Lucie Farrugia, Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

I am very pleased to welcome everyone back to school for the 2023 academic year! OLMC is a happy school and the energy and smiles on the faces of our students upon their return was a joy to see.  Our 212 new Year 7 students, as well as our new students from Years 8-11 to our Mercy community are settling in well and I welcome all new families into our community.

As we begin this new school year, our focus for 2023 is ‘Compassion’. Compassion embodies the values that are at the heart of our Mercy community. At its core, this is about putting aside judgment and being sensitive to the difficulties of others and what they may be experiencing through expressions of kindness and understanding. Above all, compassion calls us to act on these feelings and to strive to make things better for others. We hope to demonstrate compassion as a community this year, through understanding and acceptance of others and through our actions.

Many congratulations to the Class of 2022 for their excellent HSC results. Their hard work and dedication to their studies paid off and we are proud of their extraordinary achievements. We look forward to our HSC Celebration of Achievement Assembly next week where we will acknowledge their success.

This is a time of new beginnings and we are excited for all that the future holds. To start off the year we look forward to our Opening College Mass to be held this Friday in the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre. This will be an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate our faith, and to set our intentions for the year ahead.

OLMC is full of so many wonderful opportunities. Students are looking forward to our Co-curricular Fair next week, where they can ‘sign up’ for any co-curricular activity they wish. I encourage every student to be involved in co-curricular activities. As the name suggests, these activities align with classroom lessons to enhance a well-rounded holistic experience…and they are a  lot of fun. There are a myriad of opportunities in the spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting dimensions of this community. I encourage our young learners to try activities that they have never attempted before, to meet new people and embrace all that this wonderful community has to offer.

I also encourage parents to come along to the following upcoming gatherings and events as these are opportunities to connect with others. The Year 7 House Welcome Evening on Monday, 13 February will be a great way for parents of our new Year 7 students to meet other parents and staff. Everyone is welcome to attend the P&F Cocktail Party on Friday, 24 February and please save the date for our annual Open Day on Sunday, 5 March which will be held from 9.00am - 3.00pm. Prospective families can register to attend by clicking here.

In mentioning some of our upcoming events, it is clear that there is always something happening. To keep up to date, please follow our social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and ensure that you read our College Newsletter, which will be distributed via email three times per term.

All Staff of OLMC are primed for a successful and memorable school year. In partnership with our wonderful parents, we are confident that our students will achieve great things.

Lucie Farrugia
College Principal

Friday, 10 FebruaryOpening College Mass
Friday, 10 FebruaryYear 7, 2024 Scholarship Applications close
Monday, 13 FebruaryYear 7 House Welcome Evening (5.30-7.30pm)
Tuesday, 21 FebruaryP&F Meeting (7.00pm)
Wednesday 22 February - Friday, 24 FebruaryMusic Camp
Friday, 24 FebruaryP&F Cocktail Cocktail Party (6.30-8.30pm)
Saturday, 25 FebruaryYear 7, 2024 Scholarships Testing
Monday, 27 FebruaryCyberSafety Evening with Susan McLean (6.00-7.30pm)
Thursday, 2 MarchSwimming Carnival
Friday, 3 MarchPupil Free Day
Sunday, 5 MarchOpen Day (9.00am-3.00pm)
Monday, 6 March Pupil Free Day
Monday, 13 March - Tuesday, 14 MarchYear 7 Camp
Tuesday, 21 MarchYear 7 Vaccinations
Wednesday, 29 MarchCross Country
Thursday, 30 MarchYear 9 Reflection Day
Tuesday, 4 AprilTerm 1 concludes

Year 7 Formation Day

Gabrielle Scanlon, Director of Identity

The Year 7 students have settled into life at OLMC. They have participated in the first half of their Formation program and will conclude with Part 2 this Thursday.

Girls were welcomed in with some icebreaker games, a brief overview of the Year 7 group and an introduction to the Mercy story and Catherine McAuley. We are so excited to have these newest members of our Mercy community here with us and look forward to all that they will contribute to the life of the College.




Lenten Program for Parents

Lent commences with Ash Wednesday on 22 February. This year, I would like to offer families the opportunity to be involved in a self-paced Lenten program. I will provide the resources required to run this reflection either individually, or with your families at home, at a time that is convenient.

If this is something that may be of interest, please email me and I will send the relevant resources to you:

Have a lovely week

Mrs Gabby Scanlon
Director of Identity


Convent Courtyard

Once again, the Sisters have opened the Convent Courtyard to allow additional seating for students during lunchtime. The courtyard is a quiet place nestled between the College and the Congregation Centre and has been taken up by groups of girls who have enjoyed the picnic blankets and shaded spaces.




New Laptops for Year 7 and Year 10

Louise Millar - Director of Teaching and Learning

During the first full week back at school, Year 7 students received their first OLMC laptop, and Year 10 students received their replacement laptops as part of the leasing program.  All laptops have:

  •       A touch-screen
  •     Conversion to tablet screen
  •      Stylus
  •     Carry case
  •     Charging cable

A laptop is a learning tool that brings with it many responsibilities for our students. They must exercise good judgement in using this tool in a way that protects their own safety and the safety and well-being of others. The College community works hard to support this, but by using the laptops, students and parents accept responsibility in monitoring safe technology practices.


Any laptop damage must be reported immediately to the IT department, after which steps can be taken for effective rectification.  


Rough guides for how much homework students should undertake each day are provided in the College Diary. These guidelines aren’t exact, as requirements vary from day to day, but they should provide a sense of what is reasonable. If parents find that their daughter is being regularly swamped by homework requirements the first step is to speak with classroom teachers to find out what is going on. Sometimes we teachers do get carried away (we admit it!), but just as often a little investigation can reveal that some students are completing for homework the activities that should have been completed in class that day. And sometimes, it just takes a little bit of redirection to apply more efficient homework and study practices too!

ChatGPT and Academic Integrity

You will have heard the buzz about ChatGPT and other AI tools that are storming into our lives, and you will have heard that some education systems and schools are trying to block the use of this technology.  At OLMC we are working to develop an understanding of the benefits and challenges of AI technologies so that we can make mindful decisions about their use.  At this point in time it would seem to us that blocking ChatGPT is like closing a farm gate on a flood of water – pretty ineffective!

So it is important for all in our community to understand that none of us may pass off the work of someone (or something) else as our own.  This would be considered a failure of academic integrity, and unfairly disadvantages others.  So, a reminder:

  •       It is not okay for a student to have a friend, family member, tutor or other third party do their work for them. 
  •       It is not okay for a student to copy work directly from another source and present it as their own (even if they do use a thesaurus to change every third word!). 
  •      It is not okay for a student to use ChatGPT or any other artificial intelligence tool to do their work for them.


When we act with integrity, tools like ChatGPT offer much more potential for good than for harm.

Visual Arts

'Canal to Creek' Art Competition

OLMC has won the Overall School Prize in the annual Art Competition 'Canal to Creek'! With over 700 entries from across Australia, our talented students from Years 7-10 were selected to receive a $5,000 Eckersley’s art grant. This year's theme was 'Connections', and explored connections to earth, culture, history, movement, and environment. The official awards ceremony will be held in March at the WestConnex Motorway Control Centre, St Peters where the prizes will be awarded, and the winning artworks will be unveiled in their new homes.

ART EXPRESS Exhibition
Congratulations to Kyra Parikh (Class of 2022) who has been selected for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS 2023. This annual exhibition to be held at Hazlehurst Gallery in Gymea from 11 February – 10 April, features a selection of outstanding student artworks selected from the 2022 HSC Visual Arts practical component.
Kyra’s work, titled 'Sanskrti Sankraman (Acculturation)' explores the intersection of her Indian heritage and her Australian nationality. This is a fantastic achievement for Kyra who was strongly supported by Visual Arts staff during her time at the College.

Ann-Marie Herd – Director of Student Wellbeing

The start of the term has seen the Wellbeing team ensuring all our students, particularly those who are new to our community, feel welcome. On Friday 27 January, they ran a number of activities for each Year group providing students with an opportunity to develop a greater sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Year 7 had time with their Year 10 ‘Big Sisters’ learning how to read a timetable and navigate the College. Congratulations to Year 10 who displayed great care and leadership in their interactions with their Year 7 sisters.

Year 8 had an opportunity to connect and create a positive mindset to start the year.

Year 9 examined what it means to thrive at OLMC focusing on how to use their personal strengths to actively engage in the community and how to flourish in their learning and social settings.​

Year 11 were provided an opportunity to reconnect as a year group and establish goals for Stage 6. They also engaged in a range of targeted workshop experiences that will help them ‘start strong’ in their senior year. 


Year 12 had a presentation by Susie Edmonds from Inner Directions. This provided an opportunity for students to refocus for the start of the year, learn practical strategies to manage a positive mindset, develop skills on how to cope with setbacks and build self-awareness skills for resilience and confidence.

Wellbeing Events and Resources

In the wellbeing space, there are a number of things happening over the next month.

The Year 7 House Welcome Evening is scheduled for Monday, 13 February. Staff are looking forward to officially welcoming the girls into their Houses and meeting the parents and carers of our new Year 7 students.   

On Monday, 27 February, Year 7 parents/carers and their daughters are invited to listen to a presentation by Susan McLean. Susan is passionate about keeping young people safe online and providing education programs to schools and other key youth stakeholders. For the last few years, she has spoken to the Year 7 students and parents/careers. Her aim is to empower people to use technology with respect and responsibility. She has many resources for parents to assist in keeping children safe, including her Facebook and Twitter pages. An excellent resource for parents is available through the parent portal of the eSafety Commissioner

Whilst this event is targeted at Year 7 parents and their daughters, we also extend an invitation to parents of students new to the College in Years 8–11, or parents who wish to have a ‘refresher’ to learn more about apps, websites or scams. This will include the increasing incidence of ‘sextortion’ scams which has gained recent media coverage. More information will be provided to the parents and carers of Year 8–12 students in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, for parents/carers looking for additional resources to support their daughter in the area of goal setting or motivation:

The importance of setting goals – Prue Salter

Each year, students are encouraged to set goals for the year.

Research has shown that people who set goals (and use them effectively) not only perform better, but suffer from less stress and anxiety, and are happier and more satisfied with life.

In 1953, a Harvard University study showed that 3% of the students graduating that year wrote down their specific career goals. Twenty years later, a team of researchers interviewed the class and found that the 3% who had written down their goals were not only happier, but were worth more financially than the other 97% combined.

Reasons for helping your daughter set goals for the year include:

Provide inspiration

  • Provide clarification and enables your daughter to set a direction for the future
  • Allow self-motivation and focus
  • Allow a more fun and fulfilled life.

As an adult, we set goals without even realising. Not every goal has to be written down but this certainly helps you to stay on track. We can all set goals for many different aspects of our lives.

If you don’t set goals you may find that life just ‘happens’. So, get in the driver’s seat of life and take control with goals this year – both personal and academic.

You and your daughter can learn more about how to achieve your academic goals at by logging in with the details below and working through some of the units.

username: OLMC

password: 64results


Upcoming webinar for parents – How to Help Get (& Keep!) Your Child Motivated – Elevate Education

We are excited to announce that on Wednesday, 15 February, Elevate Education will be hosting its first free webinar of the year for parents.

Elevate Education works with our students, delivering high-impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing and exam preparation. By tuning into this webinar series, you will learn how you can help better support your children at home by reinforcing the skills they learn at school:  

Click here to register for free

Here’s what Elevate will be covering on the night:

  • What impact does praise and reassurance have on your child’s motivation?
  • What are the best types of goals to be setting with your child? 
  • How can you help your child create meaningful and lasting motivation?

We hope to see you there!

Ann-Marie Herd
Director of Student Wellbeing



Counselling Matters

In 2023, OLMC Counsellors will be writing two articles per term in the College Newsletter, under the title Counselling Matters. These will hopefully be helpful to parents regarding the wellbeing of their daughter/s. Please feel free to reach out to the Counsellors with any questions or if you would like to see an article about a specific topic regarding the wellbeing of young people.

Meet your OLMC Counsellors: 

The College is committed to the welfare and wellbeing of all students and employs qualified registered psychologists to assist in assessing and addressing wellbeing concerns. Students can access school counselling via one of the following ways: 

  1. Self-referral - students can email a College Counsellor directly or attend Student Services and arrange an appointment time. 
  2. Teacher/Mentor/Head of House referral - if a teacher, Homeroom Mentor or Head of House has concerns about a student’s wellbeing, they may encourage them to utilise the counselling services.  
  3. Parent referral - parents can refer their daughter to counselling services by phoning the College Counsellor on 8838 1273. 
  4. New students - As part of their induction at OLMC, the Head of House will help to arrange a time for students to meet the College Counsellors. 

The College currently has three Counsellors: 

Sandra Portela - Senior College Counsellor  

Sandra is a Forensic Psychologist, with a Master’s degree combining knowledge in psychology and the law. She has been practising and registered for 17 years and commenced employment at the College in 2019, as the Senior Counsellor. Prior to this appointment, Sandra worked in a female prison and for a child protection counselling service providing counselling to children, adolescents, parents and foster and kinship carers. She has worked at the Family Law Court, providing advice to the Court about care arrangements for children after parental separation. Sandra has also worked in a Public Primary and High School as a School Counsellor. She is passionate about working with young people and supporting their wellbeing by helping to foster their strengths and enhance their resilience. Her therapeutic preference is to use a strengths-based approach, utilising Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, in conjunction with teaching skills such as mindfulness and relaxation. Sandra is available five days per week. 



Rose Sedra - College Counsellor

Rose is a Psychologist and accredited Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She has been practising for 13 years and training Youth Mental Health First Aid for over four years. Prior to working at OLMC, Rose worked at two ‘second chance’ schools working predominantly with students who were excluded from mainstream schooling due to behaviour, life circumstances or significant mental illnesses. More recently, she worked at NGO’s supporting children, adolescents, carers and schools around understanding the language of young people’s behaviour and formulating ways to meet their needs. 

Rose is passionate about helping to reduce the stigma and myths around mental illness and mental health and encouraging people to seek help. She believes in working with young people, their families, and other supports as part of the recovery process and prefers to use a client-centered, strengths-based approach, predominantly using Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Psychoeducation. Rose is available five days a week. 



Chloe Gresham - College Counsellor

Chloe is a registered Psychologist and qualified Counsellor. She has been practising for eight years and completed her Psychology registration in 2022. Chloe's previous roles involved working with young people and their families from diverse backgrounds, mostly in community settings. This involved supporting young people to connect vulnerably and authentically, as well as to make healthy and empowered decisions for themselves. Chloe's passion is to provide a space for young people to understand themselves in their own unique ways. She likes to use a client-centered, strengths-based approach, primarily using Narrative therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and art-based therapies. Chloe is available three days per week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). 




Co-curricular at OLMC in 2023

This year brings new and exciting opportunities for students to engage in co-curricular activities and expand their experience of school.

We have over 40 co-curricular activities to choose from, most of which are developed and supervised by our dedicated staff. Some activities are run during the school day, and others before or after school.

All students are now aware of the co-curricular page in Canvas, which can be accessed in the MyOLMC Information Gateway course. This information should be read carefully to ensure all students sign up for activities in an appropriate way (e.g. digital forms or in person) and they are fully aware of the time, nature and cost of each activity.

New co-curricular activities for 2023 include:

  • Card Making
  • Drone Squadron
  • Jujitsu
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Run Club
  • Digital Game Design

Students must attend at least 50% of sessions if they wish to have a co-curricular added to their report and to gain House Points. Some activities require a higher attendance rate.

Please note that some activities have a cost that will be added to family accounts after a student registers for an activity. Any changes to routine (such as competitions or excursions that take students out of class) will be communicated to families by the coordinator of that co-curricular activity.

We look forward to celebrating the success of all students in their co-curricular experiences this year!

There will be co-curricular information booths available at lunchtime on Monday, 13 February and also at the Year 7 House Welcome Evening.



Debating and Public Speaking

A New Year and New Opportunities

After an exceptionally successful 2022, we are looking forward to another rewarding year of Debating and Public Speaking. This week, all students from Years 7 to 12 will be emailed with details of all Public Speaking competitions as well as application forms. These need to be returned to the Public Speaking Box in the Student Centre by Wednesday, 15 February. There will also be extra forms in the Student Centre. Allocations for the year will be released by 20 February.

In addition, as part of the Transition Program, Year 7 students will be attending a workshop on Debating and Public Speaking this Friday where they will be introduced to the many options offered at the College. They will also learn the skills of good speaking.  

Students do not need to worry about Debating at this stage. Both Inter (Term 2) and Intraschool (Term 3) Debating are available but details of these will be released in the next two weeks or so.

All students are reminded that Mr Ostrowski will be in Room F101 each lunch hour to answer questions or provide support throughout the year.

Awards on Assembly

At the College’s first assembly, many Debaters and Public Speakers received trophies for success at the end of 2022. Thank you to DAPS Leaders Olivia Easton and Tijana Pavlovic for hosting the presentation so professionally.

The annual Christmas Competition decided Speakers of the Year for 2022. The standard was exceptional so thank you to all the entrants. There were split decisions in each of the Year levels but ultimately, Amariah Tamaro was Year 7 champion, Claire Giffney took out the Year 8 shield while Sierra Lake was Year 9 winner. Their names are now engraved on the relevant shields on display in the Library.

Another major presentation was for the Inaugural Intraschool Debating competition. Heats were held throughout Term 3 with grand finals held at the end of the year. There were two sections. The Year 7/8 Champion team consisted of Ashlyn Kunar, Jemima Scothern and Matilda Webb of Year 8 and coached by A’isha Ali. Their names have been inscribed on the new Doris Goldie trophy. In the Year 9/10 section and presented with the Sr Barbara McDonough trophy were Year 9 students Lohita Gollavilli, Akanksha Gowda, Hasini Madukuri and Nyssa Suraj. Well done to these teams who had to reach the grand final after a demanding preliminary series of rounds. This new competition proved to be highly successful with over forty girls able to develop their debating skills. In total, over one hundred girls competed in Debating competitions throughout the year.

More Success

In the final edition of Parragraph last year, we announced that highly talented speakers Amariah Tamaro of Year 7 and Sharanya Kugan of Year 10 both reached their respective State Finals of the UN Voice competition, held at NSW Parliament House. In the State Final, both girls were excellent but it was Sharanya who placed third in the Senior section, thus qualifying to represent NSW in the National Final at Easter this year. A fantastic effort, Sharanya, but we are equally proud of Amariah who must have been in the judges’ minds when they made their decision in the Junior section.

Public Speaking and Debating remain significant cocurricular activities at the College. The achievements of our girls continue to be exceptional and we look forward to another year of excellence.

Christopher Ostrowski
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator



Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Private one-on-one Instrumental and Vocal lessons are held during school hours at the College. We offer lessons for a wide range of instruments, for students of all skill levels. All lessons are 30 minutes in length and cost between $45-$50.

If you would like to apply, please click on the following link

Lessons will be commencing in week 3 so now is the perfect time to sign up! For further information, please contact



Music Ensembles

If your daughter was in a choir or instrumental ensemble in primary school or currently learns an instrument, we would encourage her to join one of our co-curricular ensembles.

We have a range of ensembles catering to a variety of experiences and levels.

  • Orchestra
  • Concert Band
  • Clarinet Ensemble
  • Saxophone Ensemble
  • Flute Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Choir

And many more!

Rehearsals for ensembles occur once a week, either before school (7:45) or at lunchtime and they will be commencing in week 3. For further information or to express your interest, please contact



Co-curricular Dance

The co-curricular Dance program for 2023 will commence in week 3.

Students participating in co-curricular Dance attend weekly dance lessons before school in the Dance Studio (B111) at 7:30am. Lessons are offered in a variety of dance styles.

See the timetable for 2023 below:


Each group is led by a professional dance tutor who works with students to develop their fitness, teach new movement skills, improve their dance technique and create a group routine that will be presented in a Dance Showcase early in Term 4.

Open jazz, contemporary and hip-hop ensembles are open to all students from Years 7-11. Students can register for an open ensemble by collecting a permission note from the Student Centre and returning it to the Dance dropbox in the Student Centre.

The OLMC Dance Company requires students to be successful in a dance audition. This audition will take place on Tuesday, 14 February in Week 3 at 7:30am in B111. Students can register to audition here. More information about the audition will be emailed to students who register using the form above.

Participation in the co-curricular Dance program involves a fee of $75 per term for each ensemble to cover tutor expenses. These fees are to be charged to the family account at the end of each term.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms Ieroianni.



eSports in 2023

This year, we continue the success of OLMC eSports with an exciting opportunity to host the Western Sydney division of the global interschool competition, FUSE Cup. The first game to be played is Just Dance 2023 in Term 1, followed by Mario Kart in Term 2 and Rocket League in Term 3. These live competitions are for students in Years 7 and 8. The top four students will be selected to take part in the interschool competition day on Friday, 3 March at our 12 Victoria Road campus.

We highly encourage all girls who are interested to attend the first eSports meeting.

ESports at OLMC focuses on digital wellbeing, teamwork and leadership.

If you’d like more information on how to support digital wellbeing, please go to



New Gymnasium

Exciting news! Our gymnasium has had a significant upgrade with new state-of-the-art equipment that will allow students to experience a variety of movement disciplines and training technologies. This facility will support all OLMC students and will be incorporated into the PDHPE, PASS & Dance curriculum. It will also be used for co-curricular activities and as a training facility for those representing the College in sport. This exciting project was made possible by the OLMC P&F who donated all the funds, making it one of the best school training facilities in Australia.

Our Year 8 PDHPE classes have had the pleasure of being the first students to experience the new upgraded gym facility. As part of their integrated unit of learning, ‘Let’s get physical’ they have been participating in a specifically developed resistance training program. Over the course of the school year, other year groups will get an opportunity to partake in an age-appropriate resistance training program.

Co-curricular morning gym sessions for students in Years 9-12 will commence on 27 February (week 5). For Term 1, there will also be a Wednesday afternoon session.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 7.30am - 8.20am

Wednesday afternoon 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Students will need to register (an email will be sent out to students) and then complete an Induction session before they will be allowed to participate. 


Welcome back to school for 2023.

There will be many sporting opportunities that arise during the year, some of which only require registration and no trials. These included sports on a Saturday - Netball, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Wednesday Touch Football.

Our Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals provide a representative pathway for the winning students in each event.

There will also be a number of OLMC trials for sports Gala days throughout the year with some events providing further pathway representation.All students will be emailed the details about when these trials and sporting events are approaching.

You can find information on OLMC Sport on the MyOLMC Sport Canvas page -

If any students are interested in trialing in any sports mentioned below and competing at a state representative level, please email me so that I can forward you more details.

The below trials are for the Parramatta Diocese (PDSSSC) to compete at the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges Championships. These trials are not run by OLMC, they can be held all over the Diocese and are a high-level representative trial.

The link to the PDSSSC website provides all the information you need for the trials. Please be aware some trials are age-restricted or capped. 

Selection Trials

  • Netball
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Rugby League
  • Touch Football
  • Softball

The below trials are for the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (NSWCCC) to compete at the NSW All Schools Championships. These trials are not run by OLMC, they can be held all over Sydney/NSW and are a high-level representative State trial.

The link to the NSWCCC website CSNSW.sportwill provide information for the trials. Please be aware some trials are age-restricted or capped. 

Selection Trials

  • Australian Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Diving
  • golf
  • Hockey
  • Rugby 7's Girls
  • Tennis
  • Triathlon - Individual
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo

Go Karting

Following on from a very successful first season, 3rd in Canberra Club Championship and 4th in the Eastern Creek Club Championship, Scarlet Dominello will continue to compete in the NSW Go-Karting competitions and Interstate titles this year. Best of luck Scarlet! 

Swimming Open Water Nationals

Congratulations to Imogen Burns and Zoe McIntosh who competed at the Australian Open Water Swimming Championships in Busselton, Western Australia from 25-28 January.

Imogen placed 7th in the Girls 16 -17 years 7.5km swim and 12th in the 5km swim, while Zoe placed 22nd in Girls 16-17 years 5km swim. Well done girls!

Congratulations must also go to the following students - Imogen Burns, Stephanie Lake, Zoe McIntosh, Emily Shumack, Mia Cleary, Mia Fogolin and Olivia Nesci who all qualified and competed at the Senior State Age Swimming Championships in December last year.

Imogen Burns and Emily Shumack both qualified for National Swimming Championships that will take place in April at Southport Queensland. Best of luck girls!



Australian All Schools Athletics

To finish of the 2022 school year, the Australian All Schools Athletics Championships were held in Adelaide. Congratulations to Lucie Francis who won Silver in the U17 2km Steeplechase. 

Not to be outdone, Matilda Webb then went on to Win the U14 3km Walk in a new meet Record (beating dual Commonwealth Gold medallist, Jemima Montag’s 2011 record).

Both girls ran/walked massive PB’s in hot conditions. A huge congratulations to both girls on their amazing achievements 

Saturday Netball

Saturday Netball registrations are now available for all students that wish to play for OLMC at Eastwood Ryde. All registrations must be completed online (see below link) as well as filling out the paper registration form which has been emailed to all students. Students can choose their teams! Team lists are attached to the registration form. Teams cannot be confirmed until all registrations are finalised. Registrations (online & paper) and Team Lists must be completed and handed into the Student Centre sports box by Friday, 24 February.


All families can also apply the $100 Active Kids Rebate during the online registration before you pay. You will need to register for an Active Kids Rebate before your Register for Netball. All players will need to purchase the OLMC Netball Uniform! The OLMC Tracksuit will also need to be worn on colder days!

During the online registration process you will need to pay upfront (don’t forget to apply your active kids voucher). Here is the registration link -

The Netball season runs from 29 April – 9 September.

OLMC Swimming Carnival

The annual College Swimming Carnival will be held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on Thursday, 2 March.  

Students are reminded of the following:

  • The OLMC Swimming Carnival is held after school.
  • The Carnival will start at 4:30pm and conclude at 8:30pm.
  • Thursday, 2 March is a normal school day (Day 4) with slightly shorter lessons.
  • Students will NOT need to bring their notebooks to school on this day.
  • Students in Years 7-10 may come to school in full PE uniform. Students in Years 11 and 12 are to wear school uniform during the day. All students may get changed at school at the end of Period 5.
  • Students are encouraged to bring only a small bag to school on this day to help minimize congestion in the grandstands at the Carnival.
  • Please note that girls in Years 11 and 12 with a study lesson in Period 5 or 6 on Day 4 will be required to remain at school on this day (rather than leave early).
  • Ages are as at 31 December. JUNIOR – 12, 13 and 14 INTERMEDIATE 15 and 16, SENIOR 17+
  • Appropriately dress in clothes of your House colour.
  • All students need to remain quiet at the start of each race so competitors can hear.
  • All students are welcome to enter any 50m events on the day for fun without registering, but if students wish to be considered for selection in the PDSSSC Swimming Carnival or would like an official time recorded they will need to have filled out the entry form that has been emailed to all students.   
  • Parents/carers are welcome to attend the carnival. Please be advised that no photography or videography is permitted at the carnival and that judges and timekeepers are not to be distracted while on duty.             
  • The Carnival will conclude at 8:30pm when students will be dismissed from the venue ready for parent pickup. 
  • There will be NO School on Friday, 3 March.

The Swimming Carnival provides an excellent means of enjoying the wonderful spirit of the College. Students are encouraged to participate in an enthusiastic manner and parents are invited to attend.

Stuart Guthrie
Sports Coordinator



P&F Meetings

P&F meetings are a wonderful way to keep up to date with developments and events at the College and enjoy social time with other parents. P&F Meeting dates and information will be posted to the Parent Portal.

The first meeting for the year will be held on Tuesday, 21 February at 7.00pm. Please enter via Gate 7 and proceed to the back of the Ailsa Mackinnon Community Centre. During this meeting, attendees will have an opportunity to visit the P&F funded, newly renovated College Gymnasium.

We look forward to seeing you there.

P&F Committee

P&F Cocktail Party - Friday, 24 February 2023

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Open Day - Sunday, 5 March 2023

On Open Day, the P&F supports the College by providing a BBQ for our guests and students. We are calling for helpers who can assist with set up, cooking, service and packing up on the day. This is a great way to meet other parents and represent the College parent community. If you are able to assist, even for a short period, please click here to register.

Change to Opening Hours (school days only):

The Uniform Shop opening hours have changed slightly and will be open:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8.00am – 9.30am
  • Monday and Wednesday from 3.00pm – 4.00pm

Online purchases can be made via the Online Uniform Shop and all orders will be delivered to the Student Centre for collection by students. 
Terms 1 - Girls are to wear summer uniform. 
Terms 2 & 3 - Girls are to wear winter uniform. 

Winter Uniform Fittings 2023

Junior Uniform Fittings for Year 7, 2023 - Appointment times will be available soon online from the end of February for the junior uniform fittings and can be booked via the Uniform tab on the College website. 


Senior Winter Uniform - Tights and an optional long-sleeve blouse will be available to purchase from the Uniform Shop.

Hair Ribbons

Hair ribbons will be available for purchase very soon from the Uniform Shop. Keep an eye on the newsletter to see when they are in stock. The College will be gifting the first ribbon to OLMC students.

If you have any concerns regarding uniform items, please don't hesitate to contact the Uniform Shop on 8838 1275 or 




2023 Instalment 1 Fee Statements have been issued this week via email.

Those families paying by term, please note fees are due by 24 February 2023.

Thank you to those families who have completed the online monthly or fortnightly direct debit payment plan via the Parent Portal.

For those still wishing to pay by monthly or fortnightly direct debit, please contact the Finance Office via phone or email. Selection via the Parent Portal is now closed.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Office during office hours Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm or (02) 8838 1214.


Students and parents can place an order through ‘Flexischools’ which can be accessed via this link Flexischools or by downloading the Flexischools App. Please ensure your daughters Year group is current.

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