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Catherine McAuley Alumnae Award Winners

Congratulations to ex-student, Kirrily McDermott, nee Aguilera (Class of 1999) who, on International Women's Day in March, was announced as the 2021 Catherine McAuley Alumnae Award Recipient. Kirrily has devoted much of her working life to serving others. She has previously worked as an Employment Relations Specialist with the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations and is now a Family Educator at St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Meadowbank. Kirrily inspired the OLMC community at the Alumnae Award Assembly where she encouraged the girls ‘to have the courage to speak up and fight if something is not right.’
Due to COVID restrictions, we also celebrated our 2019 Catherine McAuley Alumnae Award Recipient, Brigid Glanville (Class of 1994). Brigid has worked as a journalist and TV presenter, and in the political sphere. She is currently working in communications, providing advice and counsel for government departments, agencies and private companies. Brigid attributes much of her success to her strong desire for justice instilled in her during her time as a Mercy Girl.
To celebrate the achievements of these highly esteemed women, the College welcomed them to a morning tea with their family and friends.

Women in Leadership Forum - tomorrow!

Last week you received an e-invitation to our 2022 Women in Leadership Forum. We are pleased to have once again secured a first-class panel of inspirational women for this special event including Rosemary Kariuki-Fyfe (Advocate for migrant and refugee women), Amanda Rose (Founding Director of Western Sydney Women), Dr Mary-Clare Waugh (Paediatrician & Paediatric Rehabilitation Specialist) and Joanna Ryan (Financial Services Specialist).

CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

OLMC Alumnae Reunion Day 2022 - Save the Date

Please save the date for our annual Alumnae Reunion Day Sunday 18 September. All alumnae from all Year Groups are warmly welcome. 

CLICK HERE for more information and to register.


Upcoming Reunions

Class of 1952 - 70 Year Reunion

To be celebrated on Reunion Day - Sunday, 18 September 2022. For this special occasion, you will be the guests of the Alumnae Association so when registering using the link above, do not proceed to payment.

Organiser: Sr Barbara McDonough rsm (1952) blcktwn@iprimus.com.au

Class of 1971 - 50+1 Year Reunion

Organiser: Cath Whiddon (Ardill, 1971) cwhiddon@live.com

Class of 1972 - 50 Year Reunion

Save the date ... 12.00pm, Sunday 28 August 2022


Sharon McLean (Graham, 1972) sharonmclean45@hotmail.com

Ann O'Brien (Collignon, 1972) aobrien5@bigpond.net.au




Open Day Alumnae Ambassadors

The College community was delighted to have in attendance nine Alumnae Ambassadors at our 2022 Open Day.

These ex-students welcomed our visitors in the historic Stanley Rooms and shared the stories of their time at OLMC as students.

Thank you to:

Marjanna Gilchrist (Ziolkowski), 1976

Denise Humphries (Klein), 1967

Helene Lovell, 1997

Laya Koshy, 2020

Kiara Madeleine, 2021

Bianca Moussa, 2021

Christina Aitkens, 2020

Christine Robertson (Zadro), 1970


Grace Thomson (Blahut), 1977


Sisters Handover to Mercy Partners

Ritual Handover of OLMC  from Sisters of Mercy Parramatta to Mercy Partners 

At a special ceremony held at the College in March, the process of transferring the Canonical Sponsorship Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta from the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta to Mercy Partners, was completedThe event was attended by Sisters of Mercy, current College Board Members, staff and students, and members of the Mercy Partners Stewards, Council and Executive, and it followed six months after the official signing of documents on 18 October, 2021.

The Ritual marked a very important milestone in the College’s long, rich history. Since establishing the College in 1889, the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta have provided oversight and guidance as Canonical Sponsors. I would like to share with you below a reflection on the ritual from Sister Mary-Louise Petro, Congregation Leader of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta.

There were many emotions experienced on the day of the Transfer ceremony. There was a sense of anticipation for a vibrant new life for the future of Our Lady of Mercy College and pride that after 133 years of Mercy education we had a College ready and able to fly in new and unknown ways. There were tinges of sadness as the mothering Congregation was taking a step back from such a precious and long-standing ministry.

Some of the most memorable and touching moments of the day were the cleansing ceremony conducted by Darug women, Shanaya Donavan and Aunty Julie Webb. Their beautiful movements re-instated the Darug heritage and paved the way for this new journey of OLMC. To sit with Catherine McAuley, sense her presence, hear our Mercy story and feel the thread of Catherine’s dream woven with ours over the years was a powerful reminder of the strength of charism. A very poignant moment came with the reflection by student, Katherine Baker, who brought tears to many eyes with her deep appreciation of her Mercy education, her commitment to the Mercy values and assurance that the Sisters would not be forgotten.

The ceremony brought together the journey undertaken by the Congregation and OLMC to ensure that the College would flourish into the future. Mercy Partners fulfilled all our desired criteria and the ceremony reflected the good-will, commitment and strong governance that we desired. OLMC has found a home within the Mercy family where it can continue to educate young women where its values will be upheld and strengthened, its Board and staff supported and affirmed and where Mercy will continue to shine its light into the world. I know that the Sisters of Mercy will continue to be an integral part of the college through strong relationships and caring friendships.    

Mary-Louise Petro RSM 

OLMC Masterplan Update

Year 7, 2024 Enrolment Open

Applications are now invited from families of girls entering the College Year 7 in 2024.

CLICK HERE for more information and to commence your application. 

2022 Mercy Tree Annual Appeal

In 2022, the Mercy Tree beneficiary will be the Cumberland Women’s Health Centre (CWHC). Cumberland Women’s Health Centre is a non-profit community-based organisation which provides women’s health services and domestic violence specialist response services to women. 

CWHC provides professional, affordable and holistic services that promote the health, well-being and empowerment of women in the local areas of Cumberland, Parramatta, Auburn and The Hills. They recognise that women’s health encompasses the physical, spiritual, environmental, emotional and social wellbeing of women. Their goal is to work collaboratively with women and the rest of the community in order to create stability and empower women to initiate positive change within their lives.

 The Mercy Tree is a social justice initiative of the College which also symbolises the growth of commitment to Mercy Values in the students at OLMC and our broader community. Standing as a burst of green in the Kavanagh Place courtyard, at approximately four metres tall, the Chinese Elm tree has blossomed since it was first blessed and planted in 2012.


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