Lucie Farrugia, Principal

As the College looks to the final days of Term 4, there is so much to be grateful for; our beautiful new Brigid Shelly Northern Wing, the conclusion of exam blocks for all years and of course the incredible teaching staff at OLMC who are busy writing end-of-year reports. We are eagerly awaiting the HSC results and College is buzzing with Christmas festivities.

I am honoured to have led the College in 2023 and I am so proud of the many successes that have unfolded for our Mercy community during the year. The most recent is of course the opening of our new and refurbished Brigid Shelly building on Friday, 17 November. This exciting event saw Dr Ricki Jeffery, Board Chair of Mercy Partners unveil the plaque and the building was blessed by the Very Reverend Robert Riedling, Episcopal Vicar for Education, Diocese of Parramatta.

It was a beautiful balmy evening attended by the Sisters of Mercy, members of the College Board, Alumnae, College staff, students and parents, as well as many special guests including Dr Andrew Charlton MP, Member for Parramatta, Donna Davis MP, State Member for Parramatta and Cr Pierre Esber, the Lord Mayor of Parramatta. We look forward to sharing stories, experiences and possibilities that this building will provide to Mercy girls and the OLMC community.

Year 7, 2024 Orientation Day

Starting high school is a memorable experience and last week, we welcomed 203 soon-to-be Year 7 students that will join our community in 2024. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and energy that the girls brought with them, accompanied by their mature attitude towards beginning high school. As parents, we worry about the transition from primary school, but I can assure you it won’t take long until they are settled and enjoying College life.

Thank you to our Wellbeing Team who were responsible for the program on Orientation Day and who made the girls feel so welcome. Thank you also to our College Registrar, Mrs Julie McIntyre, who has been working closely with these families for the last two years. Our Year 9 Peer Support students and our Year 11 ‘Big Sisters’ who supported the girls on the day ‘stole the show’ and our newest Mercy Girls were so grateful to them for a wonderful day of experiences to set them right for 2024.

We look forward to seeing these girls back with us very soon.



Year 11


Our Year 11 students have now become the oldest members of our student body and were recently ‘given the keys’ to the Senior Common Room. This is a space that allows privacy and privilege which come with the added responsibility of being Year 12 students in 2024. We wish them well as they commence their HSC journey.

Celebration of Achievement

We are very excited to bring to the community the second annual Celebration of Achievement and I hope you are also looking forward to this special event. Being held at Quaycentre, Sydney Olympic Park on 4 December 2023, all Parents/carers are very welcome to attend; arriving at 3.30pm with the ceremony commencing at 4.00pm. This is a compulsory event for all students so if for any reason a student is unable to attend this event, a letter of explanation prior to the event is required. Student attendance will be recorded on the night.


Registrations for the OLMC private bus services close on the final day of Term 4 - Monday, 4 December. We were inundated with applications for the bus travelling from the northwest of Parramatta to the College and this bus is currently full. Students interested in catching this bus will now go onto a waiting list. Our new second bus travelling from the Greystanes/Merrylands area still has a few seats available. Details regarding the two buses including registration and/or waitlist are available on our College website. Parents who have registered for the services will receive more information prior to school returning in 2024.


As this is our final newsletter for the year, I wish everyone a very happy, holy and safe Christmas and I look forward to seeing everyone back in 2024.

Mother Mary of Mercy, Pray for us.

Lucie Farrugia
College Principal


Upcoming Events at OLMC
Fri 1 DecLast day of formal lessons
Mon 4 DecEnd of Year Mass
 Celebration of Achievement Ceremony
Thurs 14 DecHSC Results Morning Tea
Tues 30 JanYear 7, 10 & 12 commence Term 1
Wed 31 JanYear 8, 9 & 11 commence Term 1
Thurs 8 FebCollege Photo Day


Back when I was at school, we had our annual Speech Night at Sydney Town Hall. As part of the concert and jazz bands, I was one of those many students who hung around and explored the backstage and back blocks of the venue. Even now, when I attend an event at the Town Hall, I recall performing on that stage and crawling underneath it.

On Monday of next week, your daughters will build and retain memories of their own Celebration of Achievement (CoE) evenings at Quay Centre in Olympic Park. The evening itself has been planned to the minute! Having learned some valuable lessons from last year's evening, the CoA team is ready to present a rich, varied and joyful evening that promises to both be entertaining and finish on time. I encourage you to attend for and with your daughter(s) to contribute to our community-building events.

As the conclusion of the term has approached, the number of events has increased, and on Monday we will conclude a busy schedule to a busy and productive year. The highlight of the past few weeks was the opening of the new Brigid Shelly building on 17 November. We were blessed with perfect weather, impressive band and choral music, insightful speeches and delicious OLMC-prepared finger food. There were approximately 350 visitors during the evening which made a memorable night. We don't often get to celebrate the opening of a school building, and certainly, Ms Farrugia is not in a hurry to repeat the process! It was a privilege to attend the evening, and we wait in anticipation of the new school year to begin classes in our new home.

You, like me, may not yet have got into full gear for Christmas celebrations. More alarmingly, in a flash, we shall be back to begin a new school year! I want to look forward with you to consider what is over the horizon. There will be two major highlights in the first week: the commencement of our new Year 7 cohort (the graduating class of 2029) and the new classrooms of the Brigid Shelly building. Within the following two weeks, there will be a HSC Celebration of Achievement assembly, the College photo day, the Opening College Mass, the Year 7 Activities Day, and the Year 7 House Welcome evening. Be prepared!

Many of you will also see broader developments at the College. We have spent this term reviewing our co-curricular range of activities, and we will launch for parents and students a new portal to provide access to enrolment and payment for many of these activities. The work that Mr Esterman and Ms Dalby have done in the Mercy Multicredentials program has progressed significantly, and we will again invite your daughters to embark on the acquisition of Certificate I in New Opportunities for Women. You will read later in this newsletter of the project to reinvigorate writing in our classrooms. Despite the prevalence of technologies, the skill of handwriting, and thinking while handwriting is different than that of typing. Teachers in all classes will use these writing opportunities to have the girls reflect on their learning, and then provide them with feedback on the craft of their writing.

Between now and then I wish you every joy and blessing of the Christmas season. I pray it is a happy and safe one for you and your families. I thank you and your families for the warm and genuine welcome to this community - I have loved every minute of the year. It is a treat and pleasure to have conversations with the parents, families and students of the College and learn a little about your family and of your journey. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Venerable Catherine McAuley, Pray for us.

Anthony Blomfield
Deputy Principal

Gabrielle Scanlon, Director of Identity


As we enter the season of Advent, in preparation for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day, we are reminded to pray:

Holy One

Essence of Kindness

As we journey through this Advent Season

Inspire us to be bearers of love

through our messages of hope

our shared smiles

our generosity and forgiving hearts

our listening ears and words of understanding.

Help us to be living signs of your love dwelling amongst us. Amen

(Adapted from: Joyce Rupp. Return to the Root. 2021. 225)


Community for Creatures Event

This term, ecoOLMC students painted a banner to highlight the number of endangered Australian native animals. This was presented to our local Federal Minister, Dr Andrew Charlton, which initiated a conversation about legislation that can be changed to save these endangered animals. Alex Simpson and Matilda Webb were the spokespeople for the group and said:


'Community for Creatures recognises the urgency of the situation and believes that, as a community, we have the power to effect change. We are here to call for tougher laws on nature conservation, to ensure that the legacy we leave for future generations is one of responsibility and stewardship. We are calling for a new set of laws that actually protect nature with a much stronger role for the Australian government because national leadership on nature protection is urgently needed. This would look like strong and enforceable National Environmental Standards that apply to all industries, with an independent and well-funded National Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that the new laws and standards are enforced.'

School Strike for Climate

'On 17 November, a group of passionate Year 10 students participated in the Schools Strike for Climate Protest, a nationwide movement echoing the powerful slogan #ShiftThePower. Our day began at Belmore Park, where we gathered with students from various schools, armed with signs, determined to make our voices heard. From there, we embarked on a march to Tanya Plibersek's office, a symbolic journey of unity and purpose.

What set this protest apart was not just its student-led nature but the diverse array of voices that filled the air. Inspirational speakers, including fellow school students, indigenous leaders and representatives from Pacific Islander communities, took the stage, underscoring the shared responsibility for climate action.

The organisers emphasised the devastating impacts of climate disasters, highlighting the disproportionate toll on rural and regional communities, First Nations groups, and our Pacific Island neighbours. Our purpose that day was clear: to demand a decisive shift away from fossil fuels.

This experience wasn't just a demonstration; it was a reminder that our voices, as young individuals, are a force to be reckoned with in the fight against climate change. The November 17th National Climate Strike marked a pivotal moment, uniting students, activists and concerned citizens under a shared banner - a collective call for change.

“To see so many young students like us march on the city streets, united and demanding change was inspiring and very powerful."' Ashwini Aravinthan (Year 10)


Emma Maroun (Year 10)

Christmas hampers and The Giving Tree

Once again, the College community have supported our annual Christmas hamper donation drive and Giving Tree gift giving. These two ways show other people that we are thinking of them at this time of year. Our food donations this year will support local families in our community as we make hampers to be distributed by the local Vinnies Chapter.

The gifts will be sent to children linked to a variety of local groups including the Women’s Community Shelters, Australia Refugee Volunteers and local children who seek additional support at this time.


Thank you for your generosity!

General Stationery Requirements 2024 

Students need to be prepared to write by hand

As we close off a year of learning at OLMC, I would like to encourage parents and students to review their stationery collection and re-stock where needed. Part of being prepared for learning, even in an environment where much learning is technologically enabled, is to have at the ready the tools for working with hard-copy documents.

In 2024, we will be expecting students in Years 7-10 to handwrite some of their learning in every subject. This will happen more fully in some subjects than others, but it will occur at least every fortnight. To facilitate this, we ask that students return to school with an A4 exercise book for each subject. Separate books will enable teachers to collect them for review without impinging on other subject work. Girls can store their books in their lockers, ensuring they don’t have to carry around more weight to and from school.

The following is a suggested basic stationery checklist for all students in Years 7-10, with more specific requirements provided separately for different subjects at different times:

  • Pens – blue, black and red
  • Pencils – Lead and coloured
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Highlighter
  • Ruler – small to fit in pencil case


·         Exercise Books – A4, one per subject, preferably 48 or 96 pages. 

AMEB Exams

Over the past year, students participating in the peripatetic program at the College have been working hard to prepare for their AMEB exams. Lessons are held weekly across a variety of instruments and levels. We would like to congratulate the following students who recently completed their practical exams, and wish them all the best as they await their results!


  • Gwen Penano - Preparing for AMEB Rockschool Grade 5 Drum Kit Exam
  • Teyana La-Brooy – Preparing for AMEB Rockschool Grade 6 Drum Kit Exam


  • Isabelle Liew - Preparing for AMEB Grade 4 Exam
  • Eleen Mehra - Preparing for AMEB Grade 3 Exam
  • Kate Lee - Preparing for AMEB Grade 5 Exam


  • Nikitha Arunkumar - Completed her AMEB Preliminary Grade Exam
  • Juliana Kort - Completed her AMEB Grade 2 Exam
  • Vibha Ravi - Completed her AMEB Grade 2 Exam
  • Danica Lubke - Completed her for AMEB Grade 2 Exam
  • Pramiti Barua - Completed her AMEB Preliminary Grade Exam

If your daughter is interested in learning an instrument at the College, or you would like more information about the peripatetic program, please email or

Elizabeth Guild and Anna Mastrofilippo

Wheelchair Basketball Incursion

On Monday 13 November, the Year 9 and 10 PASS classes engaged in an incursion to participate in wheelchair basketball. This was led by para-athlete, Rick, who also shared his experiences of playing various para-sports. We learned essential skills such as how to move around in a wheelchair, and how to hold, pass and shoot the ball using the chair. Rick taught us how to do basic skills on the wheelchair like picking the ball up while it’s rolling away by pushing it on your wheel. This was a challenging skill to master. After playing wheelchair bullrush we moved on to playing basketball in teams, on a modified court with shorter baskets and a smaller court. It was harder than it looked but once we got the hang of it, our competitive nature came out and we all enjoyed the experience laughing and having fun together.

The incursion gave us a practical example of how factors such as the rules, the equipment and the environment of a sport can be modified to increase participation for disabled individuals, benefitting their physical, social and psychological health. This experience also prompted us to evaluate the potential barriers that may discourage disabled individuals from participating in sport and how to mitigate these boundaries to increase participation. Overall, the Year 9 and 10 PASS classes thoroughly enjoyed this incursion and are grateful for Rick for sharing his knowledge and experiences. Thank you to Mrs McManus and Mr Fricot for giving us this opportunity.

Isabella Cotter & Ava Silveri




It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of the year. Looking back on the last few terms the Careers Department has been busy with university visits, appointments with students and sharing up-to-date information on pathways after school. We are excited to explore even more opportunities with the students in 2024.

We look forward to another successful year in Careers and as always feel free to email or should you need any advice or help regarding your child’s post-school journey.

What's on in the next few weeks

ACU | Discover Physiotherapy at North Sydney Campus

November 28, 2023

Want to know how physiotherapists help people improve their health and live well? In this hands-on activity, you’ll learn the techniques they use to quantitively measure strength and determine injury in patients.

Visit our interactive, fully functional physiotherapist simulation wards. Discover how our students engage in highly realistic interactions with high tech manikins to develop and practise interpersonal and decision-making skills which make ACU physiotherapist students in high demand when they graduate.


Find out more

Show more

As the school year draws to a close, it is only natural to reflect on the journey we’ve shared as a Mercy community. The OLMC Student Wellbeing Program in 2023 was driven by the three core themes: Grow, Thrive and Bloom. This week during Wellbeing time, each of the eight Houses gathered to foster their sense of belonging and spend quality time with one another. Each House engaged in reflections and activities as coordinated by the Head of House, House Leaders and their House Council.

From the first day of this year, we shared a mission—to grow individually and as a community. Each lesson, challenge and triumph contributed to our personal and collective growth. We've seen resilience in the face of adversity, determination in the pursuit of knowledge and compassion that knows no bounds. Our growth is a testament to the dedication of our teachers, the support of our families and the relentless spirit of every student within our Mercy school.

Thriving is about engaging in the community, surpassing expectations and reaching new heights. It's about finding joy in learning, forging meaningful connections and embracing the diversity that enriches our educational experience. Each House family has continued to create a nurturing environment that fosters collaboration, understanding, inclusion and a shared commitment to House spirit. During House time throughout the year, they have recognised and celebrated the various ways in which students have engaged in the community.

I would like to take a moment to appreciate the work of the Wellbeing Team. Day in and day out, these dedicated individuals invest their time, effort and expertise into crafting and implementing a comprehensive wellbeing program, with our students at the forefront of everything they do. The Wellbeing Team meticulously designs and executes programs that prioritise not only academic success but also the mental, emotional and social welfare of our students. Their unwavering commitment and passion for the wellbeing of our students continues to have an immeasurable impact on the lives of our students.

As we draw this school year to a close, let's reflect on the growth that has shaped us, the thriving spirit that has propelled us forward and the blooming individuals we have become. May these reflections inspire us to continue nurturing the bonds we've formed, to carry the lessons learned into the future and to approach each new beginning with the same enthusiasm that has defined our time together.


Christine Roumanus
Leader of Student Wellbeing

Counselling Matters

How to access help during the holidays

As the school year draws to a close and festivities begin, it’s important to note that not everyone finds this time of the year the easiest. There are often high expectations placed on us to see family and friends, enjoy one another’s company, share a meal, exchange gifts, laughter and merriment. The reality may be quite different and the higher your expectations the more disappointment you may feel. For some, spending time with family can re-open old wounds, for others, it is a reminder of those no longer with us to celebrate. Some will find that they feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness and isolation despite being surrounded by loved ones, possibly causing distress about why they feel this way. 

If the holidays are a time of stress or distress for you or a loved one, please reach out and get some support. This can be informal support through family and friends, or more formal support via a counsellor or a crisis helpline.  

If you would like to access a counsellor, often the best place to start is with a trip to your General Practitioner who may provide you with a mental health care plan allowing you to access a psychologist for a number of sessions at a subsidised rate. 

Crisis helplines provide free, confidential support, usually 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Lifeline: Phone: 13 11 14 

Kids Helpline: Phone: 1800 551 800. A service for anyone from 5-25 years of age 

The College counsellors wish you and your families a safe, healthy and restful break and look forward to supporting your daughters in 2024. 

Mrs Sandra Portela 
Senior College Counsellor 

Debating and Public Speaking

As the year draws to a close, our Debating and Public Speaking girls continue to achieve at the highest level.

In Public Speaking, one recent achievement must rate as the highlight of the year. While many girls have impressed in competitions throughout the year, frequently winning events or being major placegetters, Matilda Webb of Year 9 must be congratulated on being declared the National Champion in the Legacy Public Speaking competition. In the last edition of Parragraph, we were proud to announce Matilda was NSW State Champion in this event, in itself a remarkable milestone. Then two weeks ago, Matilda travelled to Adelaide to participate in the National Final, held in the imposing surrounds of South Australia Parliament House. Against seven other State Champions and State runners-up, Matilda excelled in both prepared and impromptu sections of the competition and truly deserved her win. The National trophy is now engraved with Matilda’s name and will be kept at the College for the next year. Well done, Matilda. The College is proud of you.


Of course, other students continue to achieve at the highest level. Sarah Kenna of Year 7 reached the State semi-final of UN Voice last week and we eagerly wait to see if she has progressed to the State Final. Sarah is a highly talented speaker who is destined for success in the years ahead.

In Intraschool Debating, the finals series has played out and in a closely contested set of semi-finals, the winners for 2023 have been decided.

In the Year 7/8 competition and vying for the Doris Goldie trophy, Gold Team C (Elissa Abboud, Zara Biswas, Mira Sharma, Ekaspreet Sohi and Amariah Tamaro) were narrow victors over Blue Team E (Shana Arudselvan, Disha Bhanushali, Tvisha Patel and Pranuti Saisriraam), debating the topic 'That it’s better to be a teacher than a pupil'. Well done to Gold C.

The Year 9/10 division of Intraschool Debating fought it out for the Sr Barbara McDonough trophy. In another nail-biter, Red Team A (Ashwini Aravinthan, Tiya Bhatnagar, Isabelle Boshell and Annoushka Maikap, coached by Gabby Fleming) just pipped Red Team C (Akanksha Gowda, Hasini Madukuri, Rhianna O’Neill and Nyssa Suraj, coached by Lohita Gollavilli). The topic was 'That being kind is better than being truthful'. Well done to Red A.

It is an indication of the quality of the debaters that in the six debates in the finals series, five were decided on a split decision, including both Grand Finals. Thank you to the adjudicators who had the tough task of determining the Grand Final winners: Sophie Assaad, Neha Sharma, Hayden Rodewald, Deeya Vashi, Ms Martins and Ms Matthews.

As this is the final Parragraph for the year, I’d like to thank all the teachers, student volunteers, ex-students and competitors in both Debating and Public Speaking for their contribution to a co-curricular program catering for over 250 students who put so much into the preparation of their speeches. The College’s reputation for public speaking talent is a result of each student’s contribution. A special thanks to the DAPS Leaders who were instrumental in this year’s success: Olivia Easton and Tijana Pavlovic (DAPS Leaders 2022-2023) and Neha Sharma and Deeya Vashi (DAPS Leaders 2023-2024).

Have an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas.

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator







Market Day

Last Friday 24 November, the Enterprising Advocates entrepreneurship co-curricular ran their annual Market Day, giving our budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to put into action the skills they had developed over the course of the year. In Semester 1, they undertook ideation drills, problem-solving challenges and development of potential projects to contribute to the College community, preparing them to create, plan enact and account for their own businesses during Semester 2.

Students offered a range of exciting products and services they conceptualised and brought to fruition, including various custom items. Off Key Chains made custom music keychains from recycled timber to suit a listener’s unique taste, The Bauble factory offered customised Christmas baubles and Charm’d Bracelets prepared bracelet-making kits of every colour in the rainbow. Gourmet treats were carefully mixed and baked by MiniBakes, and Icey Sweets’ pop-up Sundae Bar cooled down students during the muggy lunchtime. Minute to Win It ran a fun, but competitive game, where students had to beat the clock to win a prize, even facing off with their friends to see who could get the lowest time!

Market Day was a huge success, with the students’ business raising an incredible $3,000, which our entrepreneurs are thrilled to be donating to Mercy Works to assist in their important work in vulnerable communities in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Market Day would not have been possible without the yearlong enthusiasm, dedication, and guidance by the Enterprising Advocates co-curricular team of Julie McIntyre and Sebastian Lee, as well as the initiative and expertise of Michelle Monteiro in Term 4. Additionally, the students and I were assisted in making Market Day a triumph by Leanne Goldsmith, Virginia Coombe, Sia Aristidou and Kim Spits, who so generously gave their talent, skills, and time.

Emma Murray
Enterprising Advocates Coordinator 2023



I want to thank everyone for another wonderful year of sport at OLMC. We have had so many wonderful achievements across a number of sports. OLMC is very proud of you all. Here are the final sporting results for 2023.


The CGSSSA Tennis Championships were held on Friday, 17 November at Parramatta. OLMC was represented by Mia Fogolin, Talia Lahood, Zali Lazarevic, Elise Poon, Kavya Patel and Pearl Miggins. All the girls played exceptionally well during the tournament. Kavya and Pearl narrowly missed the Junior Doubles Semi-Finals, while Elise finished third overall in the Junior Singles. Talia and Zali played up an age division and finished third in the Senior Doubles while Mia made it all the way to the Senior Singles Grand Final finishing Runner Up. It was wonderful to see some very impressive tennis from the girls, showing great potential for the future. Well done girls!



Touch Football

The CGSSSA Touch Football Gala was held on Wednesday, 22 November at Lane Cove. OLMC hasn’t participated in this event for many years and it was great to back. The level of competition was very high and the girls showed great enthusiasm. The teams consisted of Jemima Scothern, Zahra Niumata, Matilda Webb, Lucie Francis, Sophia Lees, Elyssa Wakim, Kiana Banza, Sophia Menassa, Sarah Stewart, Stephanie Saab, Chloe D’Sa, Mia Kerr, Elisa Daher, Chiara Borthwick, Ava Babic, Leah Kolosakas, Maeve Nolan and Bronte Herberstein. The Junior girls finished seventh while the Seniors finished equal fourth in a very close battle with Domremy and Loreto Kirribilli. The girls played some excellent games and showed good skills and teamwork in very hot conditions throughout the day.

Thank you to Miss Millgate for all her help with Junior Team.


Congratulations also to Amber Haywood who has been selected in the PDSSSC U15 Touch Football team and will compete at the NSWCCC Touch Football Championship in Term 1, 2024.


Unfortunately, the NSWCCC Schools Cricket Final was cancelled due to rain, but will be rescheduled in Term 1, 2024.

Congratulations to Shiloh Julien and Jaaniya Shah who were both selected in the NSWCCC Open Cricket team for 2024. Well done girls.




 We wish the best of luck to Matilda Webb who will be competing at the Australia All Schools Athletics Championships in Perth from December 8 to 10. 

PDSSSC Blues Awards

Each year students from all the Parramatta Diocesan schools can be nominated for a PDSSSC Sports Blue Award to celebrate their amazing achievements across the year. OLMC has had a very successful year and the following girls have been awarded a PDSSSC Blue for their successes in their chosen fields:

  • Chelsea Gomez – Taekwondo & PDSSSC Sportsperson of the year
  • Lucie Francis – Triathlon/Cross Country/Athletics & PDSSSC Sports All-Rounder
  • Matilda Webb - Athletics
  • Kasey Bolt – Surf Life Saving
  • Shiloh Julien - Cricket
  • Alina Onis – Rhythmic Gymnastics


Congratulations girls, very deserving!


Olympic Change Maker Award


Congratulations to Lucie Francis who has received an Olympic Change Maker Award. The Australian Olympic Change-Maker program recognises secondary students from around the country who demonstrate the Olympic spirit – friendship, sportsmanship and striving for excellence - both on and off the playing field, through leadership and driving positive change in their school and local communities. Congratulations Lucie!

Saturday Basketball and Volleyball

Unfortunately, the final games were cancelled due to the rain, but I hope the girls enjoyed their season.

Here are the results from weeks 5 - 7:


 Week 5Week 6Week 7
OLMC 1Defeated Rosebank, 26-9Defeated by Santa, 41-32Rained Out
OLMC 2ForfeitedDefeated by Monte, 34-4Rained Out
OLMC 3Defeated by MLC, 56-8Defeated Santa, 30-18Rained Out
OLMC 4Defeated by Santa, 24-20Defeated by Santa, 22-18Rained Out


 Week 5Week 6Week 7
OLMC 1Defeated by Barker, 2-1Defeated by Schols, 3-0Rained Out
OLMC 2Defeated by MLC, 3-0Defeated Schols, 2-1Rained Out
OLMC 3Defeated PLC, 2-0Defeated Monte, 2-1Rained Out
OLMC 4Defeated by Danebank,3-0Defeated Danebank, 2-1Rained Out
OLMC 5Defeated by Danebank, 3-0Defeated by Danebank, 3-0Rained Out

I’d like to thank all the families and friends who came to cheer on the girls each week. We saw huge improvements throughout the season, and I look forward to seeing all the girls back in 2024.



Wednesday Touch Football

The Wednesday Touch Football season is now over. Well done to OLMC 1 who had a great season. They showed huge improvement across the weeks and only narrowly missed out on the Semi-Finals, being one win away from qualifying.

You can view all results and ladders here -


Thank you to all the families and friends who came to support the girls each week. I hope you all enjoyed the season.

Sport Photos

Photos from CGSSSA Dance, CGSSSA Tennis, CGSSSA Touch, IGSA Gymnastics, our Swimming & Athletics Carnivals are all now available for purchase here -

Students have been emailed a password to login to view the photos.

Merry Christmas everyone and I look forward to 2024 and all the sports on offer.

Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator




College Photo Day

Our College Photo Day is coming up on Thursday, 8 February. For further information, click here

  1. Please wear your full summer school uniform. No blazer.
  2. Please place your order online before the day of photography. Go to and enter this code: 4ZD WD6 KXC 

  3. Payment can be made using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

  4. If you are unable to order online, please hand your completed order envelope directly to the photographers on the day of photography

  5. If you have any queries concerning school photographs and ordering, please contact advancedlife directly: