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Lucie Farrugia, Principal

It is exciting to be back at school for the final term of 2023. The year is certainly flying by, and I hope all our students had a relaxing break and have recommenced their learning with great enthusiasm. 

During the break, I took some time to recharge and reflect on the term just passed. It is always a mixed-feeling event to graduate our Year 12 Students each September. Teachers feel this most intently, as they recall their time in classes with these young people, who it seems ‘in the blink of an eye’ become ready to leave the comfort of school life and take on their next steps. We, of course, wish our girls well as they travel through the HSC exam process. Their spirits are so far uplifted and they have felt a sense of accomplishment with every exam they tick off.

Recently we received some wonderful results from the recent testing we undertook in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). This study, conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), compared our Year 9, 2022 cohort against national and international averages in the subjects of Mathematics, English and Science. Looking at statistics from countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Canada, France, Japan and Finland, OLMC performed incredibly well as shown in the table below:



I congratulate our dedicated staff for supporting students to achieve these fabulous results.

It was wonderful to celebrate World Teachers Day last week at the College. Our staff came together for morning tea, generously provided by the P&F. I am proud to work with all our staff and acknowledge everything they do to make the College a place of growth and excellence. Their passion for education goes beyond the classroom, which in turn creates a supportive and nurturing environment for all.

Over the course of Term 4, our incoming 2024 students and their families will be warmly welcomed to our community with an information evening and orientation events. I understand it is often with great apprehension that many of our new Mercy Girls, walk through the Mercy gates for the first time, however, my experience informs me that it does not take very long for most to become settled as part of the rich fabric of our College’s culture. I look forward to meeting our new students and I have no doubt that they will develop firm bonds of friendship during their time at OLMC.

During Week 1 of this term, we welcomed into our community a team of four experienced reviewers from the ACER organisation. ACER is the Australian Council of Educational Research and a respected and renowned educational body. The comprehensive review took place across four days during which time they interviewed most staff and a number of Board Members, parents and students. They are now preparing a report for us which will outline commendations and recommendations which will in part form the basis for the next Strategic Plan for the College. Early indications in the draft report presented to me and the College Leadership Team last week, show that our greatest strengths are in progressing learning across the College with a desire to embrace educational changes which are on the horizon. I look forward to sharing more of their findings with you in weeks to come.


Lucie Farrugia


Upcoming Events at OLMC
Wed 18 - Fri 20 OctSenior Retreat
Mon 23 OctYear 12 2024 Information Webinar, 6.00pm
Tues 24 OctAlumnae AGM, 7.00pm
Thur 26 - Fri 27 OctYear 9 Camp
 Duke of Edinburgh Hike
Tues 31 OctP&F AGM
Fri 3 NovHSC Exams conclude
Sat 4 NovYear 7 2024 Allwell Testing 8.30am
 Year 7 2024 Parent Welcome 10.30am
Wed 8 NovMercy Futures Session 4
Fri 10 NovCatherine McAuley Anniversary
Mon 13 NovYear 12 Sign Out Day
Tues 14 NovYear 9 Peer Support Training
 Year 12 Formal
Fri 17 NovOfficial Opening New Northern Wing of Brigid Shelly Building
Mon 20 Nov - Fri 1 DecYear 12 2024 Assessment Block
Tues 21 NovP&F Meeting 7.00pm
Thurs, 23 NovYear 7 2024 Orientation Day
Fri 1 DecLast day of formal lessons
Mon 4 Dec End of Year Mass
 Celebration of Achievement Ceremony


OLMC Private Bus Service

From the start of the 2024 school year, in addition to the existing OLMC private bus that travels from the northwest of Parramatta to the College, OLMC will be launching a new bus route into the Greystanes/Merrylands area. This new service will enable us to serve a broader demographic of families, making our transportation services more accessible to those in need. Details regarding the new route and timetable are available on our College website

Registration for both buses will open at 9.00am on Monday, 6 November and will be ‘first in, best dressed’ for all students from Years 7-12, as well as Year 7, 2024 students. The bus fee of $360 per Term (inclusive of GST) will be payable upon registration for Term 1. 

We remain dedicated to providing exceptional educational and support services to our students and their families and believe that this adjustment in our transportation services will enable us to continue delivering on this commitment.

OLMC Scholarships

Applications are now invited for Scholarships for students starting Year 7 in 2025.

OLMC offers a range of scholarships rewarding general excellence, performing arts and sport, as well as an Alumnae Scholarship.

For more information, please click here



Mercy Tree Spring Campaign




In 2023, the Mercy Tree beneficiary is the Baabayn Mums and Bubs Group. Mercy Works partners with the Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation to support the weekly Mums and Bubs Group.

The Group aims to empower young Aboriginal mums to enhance their parenting and life skills, promote the resilience of young families and reduce the likelihood of intervention by child protection authorities. At the same time, this program is educating the Early Childhood Adminstrator, Janaya Hickey, in Business Administration.

The Baabayn Mums and Bubs group provides necessary support and connectedness to uplift young First Nations Mums. The goal for them is to grow into their potential, to contribute to an Aboriginal-led movement for better outcomes for First Nations women and children.

Danielle Cavanagh and her daughter, Akout, pictured above, have been a member the Baabayn Mums and Bubs Group for two years. Being a part of this strong knit group has provided Danielle with a sense of belonging and connectedness. ‘I used to be in a very dark place, but Baabayn Mums and Bubs have made me see the light. Everyone has allowed me to feel so comfortable and accepted me for who I am. Being part of the group, allows me to reflect on myself and my values. It helps keep Indigenous Mums connected and supported in every way possible.’

'The objectives of the organisation work well with the College’s principles of empathy and service. We have been presented with a chance to make a positive impact with Indigenous mothers and their children, aiding them in establishing stronger ties within their communities and offering the necessary assistance throughout their motherhood journey. I am optimistic that, as a collective, we can wholeheartedly support this initiative.’ Lucie Farrugia, Principal

The Mercy Tree is a social justice initiative of the College that symbolises the growth of commitment to Mercy Values in the students at OLMC and our broader community. Standing as a burst of green in Kavanagh Place, the Chinese Elm tree has blossomed since it was first blessed and planted on the College grounds in 2012.

To donate to the Mercy Tree click here.



Dance Extravagnaza

Join us on Friday, 20 October, in the Edith Angel Hall from 6.00 to 7.00pm for our annual Dance Extravaganza. Over 70 of our talented Dance students from Years 7 to Year 11 will take to the stage to showcase their hard work and dedication. The program will include group routines, solo performances and student compositions in a broad range of styles including contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, tap and musical theatre. 

Don't miss out on this spectacular night of dance! To register, please click here.





Gabrielle Scanlon, Director of Identity

Senior Retreat

Year 11 are enjoying their Senior Retreat at Galston Gorge. Retreats provide a wonderful opportunity to stop, pray and reflect. The timing is perfect as Year 11 transition into their Year 12 course of study.

With the theme of 'See. Believe. Do', we are encouraging the girls to look at the possibilities of what they achieve if they push themselves, trust others and rely on God.

Advent Program

Any families wishing to receive a copy of the Advent Program, The Sign, we will be using with staff, are invited to email me for a copy. The program includes a lovely selection of prayers and reflections which can be used in small groups with friends or family in the lead up to Christmas.


2023 Central Australia

The parent reflection evening is to be held next Monday evening, 23 October in AG14 commencing at 6.00pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to hear from the girls and see photos of their amazing trip to Central Australia.

2024 Cairns

We are now starting the process of selection for the 2024 Immersion to Far North Queensland. If you missed the parent zoom which was held on Monday evening this week, please email me for a copy. Your daughters also need to collect an Application Form from the Student Centre.

Mercy Day

Special thanks to the following generous donors who supported Mercy Day 2023: 

  • Esmio Australia
  • Castle Hill RSL
  • Raging Waters Sydney
  • Messina Gelato
  • Jocker Kicks
  • Leonie Casha
  • Piano Lessons with Victoria Smith
  • Cathy McNulty
  • Villiers Canteen
  • Parramatta Leagues Club
  • Costis Seafood at The Ponds
  • Down For Donuts
  • Retro Birdie Ice Cream
  • Grilled Gourmet
  • Pizza Alfresco
  • Twist Chips on a Stick   

Louise Millar - Director of Teaching and Learning

Term 4 Teacher Changes

Some students will have found themselves with a new teacher as they returned to Term 4. This can come about from time to time as we re-allocate our teachers following staffing changes. Whilst this can be a challenge for students as they adjust to someone new, it should not be cause for concern since our OLMC learners are capable of learning through change. We certainly need them to keep exercising this capability as it is part of life today!

We work diligently to ensure that the right teachers are placed on the right classes. The job of those teachers is to get to know their new students as quickly as possible and ensure that learning continues unabated. The job of our learners is to work out how to adapt, and how to contribute to a positive learning environment. We are fortunate at OLMC that our girls are very responsive to such challenges.

Term 4 Learning, Assessment and Reporting

Term 4 presents a block of time during which students can reflect on their learning across the year, and look ahead to what comes next. Informing that reflection should be teacher feedback received, and a very realistic self-appraisal regarding what attributes can be further developed to support continued (or more) effective learning.

Year 10 All My Own Work (AMOW)

This term students in Year 10 will undertake this mandatory NESA program which supports academic integrity. Students may not commence Year 11 study without completing this program. Students will receive information regarding AMOW from Mrs Jennie Mater as the term progresses.

Years 7-10 assessment tasks

Students will continue undertaking assessment activities, both formal and informal, this term. Assessments are opportunities for students to find out information about themselves, like how effective they are as learners, and whether they have mastered study skills that will support their continued growth.

Years 7-10 Yearly Reports

Reports are published at the end of the school year and parents will receive email notification of this. 

Louise Millar
Director of Teaching and Learning

Year 11 Advanced Takes on the Othello Performance Project

In Week 9, Year 11 Advanced English finalised their study of William Shakespeare’s Othello by dramatically recreating over three lessons one scene of their choosing and extending on our study of this fascinating play.

We were given creative freedom and could use the existing lines, structure, or ideas in a scene and apply them to different contexts. It was a fun and interactive activity that broadened our understanding of Shakespeare’s enduring relevance, particularly how the ideas and themes in his plays are universal. Staging our mini-production allowed us to experiment with dramatic elements which further supported how textual formats – such as plays – can impact the ways in which we conceptualise ideas presented by an author. Overall, it was an enjoyable learning activity that allowed us to consolidate our study of Othello.

Sophie Assad (Year 11)

Here's what Year 11 had to say:

'Adapting a scene from Othello into a contemporary setting helped enrich my understanding of the play and its literary value as it allowed my group recognise the text's relevance in modern society.' – Alyssa Borges

'I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and being able to craft a modernised piece of Act 2, Scene 3 of Othello and show how its relevance is reflected today through drinking and what peer pressure can lead to.'  - Patricia Almazan

'This project was extremely enjoyable and allowed us to collaborate with our peers, especially after the stress of our exams. My favourite part was working with my group to identify and brainstorm ideas about our project, as it was pleasant to see everyone's contribution and creativity when designing our roleplay.' – Mikayla Bayeh

'This project allowed me to collaborate with people across the grade that I hadn't really worked with before. Through connection over our interpretation of the text, Othello, theatre and dramatic performances, new bonds were formed and relationships with peers were strengthened! Thanks, Adv English Dept for this creative opportunity!'  - Stephanie Saab





Bell Shakespeare Comes to OLMC


This term, Year 10 English Students have been studying the Tragedy of Macbeth. During Term 2, we had the privilege of watching the Bell Shakespeare's modern rendition of the renowned play in a production called: Macbeth: The Rehearsal. Three actors from the company visited the school and performed some of the key scenes from the play utilising very limited props. The performance was extremely humourous, entertaining and interactive; many students were involved with the acting out of scenes as well as asking questions to the actors. The performance enabled the students to gain a deeper knowledge of the character's motives and desires, which overall assisted their understanding of the play. Shakespeare is meant to be seen not only read and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the Bard’s work come to life!

Joetta-Maria Khoury (Year 10)

Cricket Chips

Last term, Year 9 Geography learned about the different biomes found globally and the different types of food that these biomes can produce. They have explored technological advances that have assisted food production and how agricultural yields can be improved whilst still ensuring sustainability. As part of the program, students had the opportunity to taste test Cricket Chips, corn chips that have been made with cricket protein powder. The production of cricket protein powder emits less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional protein sources and also uses less water and land throughout the farming process. The girls were pleasantly surprised to discover that they genuinely enjoyed the taste of the Cricket Chips! The ensuing discussions among the students were lively, with debates over which of the three available flavours was the ultimate favourite.

Year 11 PDHPE First Aid

On 18 September, the Year 11 PDHPE classes were fortunate enough to complete a First Aid Training program that was run by Royal Life Saving Australia. It was truly an engaging and exciting experience as we were given the opportunity to apply our First Aid theory from online modules into practice.

To kickstart the day, we were all given a First Aid Kit which consisted of a range of different supplies that would aid us in training, such as bandages and a dummy. Throughout the day, we learnt the management procedures for bites and stings, the different types of bandaging, performed CPR on a dummy and learned how to administer first aid to an individual who may be epileptic or asthmatic. Together, these activities definitely made us feel better equipped for any first aid situation as we not only developed skills but also gained confidence in our abilities to handle such circumstances.

To wrap up the day, we were split into two groups where one group played the casualty and the other one played the role of the first aiders. This activity was an engaging way to consolidate our theory as we were able to practically apply our knowledge of different management strategies when confronted with a first aid scenario. We also wrote an incident report and with that, we completed our Senior First Aid and received a certificate!

We would like to say many thanks to Mrs McIntosh, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Bushell for organising and supporting us on the day.


Tia Monga (Year 11)

Languages Report

In Term 3, Languages students were busy engaging in many learning activities.

As part of their Unit study of Food and Cuisine, Year 7 French students learnt about French dishes, food etiquette and typical French school lunches and created role-plays in French for ordering at a restaurant. Of course, if you talk about French food you cannot go without tasting it! To finish off the term, students experienced some of the more common French foods (des croissants, des madeleines, de la baguette et du camembert). It was very much enjoyed by all!

Year 7 Japanese students engaged in something a little different: a Taiko workshop. Taiko is the  traditional art form of Japanese drumming. Students learnt about the background of this art form and experienced how to play the Taiko through some dynamic rhythms with visually appealing movements. It was a fun and highly energetic workshop!

Year 10 French and Japanese classes studied a Unit on Shopping and Eating out. Japanese students created role-plays in Japanese, from invitations to going out to a restaurant. In groups, they performed their plays to Year 10 French students as an audience. One of the plays (video) has been entered into the Video Matsuri competition. This is an online short film festival for students in primary, secondary and tertiary education in Australia and New Zealand run by the Japan Foundation in Sydney. Thank you to Ms Hammond for organising this and we wish the participating students all the best.

Year 10 French students also studied a Unit on shopping for food and French cuisine. They engaged in researching Francophone dishes and learnt to understand recipes in French. As a learning activity, students created a Vlog ‘Projet de cuisine’ where they presented their chosen recipe in French and demonstrated how to cook the dish. In the last week of term, the Year 10 Japanese students were then invited to join the French class to view the recipes and of course, finish off the term with a little food celebration!

Mrs Sheila Ibarra
Head of Languages





The Careers Department has been busy assisting students navigate UAC course preferences and pathways after school. We encourage students to contact Alison Dalby (Careers Advisor) to discuss career options and subject selection.

During the recent school holidays, three Year 10 students attended one day of work experience at Physio Inq which was kindly offered by an ex-OLMC student. The students shadowed physiotherapists and a speech pathologist to get a glimpse into the important role allied health professionals play in our community. All students enjoyed their experience and have a better understanding of these roles.


Finally, congratulations to all students who received early entry university offers from Macquarie University, UTS, WSU and Notre Dame.

Upcoming Events

WEP | Student Exchange Info Session

October 19, 2023

Imagine making friends from all over the world, learning about yourself and the world around you and seeing sights you could only dream of! Find out more about your student exchange opportunities at WEP’s online info session.

Find out more


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Counselling Matters - Managing stress

OLMC students participate in the annual Mission Australia Survey along with many other young people, Australia-wide. This is a valuable survey as it allows us to get an insight into the strengths and challenges facing our young people, year to year.

In summarising the results of OLMC students since commencing at the College in 2019, Coping with Stress has been in the top three issues of personal concern for the last five years.

Stress is part of life and whilst you can't always control your circumstances, you can control how you respond. When stress becomes overwhelming, it can affect your well-being. That's why it's essential to have effective stress relievers that can calm your mind and body. As parents, educators and mental health clinicians we can encourage our young people to:  

  1. Get enough sleep. Young people need a minimum of eight hours per night.
  2. Eat well, aiming for regular, nutrition-dense meals.
  3. Exercise regularly. Exercise does not have to be strenuous. It can include yoga, walking or stretching.
  4. Not rely on stimulants, such as caffeine. In the short term, these may provide a burst of energy but inevitably lead to a crash later on.
  5. Avoid procrastinating. When we avoid tasks that we perceive as difficult, in the short-term this can make us feel good, but as our workload piles up, and due dates loom, we can no longer avoid the work and our stress levels tend to increase. Good time management strategies are essential in ensuring work gets completed.
  6. Relaxation strategies. Deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, mindfulness and meditation are all highly researched techniques that have been found to assist in reducing stress levels.
  7. Good support networks. Young people need to feel that they can ask for support from their family, friends, teachers and in some instances mental health professionals. We need to encourage our young people to seek support as they need it.

If stress is causing distress or your child’s daily functioning is compromised, it is important to seek help. You may wish to speak to your GP, your daughter's Head of House or School Counsellor for further support.

Mrs Sandra Portela
Senior School Counsellor



Study Skills Handbook

To learn more about learning collaboratively to maximise your potential and create a well-rounded academic experience access the Study Skills Handbook by logging in with the details below.

username: OLMC

password: 64results

Debating and Public Speaking

The last few weeks of Debating and Public Speaking have seen a flurry of activity by our girls. In Intraschool Debating, the race to the semi-finals is coming to a close in both sections: Years 7/8 and Years 9/10. Only half a dozen or so debates remain before the announcement of semi-finalists at Assembly on 7 November. Thanks to all the girls who have taken part and especially to the teachers and students who have given up their lunch hours to act as adjudicators. A special thank you must go to Year 7 student Alyssa Menin whose team lost three of its four members at the end of last term which would result in some forfeits, something that has never happened previously. Alyssa used her initiative to find three other girls at short notice to keep her team afloat as well as organising experienced CSDA debater Kashika Ghosh to coach. Thank you to Camila Canalicchio, Mali O’Brien and Anika Thakur for joining the team. All teams are now guaranteed to have four debates each in the preliminary rounds.

One of the most prestigious Debating and Public Speaking events is always the Australian Titles. Held in Melbourne this year, 2023 has proven to be the most successful ever for our girls. In the Senior team, Gabby Fleming, Sharanya Kugan, Sierra Lake and Siona Trivedi performed most impressively against 60 of the best student speakers in Australia. With only a few exceptions, our girls finished in the top half in each of the four categories they contested, a truly remarkable achievement. It was with great excitement we heard the news at the end of the three-day competition that Siona Trivedi of Year 10 was announced as a member of the Australian team to compete at the World Titles in Canberra at Easter next year. Congratulations to Siona but well done to all our girls.

In the Junior counterpart of the Australian Titles, known as Speakfest, the results were by far the most successful in the 10 years of our involvement. Congratulations to Year 9 students Emily Johnson, Haynin Lai, Kavya Samtani and Matilda Webb whose preparation and performances were exceptional. Emily placed second in both After Dinner and Impromptu Speaking, Haynin was second in Interpretive Reading and Debating while Kavya was third in After Dinner Speaking. All four girls finished in the top half of the overall results. Well done to all of them. Apart from outstanding performances, our girls must be congratulated on their impeccable behaviour and attitude throughout the competition, something that was noticed and commented on by teachers from other schools. Thank you also to Mrs Ellen Lonergan and Ms Carolyn Matthews who were instrumental in ensuring our girls were well looked after.

Several other recent competitions have reflected the talent of our students. Most noteworthy has been the achievement of Matilda Webb in the Legacy Public Speaking competition. We have had several students reach the semi-finals of this event but Matilda was the first to reach the State Final, held at the NSW Art Gallery. In a remarkable achievement this week, Matilda was declared NSW State Champion against some of the best student speakers in the State. This now means she progresses to the National Final in Adelaide in mid-November where she is certain to to make a real impression. A fantastic effort, Matilda.

In the Soroptimist Public Speaking competition, A’ishah Ali of Year 9 was third in the Junior event while Jennifer Wang of Year 10 excelled once again by winning the Senior division. All our other entrants were well prepared and should be proud of their efforts.

Well done also to Sophie Ackroyd of Year 7 and Akira Tai of Year 8 who spoke very well in the Lions Carlingford competition which the College hosted last month. Thank you also to Mrs Lonergan and our wonderful volunteers who showed our visitors why the College is well known for our hospitality.

At the moment, we are waiting on the results of the Speaking 4 the Planet competition where over a dozen of our students submitted speeches on video. In the next two weeks, we also have over 20 students participating in UN Voice heats at various venues or at the IGSA Festival of Speech at Ravenswood on Saturday 21 October. No matter what the results may be, it is certain our girls will be highly competitive and worthy representatives of the College. 

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator   

Mercy Day Mass with the Sisters of Mercy

On Sunday 24 September, the Sisters of Mercy from Parramatta and North Sydney celebrated Mercy Day with Mass in the Mother Mary Clare Dunphy Memorial Chapel. Students from the Mercy Chorale were honored to be invited to celebrate the service with them, providing music for the Mass. Sister Margaret Hinchey, who assisted in organising the event, was thrilled with the singing commenting afterwards, 'It was absolutely beautiful and every one of the Sisters remarked about the quality of their voices and harmony.'

Congratulations to all students who were able to participate in the celebration and contribute to the Mercy Day celebrations.


Elizabeth Guild



Chelsea Gomez has excelled again representing Australia in the Cadet World Taekwondo Championships in Sarajevo, Bosnia recently. Chelsea contested the 164cm division which had athletes in 34 countries. Chelsea fought exceptionally well but unfortunately missed out on medalling this time. She is up against the best in the world and we are so proud of her and her achievements thus far.

After the World Championships, the Australian team went on to compete in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Open where Chelsea won bronze. Congratulations Chelsea!




Congratulations to the following girls who qualified to compete at the NSWCCC Athletics Championships - Lucie Francis, Leah Kolosakas, Matilda Webb and Amelia Johnston. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to last minute unforeseen safety concerns.

Well done to the following girls - Lucie Francis, Matilda Webb, Maeve Nolan and Amelia Johnston, who competed at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships during the school holidays. Congratulations must go to Lucie who finished 3rd in both the 17yrs 2km Steeplechase and 17yrs 3km and to Matilda who won the 14yrs 3km Walk. Fantastic results girls!





Congratulations to Teyana La Brooy who has been selected for the 2024 U16 NSW State Indoor cricket team and will compete at the National Tournament in Melbourne in July 2024.


Congratulations to all the OLMC girls who competed in their latest Jujitsu competition recently.

  • Team OLMC - Isabel Sia, Meihan Sun, Aiofe Mitchell, Placed first in Synchronized Forms, 16 - 17 years Open Division
  • Anni Cheung  + 2 (OLMC/Monte/Marist team), Placed Third in Synchronized Forms, 12 - 13 years Open Division
  • Amelie Collins + 2 (OLMC/Monte Team), Placed First in Synchronized Forms, 14 - 15 years Open Division
  • Amelie Collins placed 2nd in 14 - 15 years Individual Advanced Division
  • Meihan Sun  placed 1st in 16 - 17 years Individual Novice Intermediate Division
  • Aoife Mitchell placed 2nd in 14 - 15 years Individual Novice Intermediate Division
  • Isabel Sia placed 3rd in 14 - 15 years Individual Novice Intermediate Division

The OLMC Squad has performed well across all of their divisions and are now in serious preparation for the World Cup, to be held in Australia this year in October, followed by the Nationals in December.

Well done and good luck girls!



Saturday Netball

Congratulations to OLMC 5 who finished runners-up in their division after the Grand Final on 9 September.. Well done Girls on a fantastic season!



Saturday Basketball and Volleyball

The Santa Sabina Saturday Basketball and Volleyball season has now begun. All Draws have been emailed to students.

Here are the results from Week 1:


  • OLMC 1 Defeated MLC, 16-13.
  • OLMC 2 were defeated by MLC, 38-2.
  • OLMC 3 were defeated by MLC, 57-0.
  • OLMC 4 Defeated MLC, 14-6.


  • OLMC 1 were defeated by Santa Sabina, 2-1.
  • OLMC 2 were defeated by Santa Sabina, 2-1.
  • OLMC 3 were defeated by Danebank,  2-1.
  • OLMC 4 Defeated PLC, 3-0.
  • OLMC 5 were defeated by Meriden, 2-1.

Wednesday Touch Football

After a thunderstorm cancelled Tound 1, the Touch Football season has now started.

You can continue to check the Touch Football fixtures, results and ladders by clicking here


Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator 



Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop will be open Monday to Thursday mornings from 8.00am – 9.30am, and Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3.00pm – 4.00pm (school days only).  

Online purchases can be made via the Online Uniform Shop and all orders will be delivered to the Student Centre for collection by students.  

Uniform Fittings 2024

Please note there are separate times and dates for senior and junior fittings. Appointment times will be available from Saturday, 28 October and can be booked via the Uniform tab on the College website. 

Senior Uniform fittings for Year 10 2024, will begin from Saturday, 28 October 2023 until Thursday, 23 November. Please ensure your booking is made between these times.

Junior Uniform fittings for Year 7 2024, will begin from Saturday, 25 November 2023 until Saturday, 9 December 2023.

OLMC Hair Ribbons 

Hair ribbons are available for purchase either online or at the Uniform Shop. 


Just a reminder that all online orders are taken to the Student Centre for students to collect. 

If you have any concerns regarding uniform items, please don't hesitate to contact the Uniform Shop on 8838 1275 or uniformshop@olmc.nsw.edu.au



College Fees

College fees for Instalment 4 have now been sent to families and are due by Friday, 27 October 2023.  Please note, that as Term 4 mostly relates to co-curricular sports and other activities, there may be many families that have no charges for this term and therefore will not receive a Fees Statement.

Payment may be made by Bpay, cheque, money order or by credit card via the Parent Community Portal (Visa or Mastercard)

Any queries regarding fees or payments can be directed to the Finance Office on 8838 1214 weekdays from 8.00am – 4.00pm or by email to finance@olmc.nsw.edu.au





Mercy Futures