’. As such, students and parents are reminded to keep an eye out for emails with registration details that will be required to be completed by students and their parents/caregivers.

I look forward to our students discovering new passions and fostering a lifelong love for learning with OLMC Connect. Should you have any questions about our new Co-curricular program, please contact the relevant coordinators listed on ‘Clipboard’.

Steve Adams
Leader of Co-curricular Programs




Debating and Public Speaking

Once again, all students at the College are invited to participate in Debating and Public Speaking in 2024. These popular co-curricular offerings develop both skills and confidence, not just for the many who taste outstanding success, but for every student who stands up in front of an audience and speaks about important issues and ideas.

We begin with Public Speaking. Early this week, all students were emailed details of available Public Speaking competitions as well as a preference form which needs to be submitted by Monday, 12 February. A special welcome to new students who will quickly realise the wide range of opportunities offered at the College. It is important to note that each student who applies for Public Speaking is guaranteed at least one competition. In addition, each student gets individual support in preparing, editing and presenting their speech. Mr Ostrowski is available each lunch hour in F101 to help but students can email at any time with questions or concerns.

The Year 7 Public Speaking workshop has become a significant event that introduces new students to the exciting world of Public Speaking. This week, all Year 7s (over 200 students) were treated to a presentation that not only taught the skills of public speaking but enabled them to write and present a short speech in front of other students. The majority of the presentation was delivered by our DAPS (Debating and Public Speaking) Leaders Neha Sharma and Deeya Vashi, as well as outstanding Year 8 speakers, Sophie Ackroyd and Harini Niranjan Kumar. In the writing and presentation session, groups were assisted by no fewer than 20 mentors including experienced student public speakers, Elissa Abboud, A’ishah Ali, Sarah Kenna, Haynin Lai, Sofia Tong and Amariah Tamaro. Thank you also to the many teachers who assisted, particularly Mrs Mo Bremner who will be helping to coordinate Debating and Public Speaking this year. The day unearthed some amazing new speakers so we can confidently look forward to maintaining the high level of success the College has become well known for.

At the end of last year, we were very proud to announce that Matilda Webb of Year 9 was the Australian champion in the Legacy Public Speaking competition held in Adelaide in November. Unfortunately, that performance was not recorded but you can watch Matilda’s outstanding effort in winning the NSW State Final.  Go to the Arts Unit website at https://artsunit.nsw.edu.au/program/junior-secondary-speaking-award. Scroll to the bottom of the site to the 2023 NSW State Final. Matilda’s five-minute prepared speech entitled Money or Memories can be found at 20min 40secs while her equally excellent impromptu on the topic A Vicious Cycle is at 1hr 10mins 10secs. Definitely worth a look.

The end of 2023 saw other outstanding achievements. The annual Christmas Competition was held at the end of November and once again revealed the public speaking talents of our girls. Organised by DAPS Leaders, Neha Sharma and Deeya Vashi, the theme for 2023 was inspired by the Home Alone movie franchise. Speakers could respond to one of two questions: 'Will you please tell Santa that instead of presents this year, I just want my family?' or 'What if Christmas was spent home alone?'. The names of winners were engraved on the respective shields for each Year level. Congratulations to Sophie Ackroyd (Year 7), Ananya Karthik (Year 8) and Snigdha Bommasani (Year 9) whose names join a long list of illustrious speakers but well done to the many students who took part in the competition.

Also at the end of last year, we announced that Ashwini Aravinthan of Year 10 had placed second in the challenging Speaking 4 the Planet competition. Ashwini’s performance was so impressive that the organisers of that event contacted her during the holidays and requested she provide a short video on the experience and what she gained from it. This video will be used by Speaking 4 the Planet in the promotion of their competition.

Late news: We had previously reported that Siona Trivedi of Year 11 had been selected in the Australian team to compete at the World Independent Debating and Public Speaking titles in Canberra this Easter. In an exciting development, we have just been advised that Gabby Fleming, also of Year 11, has been added to the team. To have two OLMC students in a national team of 12 brilliant speakers is simply remarkable. Congratulations to both Siona and Gabby for this exceptional achievement.

We look forward to another amazing year of success with our public speakers and debaters.

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator




Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Eight Year 11 students completed a five day expedition late in 2023 as part of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. These students included Isabella Cotter, Gabrielle Fleming, Lohita Gollavilli, Akanska Gowda, Lily Johnston, Hasini Madukuri and Sahanna Sri.

Sahanna has written a reflection on her experience of the Adventurous Journey during a heatwave in early December.

Over the December holidays, a group of OLMC girls set out on a Duke of Ed Silver Adventurous Journey at Camp Somerset in Upper Colo. The expedition lasted for five days, with two days focused on developing skills in camping, hiking and canoeing. This was followed by a three-day qualifying adventurous journey, where the challenges primarily tested our mental strength. Although we were ready for the physical challenges, the mental obstacles proved to be much more difficult than anticipated. Nevertheless, the strong bond among the members played a vital role. The presence of constant reassurance and encouragement fostered an empowering atmosphere, allowing everyone to conquer their mental obstacles. This experience transformed into more than just a hike, it became a valuable lesson in the power of teamwork, resilience and personal growth. The Duke of Ed Silver Expedition challenged us to step outside our comfort zones, resulting in personal growth and emphasising the significance of a strong support system during challenging times. Sahanna Sri (Year 11)

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

A reminder to Year 9 parents that the Bronze Duke of Ed Parent Information Evening is taking place at the College on Tuesday, 13 February. This will start at 6.00pm in Edith Angel Hall. Students are encouraged to accompany interested parents to the event. 


Welcome to OLMC Sport for 2024.

We have numerous sports nearly ready for registration. All sports will now use the new Clipboard platform for registrations, payments and permissions.

Saturday Netball and Saturday Soccer seasons are fast approaching. If you have a group of friends who would like to play together, then start organising your teams.

For students who wish to trial for Parramatta Diocese Sport teams or NSWCCC teams, registrations will also need to be completed online with the appropriate websites. Students will possibly need to be participating at a State Representative level to be considered.

PDSSSC – https://www.secondarysportparra.catholic.edu.au/

NSWCCC – https://csnsw.sport/

You can also view Sporting information on the OLMC Sports Page - https://myolmc.instructure.com/courses/39/pages/olmc-sport

If you have any queries about Sports on offer at OLMC this year, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator





Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop will be open Monday to Thursday, from 8.00am – 9.30am and 3.00pm – 4.00pm on Monday and Wednesday (school days only, no booking appointment necessary). 

Online purchases can be made via the Online Uniform Shop https://shop.olmc.nsw.edu.au/ and all orders will be delivered to the Student Centre for collection by students. 
Terms 1 - All girls are to wear the summer uniform. 

Terms 2 and 3 – All girls are to wear winter uniform. 

Winter Uniform Fittings 2024

Junior Uniform Fittings for Year 7 2024

Appointment times will be available online from the end of March/early April for the junior uniform fittings and can be booked via the uniform tab on the College website. 

Senior Winter Uniform

Tights and optional long-sleeve blouses will be available to purchase from the Uniform Shop.

If you have any concerns regarding uniform items, please don't hesitate to contact the Uniform Shop on 8838 1275 or uniformshop@olmc.nsw.edu.au 



P&F Cocktail Party


2024 Instalment 1 Fee Statements have been issued this week via email.

Those families paying by term, please note fees are due by 23 February, 2024.

Thank you to those families who have completed the online monthly or fortnightly direct debit payment plan via the Parent Portal.

For those still wishing to pay by monthly or fortnightly direct debit please contact the Finance Office via phone or email. Selection via the Parent Portal is now closed.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Office during office hours Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm Finance@olmc.nsw.edu.au or (02) 8838 1214.



Parramatta City Titans Rugby League Club