Lucie Farrugia, Principal

It is exciting to be back at school for the final term of 2022. The year is certainly flying by and I hope all our students had a relaxing break and have recommenced their learning with great enthusiasm. 

Over the break, I took some time to read ‘Women and Leadership’ which was co-written by Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, two inspirational women.

In this book, the authors highlight a number of female leaders including Jacinda Ardern, Hillary Clinton and Theresa May to find common experiences in their stories. The common theme that runs throughout the book is the importance of remaining true to oneself in leading others. To be authentic rather than pretend to be ‘superhuman’.

It is also 10 years since Julia Gillard’s speech in parliament challenging misogyny. In an interview she gave recently, she acknowledged that whilst there has been much improvement in this area in the past decade, there is still more to be done in ensuring equality for women in all spheres of life.

As a leader in this community, I consistently aspire to leadership which is above all, service to those we lead. I believe that leaders should use their position to be involved in calling out issues of injustice and inequity. Role models such as those highlighted in this wonderful book are inspirational leaders to be admired.

I was fortunate to attend the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue held at Accor Stadium during the holidays. Representatives from all walks of life attended, including people in the education sector, business owners and those in the building industry. Anthony Albanese was the keynote speaker, and his message was very supportive of the continued growth of infrastructure in Western Sydney.

One only need look at the skyscape from the AMCC roof to see the change in the Parramatta CBD with high rise buildings spreading across the city. Parramatta is dynamic and thriving, with businesses expanding and employment opportunities increasing. It is reassuring as Principal of OLMC, that the Federal Government is behind this continued development and our students have access to a myriad of opportunities due to our central location in Parramatta.




The Higher School Certificate commenced last week for our Year 12 students. It brings back vivid memories when I sat for my exams. I recall being nervous at perhaps not being able to realise my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. As in my situation, all things happen with good reason and I would like our girls to be assured that we recognise at OLMC that the hard work has been done and will come to fruition. Learning at school after 13 years has come to an end and as long as they have achievable goals, they will soar.

The Higher School Certificate, although sometimes is seems like the ‘be all and end all’, is not life-defining. It is the individual who sets the pathway for the rest of their life. As long as every student has passions and goals, I have no hesitation in saying that our Mercy Girls will achieve – whatever that may look like. As a cohort, this group of girls has made a positive impression and they have worked hard to contribute to the College. I have no doubt their hard work ethic, and their level of compassion and care, will see them with limitless opportunities beyond the Mercy Gates.

Ms Lucie Farrugia

Prayer for HSC Students

Gabrielle Scanlon, Director of Identity

As our Year 12 students continue with their HSC, we keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Creator God, we bring before you our HSC students.

Give them the gifts of wisdom, right judgement, knowledge and courage.

Bless them with calm hearts and clarity of mind as they sit for their exams.

May they be affirmed in their efforts and may they know that you are there with them.

We pray that they will stay calm under pressure and work to the best of their ability.

May they feel your loving presence in their lives, now and always,

and may they be strengthened by the prayerful support of us, their school community.



2023 Immersion Trip to Central Australia

Yesterday, Tuesday 18 October, Year 9 and 10 students heard from Red Earth about our 2023 Immersion Trip. We are very excited to be able to run this trip again! All students in Year 9 and 10 this year are invited apply to be part of this experience. We will be hosting a Zoom meeting for parents and students where we will provide information in relation to the application process, timing of the trip, proposed itinerary and expectations for our September 2023 immersion. Details are as follows:

Date:     Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Time:     7.00 – 8.00pm


Meeting ID: 851 9044 5008


If you have any questions, I invite you to attend the Zoom meeting, or email me for further clarification

Senior Retreat

Year 11 students attended their Senior Retreat at Lake Macquarie last week. They enjoyed the time away with friends and were afforded the opportunity for prayer, reflection, community building and lots of fun! Students engaged enthusiastically in all of the planned activities and were respectful to each other, taking advantage of the time away prior to the commencement of the HSC studies.

Thank you to the staff who accompanied the students to Lake Macquarie. It is a big commitment but also a very rewarding one.


Mrs Gabby Scanlon
Director of Identity


Year 7 Science

Year 7 Mercy Girls are learning about the Structure of the Earth as part of their Science topic ‘Third rock from the Sun.’  As part of this topic, students worked in groups to create their own models representing the different layers of the earth. Models are an important aspect of science as they help people visualise concepts. 

'In Science, we have been learning about the Earth’s structure. The layers of the earth are the Crust, Mantle, Outer Core, and Inner Core. My class created models of the earth showing the different sizes of the layers. Some of us used styrofoam, cake, playdough, clay and syrup. Our models were to be as accurate as possible to the inside of the earth, giving us a fun way to understand and learn about the different layers of earth.'

Shalini Kanagasundaram (Year 7)



Dance Extravaganza

On Friday, 21 October, Elective Dance students and the Co-Curricular Dance Ensembles will be performing in the OLMC Dance Extravaganza. This is a showcase of the works they have developed over the course of this year. The event is free and will commence at 6:00pm in the Edith Angel Hall. We hope to see you there!

From the Counsellors


We all have had experiences where we can’t stop thinking about something, no matter how hard we try. You may have found yourself picking apart a situation to figure out what it means or to see what you could have done differently.


Overthinking is also known as ‘analysis paralysis’ because by thinking too much you’re getting stuck in your thoughts and stopping yourself from taking action. Though most of us may overthink from time to time, some people may find themselves overthinking quite regularly, which may put them at a higher risk of experiencing emotional distress. 

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Debating and Public Speaking

Intraschool Debating

The inaugural Intraschool Debating competition has proven to be highly successful with 40 girls embracing the opportunity to develop their debating skills, while enjoying the benefits of collaborative teamwork. The 18 preliminary debates have now concluded and we look forward to semi-finals and finals. Congratulations to the following teams who have progressed:

Years 7/8 semi-finals will be Gold B vs Blue A and Blue C vs Gold C.

  • Gold Team B: Ashlyn Kumar, Claire Scanlon, Jemima Scothern, Matilda Webb (Coaches Arlene Kumar and Freya Scothern)
  • Blue Team A: Ellie Geraghty, Magdalena Gilchrist, Ritisha Kadire, Amariah Tamaro (Coach Jasmine O’Brien)
  • Blue Team C: Paige Harrison, Emily Johnson, Kavya Samtani, Siella Wardle (Coach Lizzy Butler)
  • Gold Team C: Laila Aprim, Nikita Krzeminski, Aoife Mitchell, Celine Nicolas (Coach Bianca Mina)

Years 9/10 have a Grand Final only: White Team v Green Team.

  • White Team: Lohita Gollavilli, Akanksha Gowda, Hasini Madukuri, Nyssa Suraj
  • Green Team: Laurice Behan, Sade-Jane Mannah, Aisis Panaligan, Deeya Vashi (Coaches Tia Monga and Ruwindri Parndigamage)

The semi-finals will be held at the beginning of November, with Grand finals at the end of the month.

Thank you to all involved, including the many teachers and students who acted as adjudicators. Special thanks to DAPS Leaders Olivia Easton and Tijana Pavlovic who seamlessly organised debates on days I could not attend.

AIDPSC and Speakfest Australian Titles

In the week before the September holidays, four of our outstanding debaters and public speakers were selected to compete in the Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Competition and four more in the Junior counterpart known as Speakfest.

These highly demanding events take place over three days and involve some of the best student speakers from all over Australia. Against such opposition, our girls performed very strongly in each of the four events they had to enter. Well done to Sophie Assaad, Megan Keller, Neha Sharma and Hayden Rodewald (Senior) and Lizzy Butler, Celeste Ieronimo, Ashlyn Kumar and Sophie Tong (Junior). All girls were worthy representatives of the College.

The announcement of major winners is always a time of both excitement and tension. In an exceptional result, our girls took out two of those awards. In the Senior event, Hayden Rodewald reached the Grand Final in After Dinner Speaking and was placed third. Well done to Hayden who spoke amusingly about the problems faced by the second sibling in a family.

In the Junior event, Sofia Tong defeated a highly talented opposition to be declared Australian Junior Champion in Impromptu Speaking. This event gives entrants two minutes to prepare a previously unseen topic then, without notes, to deliver a five-minute speech. And speakers have to do this twice on consecutive days. Congratulations to Sofia on a truly remarkable achievement.

I would also like to thank Mrs Maria Bujnowski and Miss Naomi James who gave up so much of their time to act as adjudicators. 

Upcoming Events

This weekend, 12 of our students will be competing in various events at the IGSA Festival of Speech at Pymble Ladies College. These events range from Prepared Speaking, Poetry Readings and others as well as an innovative addition this year, Soapbox Speaking. The girls have been preparing very well and are sure to be highly competitive. A full report will follow in the next edition of Parragraph.

Over the next week, seven students will participate in the first round heats of the UN Voice competition where entrants need to propose an original solution to a current social issue. Competitors not only deliver their speech but are then questioned by a panel about aspects of their solution.

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator


Wednesday Touch Football

The Wednesday Touch Football draw and results can be found here –

Saturday Basketball

Saturday Basketball has now commenced at Santa Sabina College. Here are the results from Week 1:

OLMC 1 - Defeated by Loreto, 65 - 23

OLMC 3 - Drew with Santa Sabina, 20 - 20

OLMC 4 - Defeated by MLC, 14 - 6

Saturday Volleyball

Saturday Volleyball has also commenced at Santa Sabina College. Here are the results from Week 1:

OLMC 1 - Defeated by PLC, 3 - 0

OLMC 2 - Defeated Barker, 2 -1

OLMC 3 - Defeated Meriden, 2 - 1


OLMC 5 - Defeated Barker, 3 - 0

OLMC 6 - Defeated Brigidine, 3 - 0

OLMC 7 - Defeated by MSB, 2 - 1

OLMC 8 - Defeated by Danebank, 2 - 1

CGSSSA Volleyball

On Wednesday, 12 October OLMC competed at the CGSSSA Junior Volleyball Championships at Marrickville. The team consisted of Julianna Merioles, Emil Ma, Isabella Cotter, Bailee Blackman, Celeste Ieronimo, Xavia Kljajic, Lili Milic, Ashlyn Kumar and Stephanie Hu. The girls played exceptionally well. Despite losing their first game to a very strong St Scholastica’s team, they went on to win two games and draw two games. Positive encouragement and great teamwork aided the girls in showing some wonderful skills which helped them finish third overall. Well done girls on a great day!


A big thank you to Mrs Simpson for all her help with the team.

NSW All Schools Athletics

The NSW All Schools Athletics Championships were held at SOPAC from 24-27 September.

OLMC was represented by Alexandra Kostis, Matilda Webb, Claire Giffney, Eleni Mestousis and Lucie Francis. Well done to all the girls on their results.

Congratulations to Matilda Webb who competed in the 13 years 3km walk and won gold! Congratulations also go to Lucie Francis who competed in the 16 years 2km Steeplechase and finished second!

Both girls have now qualified to compete at the Australian All Schools Athletics Championships in Adelaide from 9-11 December. Best of luck girls!

Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator



P&F AGM - 7.00pm, 8 November 2022

We invite you to attend the P&F AGM at 7.00pm on Tuesday, 8 November 2022 in the College Staff Common Room (access via Gate 2).

To nominate for a position on the P&F Committee, please complete the form below and email it to

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